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 The first was the Star Plucking Tower. It was 30 centimeters tall, and there was a stage made of stones below it, which took up two-thirds of its height. The tower looked quite exquisite and luxurious, and it was made of wood and gave off a dense, starry, mysterious aura. It had the Shang Dynasty's unique script, which had been turned into Qin script.

This was originally the Shang Dynasty's Nation Armament, and as the Nation Armament of one of the Five Ancient Dynasties, it was more powerful than ordinary Nation Armaments. Zhao Fu decided to re-name it Qin Star Tower.

The second Nation Armament was eight silver dragons that were each 30 centimeters long. They were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, looking incredibly fierce. Now that they had absorbed a lot of Great Qin Fate, they had become a dark silver color and gave off an even more savage aura.

This was originally the Jin Dynasty's Nation Armament, and it had most likely been created during the War of the Eight Princes. Zhao Fu named it Eight Qin Dragons.

The third was a boat that was 30 centimeters long. It was made of jade and had a dragon's head at the front and a dragon's tail at the back. There were seven floors and had many small buildings on it. It was covered with jewels and looked incredibly precious, and it now gave off the powerful aura of Great Qin.

This was the Sui Dynasty's Great Dragon Boat, and Emperor Yang of Sui had sailed on it many times up the Grand Canal.

Even though Emperor Taizong of Tang, Li Shimin, was a good Emperor, he had been proficient at slandering. Emperor Yang of Sui, the former Emperor, was not a very muddleheaded Emperor, and Li Shimin's older brother, Li Jiancheng, had actually been quite a talented military strategist, and he was not as useless as he had been said to be.

However, the Tang Dynasty's historical records had said that Emperor Yang of Sui and Li Jiancheng were incredibly hopeless, and many people had believed these things. It was only in recent times that more historical evidence had shown otherwise; that was how the system of victors and losers worked in ancient times.

Zhao Fu decided to name this beautiful boat Qin Boat.

The fourth Nation Armament was a yellow cloth that did not look very special, except for the fact that it gave off a faint golden light. There also seemed to be a dragon's shadow swimming about within it, giving off a King's aura. Now, it had become a black cloth and gave off a black light.

This was originally the Song Dynasty's Nation Armament, the Emperor Cloth. Legend had it that it was the yellow cloth from the robes of Zhao Kuangyin, the founding Song Emperor.

Zhao Fu had already taken down Later Zhou, and its aura was quite similar to the Song Dynasty's, as Zhao Kuangyin had been a General in Later Zhou and staged a military uprising. Zhao Fu decided to name it Qin Emperor Cloth.

The final Nation Armament was a backbone that was 30 centimeters long and seemed snow-white like jade. It seemed to be the backbone of a dragon, and it gave off a dragon's might. This was the Qing Dynasty's Dragon Vein, which Zhao Fu renamed Qin Dragon Vein.

After looking at these five Nation Armaments, Zhao Fu satisfiedly placed them next to the Great Qin City's City Heart to be nourished by Great Qin's Fate. Now that Great Qin had nine Nation Armaments, Great Qin's Nation Power once again rose to a new level.

Zhao Fu also wanted to make the Imperial Ruler's Seal Great Qin's Clan Armament, but after thinking about it, Great Qin was part of China, and because it was enough for Great Qin to just use it, it was better not to do something like that.

Apart from the five Nation Armaments, there was something else that was quite important, which was that Great Qin's grade had once again increased. Every time Great Qin took down a Nation Legacy, it received an Evolution Point, and every time it took down a Dynasty Legacy, it received five Evolution Points.

Now, the Great Qin City had finally obtained 30 Evolution Points, and it had leveled up from an Epic grade City into a Human King grade City. It was the human world's first Human King City.

The Great Qin leveling up into a Human King City had caused many abnormal signs, but because Zhao Fu had been unconscious, he had not seen them.

It was said that the entire Great Qin City gave off golden light as the clouds swirled, and a massive amount of Fate gathered towards Great Qin, forming a massive golden dragon that entered the Great Qin City.

As a Human King City, it greatly surpassed Epic grade Cities, and its stats had greatly been increased. It now had five effects.

The first was Human King Might, which allowed the City to give off a King's might. It had fused with the Great Qin City's Barony level and formed a Kingdom's might.

Within a certain range, Great Qin's territory would give off a might that would cause ordinary beasts to instinctively feel fear and not come near. This not only applied to beasts but other creatures as well.

For example, without anyone controlling them, Undead would feel quite fearful as well, making it so that they instinctively avoided Great Qin.

The second was Human King Fate, which allowed this city to gather Heaven and Earth Fate. This was extremely powerful, as very few things could gather Heaven and Earth Fate.

The third was Human King Might, which was not King's Power but the power that a City gave off. It was a type of King's Power, and it caused the Great Qin Seal's power to once again increase.

The fourth was Human King Shield. When the Great Qin City was met with danger, it would give off a powerful barrier that would protect the Great Qin City.

The barrier was a high-grade barrier and was many times more powerful than ordinary barriers, and it provided great protection for Great Qin.

The fifth was the activation of the Human King's Guard profession. This was a profession unique to Human King grade Cities, and it was a B grade military profession.

This was quite important, because as a Legacy City, Great Qin's professions would become stronger as the City became stronger. Before, Great Qin soldier was a D+ grade military profession, but as the Great Qin City's grade had increased, it had become a C- grade military profession.

In other words, Great Qin's most basic military profession was already C- grade, which greatly increased Great Qin's overall strength. The higher the grade of a military profession, the better its effects and stats.

After looking through the Great Qin City's information, Zhao Fu happily smiled. The Great Qin City could still be upgraded; the next grade was Human Emperor Grade, which was even more powerful, and it was not something that the Human King Grade could ever compare to.

However, the requirement was even more difficult, as the requirement was to unify an entire world.

Great Qin definitely could not achieve this right now. Even though it had obtained victory this time, it did not have the power to face an entire world. After all, most people from the other Continents did not act, or else, it would not have just been 30,000 City Lords attacking.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu turned his attention back to Great Qin's main tasks, which were clearing out the regions and constructing the third Great Wall. Even though these things progressed quite quickly, Zhao Fu still felt that it was too slow.

This was because if they cleared 60 regions in a month, it would take half a year to clear 950 regions, and the time it took to complete the Great Wall would be even longer.

The real world had not been destroyed yet and had not been fused into the Heaven Awaken World, so the more powerful Great Qin was now, the greater the advantage it would have in the future.