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A clear sword hum sounded out as countless white auras gathered to form a 200 meter long sword of light that gave off an ocean-like wave of sword qi.


Countless fiery aura gathered to form a 300 meter tall flaming woman, who gave off an incredibly searing energy and caused the temperature around her to drastically increase.

The 13 Corps all created different things, but it was as if 13 godly items had descended, each of them giving off a powerful aura that shook the heavens and the earth. Even in the distance, one could feel how terrifying this power was.

Following this, they started to slaughter. The black dragon brought with it black streams of air as it rushed at the massive army. It rampaged about, sending tens of thousands of soldiers flying; the black streams of air were extremely powerful and were not something that ordinary soldiers could defend against.

The massive sword of light gave off boundless sword qi and flew into the army like a laser, slashing through the army many times in just an instant, causing tens of thousands of soldiers' bodies to be dismembered silently.

The flaming woman brought with her countless flames as she flew at the army, creating seas of flame and burning innumerable soldiers to death.

After the 13 Corps Aura Formation were created, they started to madly attack. It was quite shocking to see 13 Corps killing 200 million to 300 million soldiers with barely any resistance.

At that moment, Great Qin's other soldiers wheeled out more ballistae before shooting at the soldiers near the Great Wall. Ordinary talisman bolts shot out, and even though they were not as powerful as the gold talisman bolts, it was still possible for them to instantly kill dozens of soldiers.

Great Qin had many methods of dealing with both City Lords and soldiers, and it held nothing back. If it did not use everything that it had, it would not be able to stop these attackers.

This was Great Qin's true strength, and it shocked countless factions. They were unable to comprehend how they were unable to gain an advantage against Great Qin despite having so many City Lords, and they were even being suppressed.


A massive explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu slashed out, creating a tornado of deathly qi and forcing the 20 or so people attacking him back.

Everyone was quite shocked to see Great Qin's Legatee's strength; with just a King's Seal, he was able to suppress the 20 or so of them.

Seeing that they were losing more and more people, Si Ji understood that if this went on, they would lose sooner or later.

"Everyone, quickly use your Nation Armaments' power, or else we won't be able to kill Great Qin's Legatee!" Si Ji shouted.


Si Ji was the first to explode out with a powerful aura as he unleashed his Fate and released his Nation Armament's true power. A boundless might spread out as nine massive cauldrons appeared in the sky, giving off a power that seemed to be able to suppress thousands of worlds.


Another explosion sounded out as a tall and luxurious ancient-style building slowly appeared in the sky, surrounded by starlight and giving off a mysterious aura.


Another explosion rang out as a shocking power burst forth, and a stone stele with no words on it appeared in the sky, giving off the aura of a godly spirit and causing countless creatures to tremble.


An explosion sounded out as a terrifying power descended, and a crimson sword gradually appeared in the sky, dyeing the sky crimson, and it gave off a dragon-slaying sword aura.

11 Nation Armaments' power exploded out, creating a heaven-toppling aura that caused the clouds to scatter and for the sun to dim. The entire human world sensed those terrifying ripples, and everyone felt a wave of fear, their bodies trembling.

Almost everyone in the world knew about this great battle, and sensing these shockwaves, they could imagine just how intense and terrifying the battle was.

The various factions felt that it was quite likely that Great Qin would be defeated; no one had the power to withstand 11 Nation Armaments. Moreover, there were still ten or so Nation Armaments that had not been used, so how could Great Qin's Legatee possibly deal with this?

In actuality, only China's 11 Dynasty Legatees had released the full power of their Nation Armaments; everyone else had only used a bit of their Nation Armaments' power and did not plan to use their full strength.

After all, this consumed a large amount of their Fate, and they had just come to help the Chinese Dynasties attack Great Qin. If they could destroy Great Qin, it would be for the best, but if they could not, they would simply leave. Why would they make such great sacrifices for China? They were not Chinese.

If it wasn't for the fact that Great Qin's Legatee was too dangerous, they would not have even cared if all Chinese people died. Apart from them, many City Lords also felt this way. In fact, seeing how powerful Great Qin was, some of them wanted to retreat.

However, after the 11 Dynasty Legatees unleashed their Nation Armaments' power and the others also used a bit of their Nation Armaments' power, the power that Zhao Fu faced was not something that he could deal with with just his King's Seal.

"Die, Great Qin's Legatee!" Si Ji roared as he gripped his violet sword with both hands. With his Nation Armament supporting him, he seemed to have enough power to destroy the world. His sword gave off boundless violet light as he slashed out, seeming to be able to tear through anything.

It was not just Si Ji; Di Wutian attacked at the same time. He gripped his halberd with both hands and sent his Nation Armament's power into it, causing it to give off an immense destructive power. The space around it started to crack, and he howled as he stabbed out with the halberd, seeming as if he wanted to destroy the entire world.

Liu Ye directly held his Nation Armament, and the crimson light covered the entire heavens and earth. A sword qi that seemed to be able to rip apart the world started to gather as Liu Ye slashed out, causing a crimson dragon with incredibly savage strength to rush at Zhao Fu.

The other Chinese Legatees also attacked Zhao Fu with their full strength, and the other countries' Dynasty Legatees also started to use some of their Nation Armaments' power as they also attacked Zhao Fu.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the area 10,000 meters around where Zhao Fu had been was instantly reduced to rubble. There was nothing left, as nothing could endure that enormous power.

Did we kill him? Everyone wondered - that destructive power had simply been too immense.

However, they were disappointed, as Zhao Fu walked out from the chaos completely unscathed, a few Nation Armaments floating around him. A wave of power descended, causing all of the Legatees to feel a sense of fear.

However, things were not that simple - at the same time, two terrifying auras exploded out - at one place, there was an eerie demonic light that seemed to give off the sounds of tens of thousands of demons roaring and an extremely evil demon's intent, and a young man wearing black clothes slowly walked out.

Elsewhere, in a place filled with blinding golden light, which seemed to have countless fish swimming about, the sky seemed to ripple like water, and a young man covered with golden scales, giving off an aura of destruction, appeared.