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 When that time came, there would be various worlds invading, and the human world would become quite complicated. Great Qin was only a small pebble in the Heaven Awaken World.

It would no longer have such an important position like it did right now in the human world. When that time came, Great Qin would be nothing; even a Dukedom would be able to casually come and destroy it.

As such, Zhao Fu wanted to develop as quickly as possible, as this was the best time for development. They could not afford to waste any time.

Zhao Fu discussed with his subordinates and decided to add another 50 million soldiers to the army, bringing the army up to 250 million soldiers. Great Qin now had 2.7 billion people, and after clearing out the regions, they would have even more.

Apart from expanding the army, Zhao Fu also planned to establish a people's militia made of 100 million people. The people's militia would do some regular training and could be used in emergencies. When there were not enough proper soldiers or the proper soldiers were tied up, they could be used.

This brought Great Qin's overall military to 350 million soldiers. 50 million were left to defend Great Qin, while the remaining 300 million soldiers were split into 30 teams to clear out the regions. They could clear out 30 regions per week, which was 120 regions per month. It would take roughly eight months to clear out the 950 regions.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Fu felt quite bored. The less important matters were given to the various Generals and Ministers to do, and Zhao Fu realized that he had not left the Legacy Land in a while. As such, he went to the outside world and found that almost all of the Grassi people were talking about the human world.

Zhao Fu felt quite intrigued and did made some inquiries, and he found that it was about the Celestial Emperor Star and Nether Emperor Star. It had been quite a while since those stars had descended, but it seemed that they were still hotly discussed.

With their strength, they did not know the abilities of those two Emperor Stars, but they understood that those stars were incredibly powerful.

Some people said that a demonic genius had descended, which was why those stars had appeared, and they warned everyone not to offend the people from that world or risk being destroyed.

Others mourned that the heavens were unjust, giving the world after theirs such a person but not their world. That person would definitely be a scourge to the Grassi world in the future and might even destroy the Grassi world.

Some people were incredibly curious as to what race the people from the next world were; were they Humans or from the Death Race? Was it a single terrifying person who had awakened those stars or was it two people? Those two stars' attributes were completely different, and when they thought about that, everyone felt quite startled - could it be that there were two demonic geniuses?

Those were only some guesses from the common people, and the Grassi world's various Kingdoms also took this matter incredibly seriously. All of the Kings held emergency meetings and listed the human world as a grave threat, and the human world could even be a greater threat than the Lantong people.

Because of this, they did not plan to attack anymore, and they instead started to focus on defense. Even though it was only a new world, it was growing incredibly powerful. If the Heavenly Domain Boundary disappeared one day, it was possible that it would not be the Grassi people attacking the human world but the human world attacking the Grassi people. If that happened, what could they do?

After hearing about these things, Zhao Fu felt quite amused; Great Qin did not have that kind of strength at all. However, the Grassi people choosing to defend instead of attacking was an incredibly good thing and would lessen the pressure on the human world. However, if they personally saw the true strength of the human world, they might change their minds.

In actuality, Zhao Fu somewhat wanted to attack the Grassi world, but Great Qin had not even unified the human world, so this would have to be put off for a while.

After buying a large number of Talisman Stones, Zhao Fu once again returned to the human world. Even though Great Qin had won this battle, it had used up a large amount of resources to achieve this victory. Things like the Disaster Pearls and the five million aquatic beast corpses were things that could not be replenished, so they could not be used again.

Zhao Fu had already thought of the plan for the future: After clearing out the regions, they would continue to develop outwards and destroy Myanmar and Laos.

Zhao Fu did not have much to do now, so he started to fish at a creek while cultivating. The higher one's Cultivation was, the harder it was to raise it further.

At that moment, Li Si came over and reminded Zhao Fu, "Your Majesty, you have not dealt with Flower Moon yet. Would you like this subordinate to take care of it?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu sank into his thoughts for a while. Before, Zhao Fu had very rarely trusted people, and out of all of the players, only Xianru had received Zhao Fu's trust. This was because she had been with Great Qin for so long.

Factions were made up of many people, and it was impossible for everyone to be of one mind. As such, Zhao Fu never fully trusted factions, and that was why he did not allow any factions to join Great Qin.

Even though the leader of Flower Moon did not do anything, its members had betrayed Great Qin. Even though they had not leaked any important information, it was still a betrayal.

Zhao Fu returned to the palace and had Flower Moon's people brought out. Su Yuyan's expression was quite complicated as she looked at Zhao Fu with an intense look of bitterness. She had never thought that Zhao Fu would be Great Qin's Legatee; she had actually been fooled by him for so long, and she had even given her first kiss to him.

None of Flower Moon's people knew that Zhao Fu was Great Qin's Legatee. After being imprisoned in Great Qin, they found this out from other people and felt incredibly shocked. Zhao Fu, who they thought was just a puppet, was actually Great Qin's Legatee, the human world's most terrifying King.

"Long time no see, superstar Su." Zhao Fu slightly smiled as he looked at Su Yuyan kneeling in front of him.

Su Yuyan angrily turned her head to the side because she felt quite wronged that she had trusted Zhao Fu and felt quite positively about him. Otherwise, she would not have given her first kiss to him. In fact, she had wanted to do it with Zhao Fu, but he had instantly destroyed Flower Moon.

"Turn your face; We want to look at you." Zhao Fu's voice became dignified, and it had a trace of domineeringness to it, making some of the women feel afraid.

Su Yuyan's eyes became teary as she felt quite wronged and turned her face to look at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu walked down from his throne and came before her, and he lightly smiled as he asked, "Are you afraid of Us? You may rise!"

Hearing this, Su Yuyan felt both angry and aggrieved, but she inwardly let out a sigh, as it seemed that Zhao Fu did not plan to kill them.

After much tussling within Zhao Fu's chambers, many women lay on the bed as Zhao Fu smiled and said, "You women from Flower Moon are all quite good."

Xiao Yueyin lay on Zhao Fu's right arm, her face red as she inwardly sighed. They had not been able to escape from this calamity, but at least they had managed to stay alive.