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 This caused the countless City Lords to quickly disperse, and they became extremely wary. These bolts were too terrifying and could easily kill City Lords. Luckily, there were only 100 sets, or else it was possible that all of them could have been killed.

Losing 200 to 300 City Lords was not a big deal to the 30,000 City Lords, and the remaining City Lords continued to give off killing intent as they charged.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Dragon roars sounded out as Wyverns bringing about massive flames or jets of icy air appeared. There were 2,500 of them, and they were at least 150 meters long. They gave off powerful dragon might and shot out flames or icy air from their mouths.

The City Lords at the front had never expected so many Wyverns to appear. The 1,000 or so City Lords at the front were hit by the attacks of the 2,500 Wyverns, resulting in 600 or 700 of them being instantly burned or frozen to death, while the others were also severely injured.

How could Great Qin have so many Wyverns? They all had such powerful auras as well. Seeing so many Wyverns suddenly appear, everyone was quite shocked.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." 1,000 giants clad in heavy armor and holding heavy weapons appeared, giving off bloodthirsty, violent auras. They leapt into the sky and swung their massive weapons, bludgeoning the injured City Lords into meat paste.

What sort of monsters were these? Sensing these giants' auras, the City Lords felt as if they had plummeted into icy water. These 1,000 giants were naturally the Corpse Soul Commanders, and they and the 2,500 Wyverns had all fused with City Lords Seals, resulting in them becoming incredibly powerful. The 3,500 useless City Lord Seals that Zhao Fu had obtained had been fused with them.

It was the first time that Great Qin had revealed the Wyverns and Corpse Soul Commanders to the world, and they were extremely powerful.

They had killed 1,400 City Lords in a few moments, and this caused the attacking City Lords to feel a chill in their hearts. 1,400 City Lords were enough to rule a large territory, and they had died just like that.

However, they still had 28,000 or so City Lords, and still held a great advantage, so they continued to rush onwards towards Great Qin.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Eight colossal figures, giving off a heaven-toppling aura appeared in the sky. Their might was almost corporeal, and all of the City Lords felt their bodies sink. The air seemed to freeze, and countless people were struck with terror in their hearts.

Si Ji's expression became quite ugly, as the eight Aquatic Beast Kings had actually been subdued by Zhao Fu. They seemed even more powerful than before.

Thousands of City Lords were blasted back by the explosion of the eight Aquatic Beast Kings' power. If they individually faced these Aquatic Beast Kings, they would be instantly killed. As such, the City Lords could only work together to defend against these Aquatic Beast Kings' power. However, Si Ji did not feel too worried, as they had countless City Lords, and 8,000 or so City Lords were enough to suppress the eight Aquatic Beast Kings.

He then split some City Lords to deal with the Wyverns and giants, and they still held a great advantage. However, the situation suddenly changed as a massive gray fog floated towards the City Lords, causing their expressions to fall.

They had a lot of information on Great Qin, and they understood that Great Qin was using the Dark Ghost World, which was a powerful illusion. As such, they immediately retreated. However, the gray fog came from all directions, surrounding them, and thousands of City Lords fell silent.

There were 200 Hundred Ghost Illusionists on all sides, creating the Dark Ghost World, while 100 Ghost Summoners, who had become City Lords, summoned massive ghosts that were 10 or so meters tall that rushed into the ghost-qi filled region.

These ghosts all had power rivaling City Lords, and because the effect of the Dark Ghost World was quite weak against ghosts, the gray fog was Great Qin's domain.

Pained howls sounded out from within the gray fog, and there were some sounds of fighting; it seemed that some City Lords were still able to fight within the gray fog.

However, half of the 28,000 City Lords had been caught up in the fog, and they were either tied up or being slaughtered. The 100 Dragon-Slaying Ballistae had also been continuously firing at the remaining City Lords as well.

Great Qin's various methods caused the countless factions to feel incredibly shocked. However, even if they had half of their City Lords, they still had a massive advantage. The Dynasty Legatees no longer stood by and watched; they exploded out with power and shot towards Great Qin, while the remaining City Lords also continued their charge.

Great Qin's 8,000 City Lords, who had Officials seals, also exploded out with power and met the allied City Lords in the air.

Zhao Fu was surrounded by 22 Dynasty Legatees, and both sides' powers caused massive clashes in the air. Explosions continuously rang out, creating enormous shockwaves and causing the heavens and earth to dim and for trees to sway.

The soldiers below also charged at Great Qin. Terrifying auras once again burst forth from beneath the ground; fiery lights flashed in some places, causing the ground to be covered with lava, and the countless soldiers there did not even have the opportunity to cry out before being reduced to ashes.

At other places, the ground suddenly turned into sand, and the bodies of the soldiers there turned into sand as well, dying in terror.

In other places, intense chilling qi instantly froze everything, and the soldiers were frozen into ice statues, causing their lifeforce to gradually fade.

At other places, there were mines that exploded, causing soldiers' bodies to be burned to ashes.

This was the power of the Disaster Pearls. Even though there were not many of them, they were extremely powerful and could cover dozens of kilometres. These traps caused the allied side to lose another 100 million or so soldiers.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

At that moment, ten pillars of black light shot into the sky, and deathly qi rapidly condensed, forming an enormous vortex in the sky. A black magic formation filled with deadly intent appeared - the ten Disaster Cavalry had used the Undead Disaster.

"Roar..." terrifying roars sounded out in all directions as a massive amount of Undead aura burst forth. The temperature quickly dropped, and five million or so powerful Undead creatures, leading dozens of millions of Skeletons, attacked the army from another side.

These five million powerful Undead creatures were the corpses of the aquatic beasts that Zhao Fu had collected form before, and they now came into use.

Even though there were only five million Undead aquatic beasts, they were essentially unstoppable. Countless people were sent flying or crushed into meat paste.

"The Great Qin Imperial Corps is ready for orders!"

"The Sword Mountain Corps is ready for orders!"

"The Fire Corps is ready for orders!"

Shouts continuously sounded out as the Corps quickly gathered before roaring out, "Corps Aura Formation!"

"Roarrr!" A dragon's roar sounded out as countless black aura formed a 500 meter long black dragon, giving off a terrifying aura as it raised its head towards the sky.