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 One of the most powerful Human Empires, the Deep Blue Empire, offered protection to the owner of the Celestial Emperor Star. However, Zhao Fu would have to marry into the Deep Blue Empire and become part of the Deep Blue Empire through marriage with their princess.

Marrying into the Deep Blue Empire meant that Zhao Fu would be joining them and throwing away his own identity. His children would not bear his surname and would bear his wife's surname, and he would be controlled in all sorts of ways. He would not have much power and would not even have the power to retaliate.

Zhao Fu did not want to live like that, so he did not seek their protection.

After looking through these quests, Zhao Fu felt a chill in his heart, and a sense of crisis descended. It was as if he was going to die in the next instant. If he had the choice, he would rather give up the Celestial Emperor Star then have problems like this.

Luckily, he had suddenly obtained this Supreme level account, allowing him to know what was going on. Otherwise, if people suddenly arrived and killed him, he would not even know why he had died; they were too powerful.

It was not in Zhao Fu's nature to just sit there and wait for death. He still had to develop and obtain even more power. If a higher being personally descended, a Barony Kingdom definitely would not be able to defend against them.

After withdrawing his consciousness from the Heaven Spirit Stele, Zhao Fu heavily breathed out and stopped thinking about all the quests wanting his death, and he started to work on his Fish Scale world plan.

There was still a massive rift open between the Fish Scale world and human world, making it easy to go from one world to the other, and Zhao Fu had obtained a lot of information about the Fish Scale world.

Even though the Fish Scale world was a water world, it was split into seven underwater Continents. There was an unfathomably deep abyss between each Continent, separating them. Originally, the eight aquatic beast kings had lived in those abysses.

At this point in time, the situation in the various worlds were roughly the same. They were all in the final stage of the Chaotic World, and because players could attack system main cities, many system main cities were gathered together.

Zhao Fu was continuously gathering information on the Fish Scale world in order to find targets to lay his hands on. The Netherwater Continent was too close to the human world, so even though it would be more convenient for Zhao Fu, it was easier to arouse suspicions. As such, Zhao Fu picked the central Continent, the Darkwater Continent.

After arriving at that Continent, Zhao Fu found a system faction that would be easy to make a move on. This system faction was in a remote location and had remained neutral, not wanting to participate in any battles. There were not any powerful enemies near them, only small, weak factions.

Zhao Fu felt that they were being quite silly - they had a great advantage and could clear out the surrounding factions to become even stronger. There was nothing wrong with remaining neutral, but if a bigger faction came and they did not develop, they would perish.

As such, Zhao Fu chose them. There were about 180 City Lords gathered here, but Zhao Fu only had 150 Brain Bugs and still lacked 30.

Zhao Fu quickly thought of an idea, and there was nothing to worry about. Zhao Fu made some arrangements for Great Qin before heading to the Fish Scale world. Of course, this was a secret operation, and no one knew about this.

Two days later, Zhao Fu snuck into the Fish Scale world and arrived at the central Continent. He found that system faction and waited for the right time to strike.

Time gradually passed, and soon, it was time for the Fish Scale people to rest. Zhao Fu completely hid his aura and stealthily entered a system main city. With his current strength, it was impossible for Stage 1 and Stage 2 soldiers to detect him.

Zhao Fu quickly found the City Lord. He was a middle-aged man and was quite portly. He wore gold jewellery and was snoring loudly as he slept, and he had a beautiful wife by his side.

Zhao Fu silently went over to his side and lightly sent out his Emperor's Domain to cover the room in order to prevent anything unexpected from happening. The City Lord was still loudly snoring, so Zhao Fu did not hesitate as he took out a Brain Bug and placed it on his head.

The Brain Bug squirmed around before finding a good place to enter. Its sharp body slightly stiffened before digging into the City Lord's skin.

By now, the City Lord finally sensed some danger and suddenly opened his eyes, seeing a person standing next to him. He immediately tried to explode out with his City Lord Seal's power so as to at least make some noise to let others know that something had happened.

However, Zhao Fu was completely prepared for this. His hand pressed down with immense power onto the man's chest, sealing his body and making it so that he could not move at all or even cry out.

By now, the Brain Bug had completely dug into the middle-aged City Lord's head and was crawling under his skin. It searched for the center of his head, and the middle-aged man stared at Zhao Fu in terror but was unable to do anything.

Soon, the Brain Bug found the City Lord's brain, and the City Lord's eyes became full of pain, anger, and hatred before becoming lifeless and empty.

The Brain Bug had devoured his spirit, and after a while, his blank eyes regained their liveliness, but it was now the Brain Bug controlling him. The City Lord now looked at Zhao Fu with an expression of trying to currying favor.

Zhao Fu removed his hand, and the power sealing the City Lord disappeared. Zhao Fu ordered the Brain Bug to act as the middle-aged City Lord had acted, and the sleeping woman did not detect a thing. Following this, Zhao Fu left and headed to his next target.

Just like that, Zhao Fu went and took over 80 or so City Lords. This went extremely well without any unexpected surprises.

Zhao Fu did not want to waste any time, and he continued to use this method. However, he soon ran into a problem. After entering a City Lord's room, because the City Lord was incredibly wary, he immediately discovered that someone had snuck in.

Zhao Fu immediately unleashed his Emperor's Domain, covering the room to prevent any sound from escaping. The City Lord was an ordinary-looking young man, and he did not hesitate to explode out with his City Lord Seal's power.

Zhao Fu unleashed the Great Qin Seal's power and stretched out his hand, causing a large, formless hand to grip the young man. The young man vigorously struggled, but he was unable to break free at all.

Zhao Fu's expression did not change as he walked over and took out a glass bottle. He placed a squirming Brain Bug next to the young man's eye, and the young man looked at the Brain Bug in terror as he continued to vigorously struggle.

As soon as Zhao Fu let go, the Brain Bug instantly dove into the young man's eye and entered his brain. The young man howled in pain, as his spirit was being devoured.

Because of Zhao Fu's Emperor's Domain, none of the sound was able to escape. All of the soldiers continued to either sleep or stand guard, and they did not know what was happening at all.