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 Of course, to avoid unnecessary trouble, Zhao Fu did not personally go to buy food. He arranged for some of his subordinates to do this. He also stationed 50 or so people in each of the three main cities to find out any secrets, to monitor the other factions, and to cover up some things that Zhao Fu could not do openly.

The person in charge of this was called Guo Binglin. Last time, when Zhao Fu had obtained two S grade Orbs, he had given one to a Goblin Warrior and one to this man. Zhao Fu ordered him to never expose his identity - after all, this matter related to the Orc City, which the governmental factions were quite sensitive about.

Guo Binglin acknowledged his instructions and left. Following this, news of a mysterious faction buying large amounts of food spread throughout the three main cities.

All of the other factions were quite surprised about this, but because they all needed massive amounts of money to purchase Flower Tears and had too much food for their own forces anyway, they were quite delighted to hear that someone was buying so much food.

As such, all of the factions brought large amounts of food to the main cities, and Zhao Fu bought all of it. Because food was quite cheap, he did not spend much money.

Right now, all of the factions were quickly gathering Flower Tears, and Zhao Fu was no exception because he also wanted the Legendary grade equipment.

Late at night, Zhao Fu asked Li Si to calculate their gains today.

After going through the calculations, Li Si reported, "Your Majesty, the Great Qin Village obtained 100,000 Flower Tears."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu sighed. If it was any other faction, it would have been delirious with joy, but Zhao Fu could only sigh. The Great Qin Village had obtained 100,000 Flower Tears through its massive advantages, but it was still far from enough.

One Flower Tear could be exchanged for 10 Flower Tear Points, so 100,000 Flower Tears could be exchanged for 1 million Flower Tear Points. However, the equipment on the Legendary Rankings required at least 30 million Flower Tear Points. The Ten Thousand Flower Festival only lasted for 7 days, so if he only gained 100,000 Flower Tears every day, he would only have 7 million Flower Tear Points at the end of the festival. That was definitely not enough, which was why Zhao Fu had sighed.

Right now, Zhao Fu could only place his hopes in the Orc City. During the day, the Great Qin Village had also collected five special Flower Tears. Instead of being transparent, they were pink-colored.

The pink Flower Tears could be exchanged for 1,000 Flower Tear Points, so it was worth 100 Flower Tears. Moreover, he would be able to obtain a Flower Fairy's Blessing if he collected 10 pink Flower Tears.

[Flower Fairy's Blessing: Effectiveness: Three years, Description: The Flower Fairy's wonderful blessing. It increases the speed at which flowers within your territory grow by 100% and the time it takes for flowers to wilt by 100%. Has a small chance to attract Flower Spirits.

On the surface, this blessing did not seem to be very useful apart from beautifying the environment. However, it was quite useful to the Great Qin Village for brewing Hundred Flower Wine.

Zhao Fu felt that the best part of the blessing was the final effect, 'Has a small chance of attracting Flower Spirits.'

"What are Flower Spirits?" Zhao Fu did not know much about them, but he could guess that they were useful creatures.

At this moment, a soldier came to report that He Xianru wanted to see him. Zhao Fu was quite surprised, but he still went to Holy Light City.

"What is it?" Zhao Fu said as he arrived at the third floor of the Westfall Restaurant and saw He Xianru sitting under the moonlight. There were some dishes on the table and a pot of wine.

He Xianru slightly smiled and replied, "Please sit, Your Majesty. Let's talk as we eat."

Zhao Fu nodded and sat down.

At this moment, He Xianru stood up and poured a cup of wine for Zhao Fu before saying, "Your Majesty, are you feeling frustrated about the Flower Tears?"

Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Looks like there's nothing that I can keep from you. I was just feeling annoyed about them. At the rate that I'm collecting them, it will be impossible for me to obtain a Legendary grade equipment."

"I have an idea, Your Majesty," He Xianru said softly.

Zhao Fu asked, shocked, "What is it?"

"Has Your Majesty read the description of the Heaven Prayer Platform?" He Xianru asked.

Zhao Fu nodded.

He Xianru continued, "The Heaven Prayer Platform is not just for giving stat bonuses; its true use is to allow one to communicate with the Heavens and Earth."

Upon hearing this, Zhao Fu suddenly realized something and asked, "How do we do this?"

Following this, He Xianru gave Zhao Fu a comprehensive explanation. After listening to her explanation, Zhao Fu immediately got up and ordered his people to make some preparations.

"Your Majesty, you'll only be able to carry this out after the sun rises tomorrow. There's no need to be so hurried; try some of my dishes first," He Xianru said as she lightly laughed.

Zhao Fu understood that he was in too much of a hurry and smiled apologetically. He sat back down and drank all of the wine in his cup, and He Xianru helped him pour another cup.


Elsewhere, a handsome, pale-skinned young man with an extraordinary aura was standing on his Heaven Prayer Platform. He was Great Xia's Legatee, Si Ji.

Beside Si Ji, there was a youth who gave off a mysterious aura and was fiddling around with an Eight Trigram Tablet. This youth's background was quite extraordinary as well - it was said that he was a descendant of Fuxi, and the youth was proficient at the Eight Trigrams Divination.


In another place, a well-built, muscular young man with a pointed face stood on the balcony of a building completely naked, and he gave off a cold and overbearing aura.

At this moment, a few incredibly enchanting women who only wore light muslin and had incredibly seductive bodies came out and coyly laughed as they pulled Di Wutian into the room, saying, "Don't worry, Your Majesty, just leave this to us sisters. Just enjoy yourself."

These women were also of incredible origins, and it was said that they were of the Nine-tailed Fox bloodline.


Somewhere else, a handsome young man smiled and chatted with a sagely and wise-looking elder. He was Ji Shenming, and the elder by his side was a legendary figure, Jiang Ziya.


Elsewhere, a graceful-looking young man was talking with a scholarly young man. He was Great Han's Legatee, Liu Ye, while the scholarly young man was from the Confucian faction, Li Mo. By now, almost the entire Confucian faction had joined Great Han because Liu Ye had maintained the ideology that Great Han had, which was rejecting the other Schools of Thought and accepting only Confucianism.


Finally, Li Baiqing stood with an immortal-like Taoist. Of course, this Taoist was quite a prominent figure as well, and he was quite famous among the Taoists and was called Qing Shui.