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 The Flower Fairy continuously sent her power into Zhao Fu's chest, and this continued for five or six minutes. After taking her hand away, a rainbow-colored flower grew out from Zhao Fu's chest - this was not a corporeal flower but one made of light.

The appearance of this flower caused Zhao Fu's wounds to stabilize, and the golden crystal formed by Phoenix Qi in Zhao Fu's body started to give off a large amount of Phoenix Qi to restore Zhao Fu's body.

Standing by the side, Xianru could sense these changes, and she marveled at the Phoenix Qi's powerful recovery ability.

Under the cooperation from the flower and the Phoenix Qi, Zhao Fu's wounds took a turn for the better, allowing everyone present to let out a sigh of relief. In the next few days, Zhao Fu's injuries became better and better.

Because Zhao Fu had not come out for a long time in the real world, Zheng Yuqin forced open his door and found that he was lying on his bed, covered in blood. She was immediately scared out of her wits, and this matter shook the entire Ying family.

If something happened to tGreat Qin's Legatee within the Ying family, the consequences would be unimaginable. The family leaders personally came and ordered people to use the best equipment and medicines to save Zhao Fu.

After hearing about this, Wu Qingniang put a pause on the many things she had to do and personally came to visit Zhao Fu. Seeing there were so many women by Zhao Fu's side, she could not help but frown. "Since when was this guy so lucky to have so many women looking after him?"

However, she found that she recognized some of them, as they had gone to the same university. Zhao Fu had most likely brought them here to protect them, and now that the world was so chaotic, one had to be quite careful.

Wu Qingniang did not know what had happened to Zhao Fu; it was most likely something within the Heaven Awaken World. He had so many layers of protection in the real world that it was almost impossible for him to be injured so severely without anyone noticing, and no one knew how he had been injured.

Thinking about that shocking battle from before, the destructive shockwaves had spread through all of China. A sense of darkness and despair spread out, making everyone feel incredibly powerless.

Even though Wu Qingniang had not been directly involved, she understood how terrifying that battle had been. In the face of that power, she had felt incredibly weak and small.

Zhao Fu had most likely been caught up in the shockwaves of that battle. Wu Qingniang felt that Zhao Fu could not remain by Great Qin's Legatee's side, as it was too dangerous. After he woke up, she would talk to him about leaving Great Qin's Legatee.

As Zhao Fu's body in the Heaven Awaken World gradually recovered, his body in the real world also recuperated. This made Wu Qingniang feel quite relieved, and she soon left.

During this time, Zhao Fu's grandparents came often to see Zhao Fu. They had wanted to stay and take care of him, but because there were already people assigned to look after him, the Ying family did not allow it, and they could only come to see him.

Zhao Fu's uncle and aunty had also come once or twice because their luxurious lifestyles had been given to them by Zhao Fu. They were worried that if Zhao Fu died, they would lose everything, so they came to see him every now and then.

Zhao Fu's cousins did not come because they knew about Zheng Jiao and Mei Xiaoyan. This was especially so for Zhao Fu's younger cousin - seeing how lewd Mei Xiaoyan, who did not even allow him to touch her, acted in front of Zhao Fu, he felt quite angry towards Zhao Fu.

However, both of Zhao Fu's cousins had found good girlfriends now, so they did not feel as hateful. However, they broke off relations with Zhao Fu and decided not to visit.

It was now November, and the Heaven Awaken World had gone into winter. The weather became quite cold, and there was often frost on tree leaves early in the morning. Everything was a lifeless gray and black, and countless creatures went into hibernation.

Zhao Fu, who had been sleeping for more than a month, finally woke up, causing all of Great Qin to celebrate. Li Si and Bai Qi hurried to the palace to check up on how he was.

Just as they entered the palace, they heard a weak but dignified voice say, "How long have We been sleeping for?"

Hearing this, Li Si felt incredibly happy; he had never thought that Zhao Fu would start referring to himself as 'We.' Li Si had reminded him to speak like a King, but Zhao Fu still often used 'I' out of habit. Now that Zhao Fu had started to use 'We' after waking up, it seemed that he had gone through some changes after being injured and recovering.

Li Si replied in a soft voice, "Your Majesty, you've been sleeping for a bit more than a month."

After falling silent for a moment, Zhao Fu asked, "What has happened after We fell asleep?"

Li Si respectfully replied, "Don't worry, Your Majesty. All of the Generals and Ministers have done a lot in this time. Not only have we taken down the five Dynasties, but we've also started to clear out the surrounding regions and build the third Great Wall."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief, and he started to ask about more specific things, which Li Si replied to in detail.

Now that Zhao Fu had finally woken up, all of his subordinates let out a sigh of relief. They once again started to consult Zhao Fu when making decisions, and even though most things were discussed in a big group, there were sometimes things that Zhao Fu was not pleased with. As such, they had to bring things up with him, as Zhao Fu was the King of Great Qin.

Zhao Fu's body quickly recovered over these days, and soon, his wounds had essentially fully healed. His strength had not fully recovered yet, and because he was still quite weak, he would have to go to the Yin Qi Valley for a while.

After his wounds fully healed, Zhao Fu first went to thank the Flower Fairy and gave her some rewards. He also took out the Revival Pill and placed it in the Imperial Physicians Pavilion in case something like this happened again.

Zhao Fu had never thought that his injuries would be so serious this time. However, given that he had fought against two World Protectors, it was not too surprising.

One of the first things that Zhao Fu planned to do now was to give titles to Concubines and refine the five Nation Armaments.

Thinking about those five Nation Armaments, Zhao Fu could not help but smile. Despite being injured so severely, it had been somewhat worth it.

They had destroyed the Shang Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, Song Dynasty, and Qing Dynasty. Out of them, the Shang Dynasty was one of the Five Ancient Dynasties, and Zhao Fu had used his Heart Sword to kill the Sui Dynasty, Song Dynasty, and Qing Dynasty's Legatees.

Si Ji and the other Dynasty Legatees had chosen to immediately escape with their lives, but Di Wutian had not been willing to run, and he had roared as he rushed at Zhao Fu. However, he had been quickly killed. Zhao Fu then caught up with the Jin Dynasty's Legatee, but right as he killed him, the two World Protectors' powerful attacks had hit him, injuring him heavily and forcing him to stop chasing after the other Dynasty Legatees.

The Shang Dynasty's Nation Armament was the Star Plucking Tower, the Jin Dynasty's Nation Armament was the Eight Silver Dragons, the Sui Dynasty's Nation Armament was the Great Dragon Boat, the Song Dynasty's Nation Armament was the Emperor Cloth, and the Qing Dynasty's Nation Armament was the Dragon Vein.