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 These Wyverns all had City Lord Seals fused into them, and they were all 100 or so meters long. The flames and icy blasts were all three meters wide and annihilated any soldiers they touched.

The flames and icy blasts wreaked havoc on the walls, causing countless soldiers to cry out as they died. The Night Dynasty's soldiers came within attacking range, but they were not in a rush to attack. Instead, they formed defensive formations with Shieldbearers at the front and Archers at the back, continuously shooting out arrows towards the walls.

Under the attack from the Wyverns and the Archers, the Demon God Sect's losses were quite severe. Their numbers continuously dwindled, and even though they vigorously retaliated, in front of the Night Dynasty's immense power, they were unable to do much.

The situation for the Demon God Sect's City Lords was not very good either. They were surrounded by Great Qin's City Lords, and some of they had already died. After all, they were fighting five against one, and it was an incredibly shameless battle.

Elsewhere, Zhao Fu was fighting with the Demon God Sect's Sect Master, the long-bearded elder. Zhao Fu held the Death Disaster Sword and continuously rained down powerful attacks.

The Demon God Sect's Sect Master's face was extremely pale. He had already unleashed the Sect Armament's full power, but he was still being suppressed. He was continuously in danger, but the other side was only using his City Lord Seal; that person was truly terrifying.



A massive explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu slashed out, causing a long, gray sword light, bringing with it an immense aura of death, to slash towards the Demon God Sect Master.

"Arghhh!" the Demon God Sect Master roared and invigorated all of the Sect Armament's power. The black spider gave off an intense demonic light, and a massive spider's image appeared in the sky, spitting out a black light towards the sword light.


An explosion rang out as the sword light and black light collided, resulting in deathly qi and black light shooting everywhere and for massive winds to sweep out.

Ye Cang's army's advance was also quite smooth. He was attacking the South Glass Dynasty, who had built their defenses on a plains.

There had originally been hundreds of thousands of Demon Wolves here, and after the Night Dynasty's army arrived, the South Glass Dynasty used some sort of method to attract the Demon Wolves to attack the Night Dynasty's army.

These Demon Wolves were not ordinary wolves; they were all two meters long, and their fangs gave off cold lights. Their strength was roughly at Stage 1-6, and they were incredibly savage and fast.

Hundreds of thousands of Demon Wolves charged across the plains incredibly quickly, forming a massive tide that gave off terrifying sounds.

The multitude of Demon Wolves would definitely cause great losses to the Night Dynasty. As such, Ye Cang immediately summoned 50 Wyverns, giving off immense dragon's might. After all, just their might alone was able to greatly suppress other creatures.

Following this, an amusing scene unfolded. The hundreds of thousands of charging Demon Wolves felt the immense pressure from the 50 Wyverns, and they were scared to the point of immediately turning around and running away.

In actuality, a single Wyvern was able to annihilate 100,000 Demon Wolves. After all, they had dragon's might and flew in the sky, making it impossible for the Demon Wolves to attack them. With their dragon's might, the Demon Wolves did not dare to fight at all.

However, things were not over. The 300 City Lords exploded out with auras, seeming to shake the heavens, causing the Demon Wolves to run away even faster. They even whimpered and went from looking savage and ferocious to pitiful little wolves.

Ye Cang had 100 Night Dynasty City Lords and 200 Great Qin City Lords, and this was the same for the two other armies.

Now that the other side had displayed its full strength, Ye Cang did not hesitate and directly attacked. The Wyverns and City Lords flew at the City Walls, while the Night Dynasty army flooded forwards.

Another massive battle unfolded, causing blood to fly everywhere and screams to sound out. The battle was quite intense, and Ye Cang found the South Glass Dynasty's Legatee and started to fight him.

The third army was led by Ye Ningshuang. She attacked the Void Demon Dynasty, whose defenses were built in a valley. Using the mountain faces on either side, it was quite easy to defend against enemies.

Ye Ningshuang was not as dauntless as Zhao Fu and Ye Cang, and she was much warier. She first tested the other side before having the Wyverns use the mountains as cover to fly to the back of the Void Demon Dynasty.

Ye Ningshuang still did not reveal her army's full strength, only having the Night Dynasty City Lords and soldiers attack. This was because the Void Demon Dynasty held a great geographical advantage.

The Void Demon Dynasty thought that this was all of the strength that the Night Dynasty had, and the Legatee mockingly laughed at Ye Ningshuang. However, Ye Ningshuang was not angry because she already roughly knew the Void Demon Dynasty's strength.

Suddenly, Great Qin's hidden City Lords started to attack, causing powerful attacks to slam onto the City Walls. The terrifying lights from the attacks ripped the Void Demon Dynasty's soldiers to shreds, creating a bloody scene.

The Wyverns at the back also started to attack, raining down flames and icy blasts, burning soldiers to ashes or freezing them solid.

In just a moment, the Void Demon Dynasty suffered heavy losses, and Ye Ningshuang also started to ferociously attack the Legatee.

The final team was led by the other Ancestors of the Night Dynasty, and things also went quite smoothly for them. With an advantage in City Lords and dominance in the air with Wyverns, they were able to quickly suppress the other side.

Following this, the Night Dynasty soldiers charged, ferociously attacking the enemies before climbing up the walls. Soon, they had taken over the walls, while the Ancestors surrounded the Xuan Dynasty's Legatee and killed him.

Back at Zhao Fu's side, Zhao Fu sent out a sharp sword light, lopping off the Demon God Sect Master's arm, causing him to cry out in pain and quickly retreat.

Zhao Fu would not let him off just because he was an old man; Zhao Fu rushed up and slashed at him, preparing to end his life.

However, the Sect Armament, that palm-sized spider, seemed to have its own will as it shot out and screeched as it bit at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and sent it flying before grabbing out with his hand, causing a black dragon inscription barrier to cover that black spider. The black spider gave off an intense demonic light as it tried to bite its way out.

Zhao Fu's tough barrier was broken through after a few bits, but before the spider could escape, Zhao Fu had cleaved the Demon God Sect Master in half, causing blood to splatter everywhere as the two halves of his body fell to the ground.

The black spider lost all of its power and returned to being a statue, all of its terrifying might disappearing.