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 Sect Armaments were something condensed from a massive amount of Fate, and it was very similar to a Nation Armament. However, it was also quite different - Nation Armaments required a King's Fate to control, while Sect Armaments required a Sect's Fate and a Sect's acknowledgment. As such, ordinarily, only Sect Masters could use them.

Moreover, their attributes were different as well; Nation Armaments had a Nation's power, while Sect Armaments had a Sect's power.

Neither was weaker than the other; often, Sects were as powerful as nations, but they were simply run as Sects.

What Zhao Fu was concerned about was whether this Sect Armament could be refined by Great Qin. After all, Great Qin had only refined Nation Armaments and had not encountered Sect Armaments before, so Zhao Fu had no idea if Great Qin could refine Sect Armaments.

Zhao Fu decided to first consider how to destroy the four factions. These four factions had been wary against the Night Dynasty this entire time, and it would be difficult to launch sneak attacks.

The Night Dynasty had Great Qin secretly supporting it, so Zhao Fu decided to openly attack and ordered the soldiers in the real world to make preparations as well.

Great Qin's people did not do anything for now, and Zhao Fu did not bother hiding the news of the Night Dynasty attacking; it was best that everyone knew.

The 300 City Lords and 20 million or so soldiers split into four teams and gave off powerful auras as they simultaneously attacked the four factions.

This news quickly spread through the Dark Demon world's Southern Continent. The various factions all watched on in amusement; the Night Dynasty had finally made a move against those four factions. After all, there had been hatred between the Night Dynasty and those four factions for a while now, and no one else wanted to get involved.

After all, the Night Dynasty had the help of that mysterious faction, causing it to develop rapidly. No one wanted to anger the Night Dynasty.

The four factions were quite terrified, as they only had 11 million soldiers and 240 City Lords in total. After hearing that the Night Dynasty was attacking, they spent a great amount of resources to raise their total forces to 20 million soldiers, hoping that they would have enough strength to defend.

Because the four factions were on the defending side, they had been keeping an eye out for the Night Dynasty the entire time and had the geographical advantage, which they used to construct solid defenses.

Zhao Fu personally led one of the Night Dynasty's armies and he chose to attack the Demon God Sect. He wanted to personally see what the Sect Armament that was going to be Great Qin's was like.

Ye Cang led one of the other armies, while the two other armies were led by the Night Dynasty's Ancestors. There were many City Lords from Great Qin with each army, ready to attack at any moment.

Five million soldiers arrived at the bottom of a large mountain in a grandiose manner. There were tall walls built on the mountain, and they were 20 meters tall and gave off a solid aura.

There were many people from the Demon God Sect standing on the walls, and they looked down at the Night Dynasty's army with serious and wary expressions.

Zhao Fu was wearing his black cloak that covered his body and face, and he gave off a powerful aura as he stood in the air. The air around him seemed to be frozen, and his oppressive aura made countless people feel that it was hard to breathe.

As Zhao Fu's powerful aura descended, the people on the walls started to panic. Even ordinary City Lords could not withstand this aura, and a long-bearded elder hurriedly walked out and shouted, "The Demon God Sect vows to never antagonize the Night Dynasty; will the Night Dynasty spare us this once?"

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, "It's already too late; back then, the Night Dynasty already gave you all a chance, but you chose to attack anyways. Submit or die!"

The long-bearded elder's expression became quite unsightly as he exploded out with a powerful aura, causing a wild gale to blow as he furiously roared, "The Demon God Sect used to be the number one Sect in the Southern Continent; we're not so easy to bully. Even though we're not as powerful as we used to be, if the Night Dynasty wants to conquer us, it won't be so easy, and you'll have to pay a heavy price!"


A demonic light shot into the sky, causing the weather to change. An incredibly powerful might covered the entire battlefield, and a spider statue giving off a demonic light floated out of the elder's body as his power reached an extreme level.

The black spider statue was as big as a palm and completely black except for its four blood-red eyes. It gave off an incredibly savage and evil power.

This was most likely the Demon God Sect's Sect Armament, the Demon God Spider. It was quite powerful and was not weaker than a Nation Armament at all; during the previous battle, Zhao Fu had personally seen the Demon God Spider in action and the terrifying power it had displayed.

It seemed that it wanted to use this power to scare off the Night Dynasty; after all, anyone would worry about their losses in battle. However, wanting to force Zhao Fu into retreat was simply delirious.

Zhao Fu did not waste any more words and took out the Great Qin Seal. A similarly monstrous aura descended, covering the battlefield. As the number of Cities that the Great Qin conquered increased, the Great Qin City's grade had also increased, making the Great Qin Seal much more powerful than before.

"Everyone attack and destroy the Demon God Sect!" Zhao Fu's voice was filled with might, coldness, and some condescension. The 200 Great Qin City Lords hidden within the army immediately unleashed their power and flew towards the walls.

However, that was not all. Zhao Fu threw out 50 Spirit Pet Rings, causing 50 Wyverns giving off either icy air or flames to appear. Because the Wyverns were quite big and powerful, they were even more destructive than ordinary City Lords and were terrifying war machines.

The enemy's side had suddenly increased by 200 City Lords and 50 Wyverns, while the Demon God Sect only had 40 City Lords in total. Their faces became incredibly pale, and the long-bearded elder cursed, "The Night Dynasty is shameless! You're still using that mysterious faction's power; you're their dogs!"

Zhao Fu coldly laughed but did not reply to his words, and he instead directly attacked. The 200 City Lords attacked the Demon God Sect's City Lords, while the 50 Wyverns shot out large amounts of flames and icy air towards the soldiers on the walls. Pained howls sounded out as countless people were burned or frozen to death.

All of the Archers on the walls drew their bows to the fullest and furiously fired at the Wyverns, and countless arrows tore through the sky.

Ding, Ding, Ding...

Clear clinking sounds could be heard as the countless arrows hit the Wyverns' scales, but they were all blocked, unable to harm the Wyverns even a bit.

However, the waves of arrows still caused the Wyverns to feel pain, making some of them fly higher into the sky. However, the soldiers on the walls were unable to relax because the Night Dynasty's army had charged up by now.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows containing immense force flew up towards the walls and rained down, causing blood to fly everywhere and for cries to sound out.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!" The Wyverns in the air seemed quite furious as they flew back down, and their stomachs bulged as they unleashed massive waves of flames or icy air.