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 "Your Majesty, we're all your people now, and Flower Moon is also yours. It's no longer a partnership between us; we belong to Great Qin. Now, you can completely trust us, so can you give us another chance? I promise this won't happen again," Xiao Yueyin said as she flirtatiously looked at Zhao Fu.

Lying on Zhao Fu's left arm, Su Yuyan lightly harrumphed. "That's right; we're all yours already, you baddie. Moreover, it was only a few of us who gave away information, and we did not collectively betray Great Qin. As the Emperor, you should do things fairly.

"You also caught all of us and took all of our bodies; don't you think you've gone too far? After all, big sis and I have always supported Great Qin.

"Also, Bai Yue and the others who leaked information were the ones who served you the most just now. Look at them, they've all fainted. Since you've taken all our bodies, how about you just punish them lightly."

Zhao Fu was not in a rush to make a decision, and he replied, "I'll think about how to deal with them."

Following this, Zhao Fu cuddled with them for a bit longer before getting up, feeling quite refreshed, and he headed to the Dark Demon world.

The Dark Demon world's World Protector, Mo Qi, was still unconscious, and his wounds were not healing. The entire Demon Heaven Sect was incredibly worried, and they were quite shocked as to how powerful the human world's World Protector was.

Zhao Fu came here mainly for the Night Dynasty. In actuality, Zhao Fu had an incredibly far-sighted plan, and he had changed his original plan.

The original plan was to make the Night Dynasty a chess piece, which would be useful when the Dark Demon world started to invade the human world. However, this would be a waste.

Right now, Zhao Fu did not even put the entirety of China in his eyes. After unifying China, he would unify the midland Continent before conquering the other Continents and unifying the world.

The Night Dynasty had a big advantage, and even though it could not unify the Dark Demon world, with Great Qin's help, it was possible for it to unify the Southern Continent. If both the Night Dynasty and Great Qin developed and fused together, the combined power would be monstrous.

Now, Great Qin's main task was to clear out regions, and there was nothing big to do. Zhao Fu could now turn his mind to the Dark Demon world; right now, the World Protectors of the two other worlds were sleeping, so there was not much to be afraid of.

Apart from developing the Night Dynasty in the Dark Demon world, Zhao Fu felt that he could also develop a faction in the Fish Scale world. After the Heaven Domain Boundary disappeared, Great Qin would be able to quickly devour three worlds before attacking the world above theirs; this would cause the previous worlds' people to go mad.

That was the far-sighted plan that Zhao Fu had made, which went from defending in fear to taking the initiative to attack. China and the human world were unable to satisfy Zhao Fu's rapidly growing ambition. Zhao Fu wanted Great Qin to become a true Empire.

As such, the situation was quite urgent, and Zhao Fu felt that there was not much time; Great Qin had to quickly unify the human world.

After going to the Dark Demon world, the Night Dynasty's first goal was to destroy three Dynasties and a Sect. Within the Heaven Awaken World, Sects often controlled many cities and regions, and some even had Sect Armaments that were no weaker than Nation Armaments.

These factions had helped the Vile Dynasty to attack the Night Dynasty before. Now, if the Night Dynasty wanted to destroy them, no one would help them, and no one would complain.

Even though Mo Qi was heavily injured and unconscious, there were still countless other people Zhao Fu had to be wary of, so he could not do things too overtly. It was better not to be allied against by even more people.

Right now, the Night Dynasty City was a Level 1 Capital City and had 250 million people and 22 million soldiers. Their military force was not very big, and they would not be able to simultaneously destroy four factions.

After all, the Night Dynasty received a lot of its resources from the Night Dynasty in the real world, so it was unable to develop very quickly.

If the Night Dynasty wanted to get rid of future problems, they would also have to get rid of those Dynasties and Sects in the real world as well and devour their power. That way, they would not be able to do anything to the Night Dynasty. In order words, they had to simultaneously attack in the Heaven Awaken World and the real world, which required a large military force.

Zhao Fu sent people into the Dark Demon world's real world and expanded their army from eight million soldiers to 20 million. That way, the Night Dynasty had 20 million soldiers in the real world and 22 million soldiers in the Heaven Awaken World.

Originally, Zhao Fu had wanted to bring over ten million Ghost Soldiers, as they would not reveal anything about where they were from. However, after thinking about it, Zhao Fu found that transportation would be an issue. Right now, the Trans-Boundary Teleportation Channel could only teleport one person at a time, and teleporting ten million Ghost Soldiers would take far too long.

In the end, Zhao Fu decided to bring City Lords, but he could not bring too many, or else the Southern Continent would go into a state of panic. As such, he only brought with him the 800 City Lords from last time, as they would be enough to deal with this.

The Night Dynasty had 300 or so City Lords, so in total, they had roughly 1,200 City Lords. If the situation required it, they could also ask the Demon Path Sect for help.

Now that they had decided to destroy the three Dynasties and one Sect, they first gathered detailed information about them.

The first Dynasty was called the South Glass Dynasty, and it had 40 million people, three million soldiers, and 60 City Lords. It did not have a Nation Armament.

The second Dynasty was called the Void Demon Dynasty, and it had 30 million people, three million soldiers, and 70 City Lords. It did not have a Nation Armament.

The third Dynasty was called the Xuan Dynasty, and it had 50 million people, 50 million people, four million soldiers, and 70 City Lords. It also did not have a Nation Armament.

The Sect was called the Demon God Sect, and it had 20 million people, one million soldiers, and 40 City Lords. It had a Sect Armament.

In total, these four factions had 140 million people, 11 million soldiers, and 240 City Lords.

These four factions had all been heavily wounded in the previous battle, and their City Lords and soldiers had not fully recovered yet, while the Night Dynasty had greatly developed and was now stronger than them overall.

Originally, their combined strength was greater than that of the Night Dynasty's, but they were not very united, so they were suppressed by the Night Dynasty.

At the same time, even though they were Dynasties in the real world, they did not have enough Fate. Even though their Legacy Stones were all Legendary grade, they did not have Nation Armaments. With how precious Nation Armaments were, they were not something that any Dynasty could create.

However, the Demon God Sect had a Sect Armament, and the Sect was even more ancient than the Night Dynasty. It had once been the number one Sect in the Southern Continent, but it had gone into decline and had become a second-rate Sect that relied on allying with other factions.

Despite this, because it had quite a long history, it had an immense amount of Fate, allowing it to create a Sect Armament.