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 These two people were the World Protectors of the two other worlds. One was the Dark Demon world's Mo Qi, and the other was the Fish Scale world's Yu Xuan. As World Protectors, both of them controlled immense power.

Mo Qi coldly looked at Zhao Fu and said seriously, "Your power is extremely monstrous, and I admit that I am inferior to you. Before, I did not want to join with others to kill you, but your threat is simply too great. If I don't get rid of you, my Dark Demon world will be in great danger in the future. You should feel proud about this!"

Yu Xuan also looked at Zhao Fu seriously, and he looked at the eight Aquatic Beast Kings before saying, "You have my respect for being able to make those eight submit. Before, I did not want to get involved in human affairs, but after you awakened those two terrifying stars, I can only apologize; you have to die in order for the Fish Scale world to remain safe!"

Boom! Boom!

Two massive explosions sounded out as Mo Qi directly exploded out with his full power and used his Clan Armament, while Yu Xuan did the same and also brought out his Clan Armament. Their power seemed to be able to cause the sky to fall, and it was unimaginably powerful.

"Hurry! Work together with them and kill Great Qin's Legatee!" Si Ji shouted to the others. It was evidently him who had contacted these two World Protectors, and he had most likely even given them Zhao Fu's information, resulting in them working together.

The other Chinese Dynasty Legatees understood that this was the best opportunity to kill Great Qin's Legatee, and they could not let it go. They were not following Si Ji's orders; they were simply doing what they felt was best. They did anything that would benefit them.

After all, the various Midland Continent factions had been willing to join this attack because Great Qin threatened them, and they wanted to destroy Great Qin to get rid of this threat.

It was not that China had the power to rally many supporters but that they all had a common target. Moreover, it was only because they held a great advantage that they were willing to attack Great Qin; without such a big advantage, how could they be willing to step into these muddy waters?

They had all acted according to their own interests, so they were not very united. Seeing how powerful Great Qin was, how difficult it would be to destroy the Great Qin, and how many losses they had suffered already, many of them already started to think about running.

China's various Dynasty Legatees raised their Nation Armaments and attacked Great Qin's Legatee together, while the other countries' Dynasty Legatees' expressions were quite unsightly and did not act.

They were unwilling to unleash their full Nation Armaments' power, and if they rushed up, they would die. They were not able to participate in this battle.

The two other worlds' World Protectors felt that the Chinese people had all gone mad; they had actually conspired with the World Protectors of other worlds to kill their own World Protector.

Even though the humans hated Great Qin, distrusted Great Qin, and thought that it was too great of a threat, it was still part of their human world. In actuality, the two World Protectors were an even greater threat to them.

Perhaps even if the humans were conquered by Great Qin, they could become its subjects, but if they were conquered by other worlds, they would either die or become slaves. Last time, the Fish Scale world had drowned countless humans; this was the best evidence.

The Dynasty Legatees of the other countries looked at each other and decided not to get involved. On one hand, they would use up too much Fate, and they were also worried that after Great Qin's Legatee was killed, the two World Protectors would turn on them. At that time, who would be able to stop them? As such, these Dynasty Legatees from other countries turned into rays of light and flew away, not planning on helping out.

Mo Qi, Yu Xuan, and the Chinese Dynasty Legatees didn't have time to pay attention to them; they were completely focused on attacking Great Qin's Legatee. Facing his attacks, if they were not careful, it would be easy for them to die.

On September 17, the great battle concluded. It had lasted for four days, and it had been extremely terrifying. It was the most shocking battle in the human world, and no battle could even compare to it.

The frightening power unleashed had caused the earth to crack, for the weather to change, and the sun to grow dim.

Ten or so regions seemed to have been obliterated, turning into a desolate wasteland devoid of any life. It was like an apocalyptic scene, shocking anyone who saw it.

After the conclusion of the battle, the two World Protectors escaped back to their own worlds with heavy injuries on the brink of death, shaking the Dark Demon world and Fish Scale world.

Out of the 11 Chinese Dynasty Legatees, the Legatees of the Shang Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, Song Dynasty, and Qing Dynasty died true deaths. After the battle, Bai Qi split Great Qin's terrifying army into five teams to simultaneously attack the five Dynasties, conquering them and destroying them.

The remaining six Chinese Dynasty Legatees escaped with heavy injuries, and they seemed to disappear and could not be found. They had most likely mass-relocated.

The results of this battle were that 400 million soldiers from the allied army had died while another 400 million soldiers had run away. 7,000 City Lords from the allied army had died, and 23,000 had run away.

These City Lords and soldiers all came from different factions, different countries, and different Continents, so they were not completely united. They had only been willing to attack Great Qin because of the apparent advantage they had, but seeing that things had gone sour, they immediately ran for their lives; no one wanted to die for something like this.

On Great Qin's side, they lost six million soldiers, and after conquering five Dynasties, they had lost another five million soldiers. 300 City Lords had lost their lives, and the most important person to Great Qin, the person at the core of this shocking battle, Great Qin's Legatee, may have died as well.

This battle was enough to shake three worlds. No one in China would have thought that Great Qin would be able to defend against this attack. They had never thought that the other two worlds' World Protectors would suddenly descend and work with China's Dynasty Legatees to try to kill Great Qin's Legatee.

Apart from in world wars in the real world, there had never been such great casualties before.

It could be said that all of China had taken a great blow, and the result of the battle was that five Dynasties had perished. The conclusion was incredibly severe.

This time, Great Qin's true strength had been displayed to the whole world, whether it was the eight Aquatic Beast Kings, the countless Wyverns, the terrifying Corpse Soul Commanders, the Dragon-Slaying Ballistae that instantly killed City Lords, or the Destruction Crystals and Disaster Pearls.

At the same time, there were the terrifying talisman arrows and bolts, the Undead army, and 13 Corps. Great Qin had unreservedly used all of its power, causing countless people to feel a chill in their hearts. If they hadn't attacked with such a massive army, they would not have known that Great Qin's full strength was so monstrous.