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 Zhao Fu put the black spider away, and the battle quickly ended. Most of the Demon God Sect's soldiers and City Lords had died, and small portion of them had surrendered. Zhao Fu led his soldiers and directly took over the Demon God Sect's territory.

Because the Demon God Sect Master had brought his real body into the Heaven Awaken World, even without using the Heart Sword, Zhao Fu was able to kill him.

Also, after killing the Demon God Sect Master, he had dropped a black rhombus-shaped crystal. The black crystal gave off a slight demonic light and was as long as a finger. It gave off an aura similar to that of a City Lord Seal, but it was a different power.

This was a Sect Crystal, and it had similar effects to a City Lord Seal. It allowed one to control the highest authority in a Sect, and it had powerful Sect Power.

The three other armies also successfully advanced, taking over the City Walls quickly before conquering the territories of those factions.

The four factions' residents were in a state of panic. Facing the Night Dynasty's ferocious attacks, they had no strength to retaliate and could only run around in terror or scream as they died.

As the Night Dynasty had started attacking in the Heaven Awaken World, their soldiers in the real world had also suddenly attacked while most of the four factions' people were in the Heaven Awaken World. They easily conquered their headquarters, and Zhao Fu even had some Night Dynasty soldiers return to the real world to assist with this.

The four factions suffered heavy blows in the Heaven Awaken World and in the real world. Within the Heaven Awaken World, they were unable to resist anymore, as most of their City Lords and soldiers were either dead or had surrendered, and only their residents were left.

Residents were incredibly weak in front of proper soldiers; a Stage 1 soldier could kill dozens of residents, and the countless residents could do nothing but be slaughtered.

The four factions in the real world had some strength to defend because after their soldiers died in the Heaven Awaken World, they returned to the real world. However, they barely had any heart to resist, as they understood that they would lose and most of their higher-ups had been captured in the Heaven Awaken World or had been killed already, so there was no one leading them.

Zhao Fu led his City Lords and arrived at the center of the Demon God Sect without any obstructions. This was their final line of defense, and there was a massive magic formation there. However, Zhao Fu condescendingly smiled and did not even bother to attack; he directly used the Sect Crystal to deactivate the formation.

Finally, Zhao Fu went to the innermost region of the Demon God Sect. The core item was different than a City Heart; it was an orb floating in the air with a one meter tall stone stele beneath it, giving off a powerful aura. The words 'Demon God Sect' were engraved on the stone stele.

Zhao Fu looked at its information and found that it was the Sect Creation Stele, and with this, one could create a Sect, while the orb was naturally the Sect Heart.

Of course, this Sect Creation Stele belonged to the Demon God Sect and could not create a new Sect.

Zhao Fu went up and placed his hand against the Sect Heart and chose to conquer it and relocate it. The three other armies quickly took down the three other factions as well, and the four factions finally perished and became part of the Night Dynasty.

Now, there were many things to do, and not just in the Heaven Awaken World. They now had to take all of the four factions' resources and people in both the Heaven Awaken World and the real world.

There were many things to do, but the entire Night Dynasty was ecstatic; they had devoured four factions in one go, and their strength had once again greatly increased. Moreover, these four factions had been in conflict with the Night Dynasty, and they most likely had to do with the death of the previous Legatee.

Now, they had finally been destroyed, and the Night Dynasty would no longer have to worry about them. However, they did not know that Zhao Fu's ambitions were far greater.

Those four factions were just second-rate factions in the Southern Continent, so it was not too big of a deal for them to be destroyed.

Now, even without Great Qin's help, the Night Dynasty would be able to stand as the number one faction in the Southern Continent.

Apart from the Night Dynasty, there were ten or so other first-rate factions in the Southern Continent, dozens of second-rate factions, and hundreds of third-rate factions. There were even smaller factions and system factions.

It would be quite difficult to unify the Southern Continent, especially without revealing himself. Even though Zhao Fu wanted to speed things up, he had to take things one step at a time. Right now, he already had a rough plan.

The other factions were not too surprised that these four factions had been destroyed, as they had been expecting this for a while. However, seeing that the Night Dynasty had once again asked for help from that mysterious faction, many people felt quite scared.

Luckily, the Night Dynasty immediately expressed its goodwill to other factions afterwards. After all, there were grievances between the Night Dynasty and those four factions, as they had helped the Vile Dynasty attack the Night Dynasty. Now that the Night Dynasty had destroyed those four factions, there was nothing anyone could say about it.

Zhao Fu left the cities and resources that they had obtained with the Night Dynasty instead of taking them back to Great Qin. After all, the Night Dynasty needed to develop as well.

Of course, the women that the various Dynasties and Sects sent over were kept by Zhao Fu himself.

After Zhao Fu's army took down the Demon God Sect, many of the Night Dynasty's people came to take charge of the place. Zhao Fu planned to return and take a proper look at this Sect Armament.

However, one of the Night Dynasty's Managers came and reported that they had discovered a hidden historical remnant in the Demon God Sect. It was extremely dangerous, and the soldiers who went in were not heard from again and had most likely died.

Hearing the words 'historical remnant,' Zhao Fu felt quite interested. After all, Great Qin had a few historical remnants: One was the underground region, which Great Qin had explored around one-fifth of, and another was the Assassin historical remnant, which he still only had one more stage to clear, a trial of the heart. Zhao Fu had not been able to clear that one so far.

The last one was Gloomy Jungle, which he had fully explored. The ice and fire region within it had been very beneficial to Great Qin.

As such, Zhao Fu was quite delighted to hear that there was a historical remnant here, and he immediately had that Manager bring him to it.

They arrived at a large, underground cave that was surrounded by ruins. There were traces of an ancient civilization, and it was pitch-black inside the cave. Cold air flowed out of the cave, making one shiver, and it gave off an incredibly dangerous feeling.

The cave mouth was three meters tall and four meters wide, and there were white cobwebs around it. Zhao Fu remembered that the Demon God Sect's Sect Armament was a spider, and he wondered if this was related.

In order to avoid any danger, Zhao Fu became wary and released his Emperor's Domain. He also ordered some soldiers to stand guard to avoid any unexpected situations.