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 However, what Zhao Fu did not expect was that there was yet another door. Even though this door was tightly shut, there was a terrifying aura leaking out of it. It could cause a person's body to instantly stiffen, and it was far more powerful than Spider Empress Elise's.

Zhao Fu could not help but become even more careful. He walked over to the large door and vigorously pushed it open, revealing another hall. The hall was 1,000 meters wide, but there was nothing inside it except a 100 meter long stone coffin.

The terrifying aura was coming from this stone coffin, and just as Zhao Fu was about to approach, the golden dragon warned him, saying, "Zhao Fu, be careful!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and released his Emperor's Domain before walking over to the stone coffin. He testingly tried to push the top of the stone coffin and found that nothing happened. He then pushed off the top completely, revealing a 100 metre long corpse of a demon.

This corpse had an incredibly powerful-looking body, sharp claws, and violet scales. It also had a pair of violet wings, and unlike ordinary demons, it had the head of a very handsome-looking man that had a trace of coldness and ruthlessness.

The aura that the demon gave off was extremely intense, and it gave off a King's might. This corpse seemed to be the corpse of a Demon Sovereign King, and it was extremely terrifying.

Feeling this terrifying power, even the Sky Demon Sword slightly trembled in fear.

The Demon Sovereign King was a king of kings among demons, and it had immense Demon King Power. This Demon Sovereign King's King's Power was extremely pure, and it most likely had a true Royal Kingdom as opposed to just a Barony Kingdom.

After all, a Barony Kingdom gave Barony King's Power, which was a lower grade of King's Power. The King's Power that a Royal Kingdom gave was true King's Power.

This Demon Sovereign King had been dead for a long time, yet it still gave off such a powerful aura. A corpse like this was quite a good treasure, and it had many uses.

Zhao Fu wondered what he should use the corpse for when the golden dragon said, "You don't need to make things so complicated. The Demon Sovereign King's corpse has already created a second spirit, which is currently slumbering, and it requires a large amount of power to awaken.

"Zhao Fu, you can use your blood to set a restriction in his body. Your blood has a Sovereign Bloodline, so it naturally suppresses Kings. He won't be able to break free from your restriction unless he also becomes an Emperor. You can then use your power to awaken him and fully control him."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled; subduing such a powerful Demon Sovereign King meant that he would have another powerful helper.

Zhao Fu used the golden dragon's method to set down a restriction within the Demon Sovereign King's body. In order to do this, Zhao Fu used his essence blood, forming a blood-red rune that he sent into the Demon Sovereign King's body.

Its second spirit was something that it had only birthed after a long time, and this was incredibly rare. The second spirit did not have the first spirit's memories, and it was a blank slate.

Now that Zhao Fu had set down the restriction, it was time to awaken it. This required an immense amount of power, so Zhao Fu using his Emperor's power was quite beneficial.

Zhao Fu discourteously stood on the Demon Sovereign King's massive head and took out the Great Qin Seal, releasing all of its power. A black flame erupted out, unleashing wild wind that rippled in all directions.

Following this, Zhao Fu controlled the Great Qin Seal to descend on the Demon Sovereign King's head, and waves of powerful energy were sent by the Great Qin Seal into the Demon Sovereign King's body.

The corpse filled with deathly aura started to have traces of lifeforce, which grew and grew.

Three hours later, the Demon Sovereign King suddenly opened his violet eyes and looked at Zhao Fu, who was standing on his head. There was no emotion in its eyes, only evilness and ruthlessness, causing Zhao Fu's hairs to stand on end.

In the next second, the Demon Sovereign King raised its hand to attack Zhao Fu, wanting to crush him. He felt no gratitude towards Zhao Fu awakening him, and it only wanted to kill all living creatures.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and invigorated the restriction that he had set.

"Arghhhh!!" the Demon Sovereign King howled in pain. After the blood-red restriction was activated, it slowly twisted and cut away at the Demon Sovereign King's spirit before restoring it and then repeating the process.

This sort of pain caused the Demon Sovereign King to almost go mad, and it continuously howled as its body spasmed within the stone coffin.

Zhao Fu stood in the air above the stone coffin, coldly looking down at the Demon Sovereign King. Even though the Demon Sovereign King looked like it was in immense pain, with blood coming out of its five orifices and all over its body, Zhao Fu still did not stop.

Within the first hall, Elise heard these howls and felt a trace of fear within her heart. Evidently, Zhao Fu was no kind person, and he was most likely even more cold-blooded than she was.

The howls continued for six hours, and in the end, the Demon Sovereign King was only able to powerlessly lie there and moan. It could not even roar or howl anymore.

Only then did Zhao Fu stop - the Demon Sovereign King's gaze towards Zhao Fu was no longer so cold and ruthless; it was filled with terror instead.

Zhao Fu gave a slight smile of satisfaction, and soon, the Demon Sovereign King's appearance started to change. He turned into a 14 or 15 year old boy with violet hair, and even though he gave off an icy-cold, ferocious aura, he still followed behind Zhao Fu and looked quite frightened.

After going back to the first hall, Zhao Fu was quite surprised to find three extra women. They all had short, silver hair and blood-red eyes, and they looked quite beautiful. They were quite voluptuous as well and had elegant demeanours.

These three women's auras were the same as the three spiders' auras. Zhao Fu looked at Elise, who now looked at him with a trace of fear. He wondered if she had some way of turning them into human forms, or if they had always had this ability.

Just as Elise was about to explain, Zhao Fu waved his hand, signaling that he did not care too much. Elise's eyes flashed as she seemed to think of something, and she flirtatiously hugged Zhao Fu's arm, looking quite passionate.

The three other women and the Demon Sovereign King followed behind Zhao Fu and left his historical remnant. Just like that, Zhao Fu had finished going through the whole historical remnant.

Zhao Fu planned to return to Great Qin and take care of the Spider Den and Sect Armament before heading to the Dark Demon world. He wanted to form an alliance with other factions and use the alliance to clear out the smaller factions and system factions.

He would use the alliance to obtain as much benefits as possible, allowing the Night Dynasty to quickly develop. After obtaining enough strength, he would then turn on the larger factions and quickly unify the Southern Continent before expanding out to the other continents.