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 After obtaining the Art, Zhao Fu started to go through items to see what would be useful. It would be best to control something in the Fish Scale world and slowly develop, becoming a large faction and unifying a Continent.

After looking for a while, Zhao Fu found a useful thing called a 'Brain Bug'; it was a bug that could control City Lords and was incredibly powerful. After all, City Lords had City Lord Seals, and they were not so easy to control.

Brain Bugs could crawl inside a City Lord's head and devour their spirit, obtaining the City Lord's powers, memories, and even personality, allowing them to perfectly replace the City Lord.

The chances of being discovered were quite low; of course, it was not as effective as wiping away their consciousness, but it was already quite a good method.

Zhao Fu's goal was to use Brain Bugs to secretly control a group of City Lords in the Fish Scale world and control them, before attacking other regions and expanding their faction. With the Brain Bugs, they would be completely loyal to Zhao Fu to the death and would never betray him.

However, Brain Bugs were quite difficult to obtain, and Zhao Fu looked through quests with Brain Bugs with rewards. There were many quests, and they all asked for different things: materials, medicinal pills, equipment, information, etc.

The first quest that Zhao Fu saw was a Great City for five Brain Bugs. Even though Zhao Fu now had many Cities, he was not very willing to give away a Great City for five Brain Bugs.

As such, Zhao Fu could only look for more suitable quests. One of the ones that Zhao Fu saw was a Legendary grade equipment for three Brain Bugs. This was quite good, so Zhao Fu quickly accepted the quest and handed in a Legendary grade weapon before receiving three Brain Bugs.

The Brain Bugs were extremely thin and were only about one centimeter wide and seven centimeters long. They were transparent and kept in a glass bottle. These Brain Bugs were extremely dangerous, and if one was not careful, they would enter one's body. If they were not stopped, the person's body would be controlled, and their spirit would be devoured.

Now, Zhao Fu had to use his blood to tame the three Brain Bugs so that they only followed orders from him. This was quite simple, and Zhao Fu completed it smoothly. He then went to look through more quests, as these Brain Bugs definitely weren't enough.

Next, Zhao Fu found a quest that offered six Brain Bugs for an Epic grade material. This was quite good, so Zhao Fu immediately accepted it and went to find more quests.

A day later, Zhao Fu had completed dozens of quests and had obtained 150 Brain Bugs. Zhao Fu smiled in satisfaction; this meant that he could control 150 City Lords, and there were still many quests offering Brain Bugs. However, he had already spent a lot of resources, so he did not accept any more.

However, Zhao Fu would keep an eye on these quests and would accept any suitable ones. After all, the more Brain Bugs he had, the more City Lords he could control, increasing his forces.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu was able to relax. He was not sure when the Supreme level account would be taken from him, and he felt quite curious as to what the Heaven Spirit Stele's top-tier quests were like.

After taking a look, Zhao Fu could not help but feel shocked. As expected from top-tier quests. None of them were things that ordinary people could complete; only higher beings could complete them, such as killing gods, finding incredible treasures, or exploring unknown worlds in the primal chaos.

Zhao Fu saw a few quests searching for the person who had awakened the Origin Bloodline. Seeing this, Zhao Fu could not help but think about Tuoba Qing. It seemed that she had drawn a lot of attention, and seeing the rewards, Zhao Fu felt even more shocked.

Some quests offered the Capital City of a Royal Kingdom, not just a Barony Kingdom, and others offered ten Heaven Realm Puppets. The Heaven Realm was a grade above Stage 9, and it surpassed even the Saint Realm.

It was quite easy to increase one's Cultivation in the early stages, but it became harder and harder the higher one went. For example, even now, the Great Qin army did not have many Stage 4 soldiers.

A single Heaven Realm cultivator could instantly wipe out waves of Stage 9 soldiers. These rewards were simply too shocking.

At the same time, Zhao Fu found quests about him. Anyone who could provide accurate information on the person who had obtained the Celestial Emperor Star would be given a Marquisate Kingdom from the Vast Sky Empire.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite startled; even Great Qin was only a Barony Kingdom, and after seeing this, Zhao Fu was tempted to sell himself out.

He laughed at himself before looking at other quests, and he found that there were actually many quests related to him. There were far more than the quests related to Tuoba Qing; perhaps they knew that the Origin Race was not so easy to deal with, while Zhao Fu could be easily crushed.

As such, as he looked at more quests, Zhao Fu's smile disappeared. There were many people who wanted to kill him - for example, anyone who killed the person who had awakened the Celestial Emperor Star and presented his head would receive a Divinity, the blood of a Demon Ancestor, or a five-colored divine dragon egg.

Divinities, blood of a Demon Ancestor, and five-colored divine dragon eggs were all incredibly rare treasures, and all they wanted was his life.

Only the higher beings could see these quests, and Zhao Fu felt a trace of coldness in his heart. There were many people who wanted to kill him, and all of them had quests for him. Facing them, Zhao Fu could only die.

There was also that higher being who had come after Zhao Fu for the Origin Mark. Nothing had happened for a while, but Zhao Fu still felt incredibly threatened.

More importantly, he had come for the Origin Mark, but he most likely knew that Zhao Fu had the Celestial Emperor Star, and he maybe even knew about the Nether Emperor Star. He also knew what Zhao Fu looked like, as well as the location of the human world.

If he came looking for Zhao Fu, with Great Qin's current power, it would be very difficult to defend. If he found a few helpers, no matter how fast Great Qin developed, it would all be for nothing, and Zhao Fu would still die.

However, it had been quite a while, and the higher being still had not done anything. It was possible that he had not found where the human world was, or else he would have long since come and slaughtered all of Great Qin before killing Zhao Fu to take the Origin Mark.

What made Zhao Fu quite worried was that almost everyone in the human world knew that he had awakened two Emperor Stars. Even though they did not know just what those stars were, they understood how terrifying those stars were. If they leaked this information to other worlds, the consequences would be unimaginable.

It was fortunate that the human world was currently at the very edge of the Heaven Awaken World, so it was quite difficult for people from the center to find him.

However, Zhao Fu was still a bit worried, as sometimes incredibly unlucky things still happened.

Zhao Fu continued to look through the various quests related to him. They were mainly two types of quests: One was to kill him, giving great rewards, while the other was to protect him, but this came at a cost.