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 After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu asked the golden dragon about the Sect Armament in detail. He found that he could not refine it yet, as this required Sect Fate, and required him to establish a Sect.

Moreover, even if he refined the Sect Armament, he could only use it as a Sect Armament, and it could not become a Nation Armament. There was no way to change its nature, because Sects and Nations were simply too different, so Zhao Fu gave up on his original thoughts.

Now, Zhao Fu had the Demon God Sect's Sect Creation Stele, so he could re-establish the Demon God Sect. Because he had the Sect Creation Stele, he had obtained a lot of information. This Sect Creation Stele not only contained the Legacy Art 'Demon God Profound Art' but also the Demon God Sect's history.

The first Sect Master created the Demon God Sect with the help of the Spider God, so the Sect Armament was a spider. Zhao Fu thought about Elise because she was somehow related to the Spider God; no wonder the Demon God Sect had that historical remnant.

Now, Zhao Fu wanted to re-establish the Demon God Sect, but it was more complicated than establishing a City - it first required one to learn the Legacy Art, then required another five people to learn the Legacy Art, and then another 100 people to learn the Legacy Art. This would provide one Sect Master, five Elders, and 100 disciples.

The Legacy Art was split into different grades like Great Qin's Legacy Art. As one's status increased, the grade of their Art would also automatically increase.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided that he should still establish a Sect. The Heaven Awaken World was a world in which Sects and Nations co-existed, and he would have to face off against many Sects in the future. As such, establishing his own was essential.

Following this, Zhao Fu picked out 105 people to start cultivating the Demon God Sect's Legacy Art. At the same time, Zhao Fu started to cultivate it as well, as he had to re-establish the Sect. However, Zhao Fu did not want to continue using the Demon God Sect's name, and he instead changed it to the Demon Emperor Sect.

This was just a change of name, and the Sect would still be the Demon God Sect in essence. However, Zhao Fu could be said to be the first Sect Master of the Demon Emperor Sect.

After ten or so days of cultivation, everyone reached the requirements. Zhao Fu found a region filled with demonic qi and re-established the Demon God Sect as the Demon Emperor Sect.

A black light shot into the sky and turned into a massive spider. Demonic light filled the surrounding few regions, and demonic qi and Fate madly gathered as the Demon Emperor Sect was formally established.

The Demon Emperor Sect had just been established, so it was not very complete yet. Zhao Fu handed it over to others to take care of; the first thing to do was to gather a few million disciples. After all, the Sect Armament's power relied on the Sect's overall Fate, so they could not lack people.

Of course, Great Qin's main path was still of an Empire; having a Sect was just something on the side that would allow Zhao Fu to use the Sect Armament.

Because Zhao Fu was the Sect Master of the Demon Emperor Sect, he could naturally use the Sect's power and the Sect Armament. He would not have to refine it, as there was no bloodline requirement; being the Sect Master was enough.

After this matter was complete, Zhao Fu went to take care of another matter, which was the Spider Den. Zhao Fu had specially prepared a region for it in order to nurture a large number of spiders with divine blood.

Because Elise was the Spider Empress and had a large amount of Fate, Zhao Fu made her a Concubine, providing Great Qin with a lot of Phoenix Qi and Fate. The three short-haired women, her personal attendants, had also been made Concubines.

Zhao Fu had her manage the spiders because she understood this area more than anyone else. Of course, all authority over the Den still remained with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu still did not trust Elise much. However, because he had obtained her Spirit Origin, he did not have to be too worried.

Next was the Demon Sovereign King. Because he had a new spirit, his mind was still blank, and he did not have any memories. Zhao Fu decided to name him Zhao Mo, similar to Zhao Sha.

Thinking about Zhao Sha, after three years, he had become a young man, but he still could not speak very well. Zhao Fu decided to send him to the Great Qin Academy to properly study, and he had performed quite well. His rankings there were not low at all, but because he looked quite savage and had a cold aura, he did not have many friends. He was only somewhat close with Wu Qing and the others.

His Sin Devil Bloodline had developed as he had developed, and his true power and might had been revealed. Out of the twelve people from Eternal Night, Tuoba Qing was the most powerful due to her Origin Bloodline, while Zhao Sha was the second most powerful.

Now that Tuoba Qing had left, he was naturally the most powerful. Before, he had only been weaker because of Tuoba Qing's Origin Bloodline; in terms of his killing techniques and calmness, he was number one.

The golden dragon had actually suggested wiping away Zhao Sha's consciousness and making him Zhao Fu's second clone. After all, the Sin Devil Bloodline was a higher being's unique bloodline and had unlimited potential. If Zhao Fu could have this clone, he would be able to have even more power.

Only this way would Zhao Fu be able to completely control Zhao Sha, who had so much potential.

Even without thinking about it, Zhao Fu rejected the golden dragon's suggestion. Even though Zhao Fu could be quite cold-blooded, he had his bottom-line; he would never lay hands on his own people.

The three strongest people in Great Qin right now would first be Bai Qi, then Ge Nia, and then Zhao Sha. Zhao Sha's battle abilities and potential surpassed Bai Qi, and he could even surpass Zhao Fu.

Now, if Zhao Fu and Zhao Sha did not use any special powers, it was likely that Zhao Sha could defeat Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu had been greatly nurturing Zhao Sha this entire time, giving him all sorts of medicinal pills and Arts. However, because his resources were limited, he had not been able to give Zhao Sha any top-tier things.

Zhao Fu went over to the Heaven Spirit Stele; it had been a while since he had been here, and if he wanted to obtain top-tier items, he would have to get them from here. At the same time, Zhao Fu thought about how to set things up in the Fish Scale world.

Zhao Fu's ambition was no longer limited to the human world; he wanted to develop in the other worlds as well in order to make preparations.

When Zhao Fu's consciousness entered the Heaven Spirit Stele, a chain of system announcements sounded out, making him feel quite startled. He found that his level had been upgraded to Supreme level, which was the highest level of user in the Heaven Spirit Stele. Only higher beings could have such a level.

However, Zhao Fu remembered that he had not completed any quests and had only given out a quest; why had he suddenly jumped to Supreme level?

Could it be that there had been an error? Could someone have accidentally raised his level?

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu felt that this was not very likely. After all, the Supreme level was the highest level of account in the Heaven Spirit Stele; no one would make a mistake like that.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that within his account's space, where items could be kept, there was a twelve-coloured badge.