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 In the end, the remaining three Aquatic Beast Kings could not endure the intense pain anymore and submitted to Zhao Fu. Seeing this, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed. These fellows would not give up until they saw death! Luckily, I had some special measures.

Now that he had taken in the Eight Aquatic Beast Kings, Zhao Fu felt quite confident because their strength would have a massive impact.

Zhao Fu was not stingy and took out a large number of Spirit Pills to help them recover their strength. They had already been injured, and after being sealed and tortured for so long, they were in extremely weak states.

Zhao Fu watched the Aquatic Beast Kings ravenously devour the medicinal pills, and he then remembered that back during the invasion, they had devoured many City Creation Stones.

"I want all of the City Creation Stones that you devoured before," Zhao Fu said as he stretched out a hand.

The Aquatic Beast Kings looked incredibly awkward, and the Earthwater Dragon Tortoise replied, "Um... Owner, we couldn't store them well in our stomachs, and they were digested by us!"

"What?" Zhao Fu felt quite displeased, as the Aquatic Beast Kings had devoured many City Creation Stones. Now, they were all gone, and they could have been a great help to Great Qin.

Hearing the displeasure in Zhao Fu's voice, the Heaven Cloud Jellyfish said in fear, "Even though we accidentally digested them, we became much stronger as a result."

Only then did Zhao Fu feel happier about this. Now, he also knew that City Creation Stones could be devoured and digested, which required immense power. He then thought about fusing the useless City Lord Seals into the ferocious beasts' bodies.

After the Aquatic Beast Kings had finished eating, they still needed some time to recover their strength. Zhao Fu took out eight Spirit Pet Rings that had been specially prepared for them and put them away, or else they would be too eye-catching when they returned to Great Qin.

The various armies were gathering towards Great Qin, and Great Qin was also making preparations to deal with this crisis.

On September 13, the sky was filled with an austere aura that penetrated into people's hearts. The whole world's eyes were on Great Qin, as a massive battle was going to erupt today.

The allied 800 million army gave off an enormous aura, shaking the entirety of the northern side of the Midland Continent. All living creatures were completely terrified under this aura, their bodies instinctively shaking. Facing this sort of power, even godly spirits would look quite worried.

The wind blew chaotically, and the clouds were dispersed. The massive tide charged towards Great Qin. Everyone was filled with immense confidence and lifted their heads high; in their eyes, Great Qin was as good as dead.

There were not only Chinese people gathered here but also people from various other countries. There were even people from other Continents, and with so many people and so many Nation Armaments, they would definitely be able to kill Great Qin's Legatee and slaughter Great Qin.

Zhao Fu brought his various Ministers and Generals and stood on the Great Wall, looking at the incoming army. His expression was incredibly serious, as the army was even larger than before.

The Dynasty Legatees stood in the air, and Si Ji felt incredibly high-spirited. With such a powerful force, he had enough confidence to face Great Qin's Legatee.

"Great Qin's Legatee, today is the day that Great Qin perishes. Even if you beg for mercy or retaliate, it will all be for nought, and Great Qin will still be destroyed. If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves for being too powerful. Now, offer to us your head and we'll let you die a quick death!"

Si Ji gave off a enormous aura and spoke with a clear and loud voice, filled with overbearingness and arrogance.

Hearing this words, morale of the army below him swelled, and they yelled, "Kill Great Qin's dog and steal their women and riches!"

The allied army's aura now completely eclipsed Great Qin's aura, making them even more dauntless and arrogant.

"Are you bunch of clowns done?" Zhao Fu said calmly as his Emperor's might weighed down on the entire battlefield.

This caused the allied army to feel incredibly furious, and they directly rushed at Great Qin.


A shocking explosion rang out as the massive tide gave off an aura that seemed to be able to destroy anything, and it started to flood towards Great Qin. Their footsteps shook the heavens, and they seemed completely unstoppable.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...

Suddenly, a chain of massive explosions sounded out as the ground beneath the allied army started to erupt continuously. The explosions were incredibly terrifying, and a white light instantly devoured everything. Everything that was caught in the explosions was reduced to dust.

The ground violently trembled as the terrifying destructive power rippled out. The ground was obliterated, and the shockwaves spread out like wild gales, bringing a lot of sand and dust into the air as mushroom clouds also formed.

Everything seemed to fall silent as everyone was temporarily deafened. This terrifying destructive power shocked countless people. There were blood and broken corpses strewn everywhere, and the stench of blood was enough to make some people vomit. It was like a hell on earth.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu grinned. After using up all of the Destruction Crystals on the Vile Dynasty, Zhao Fu had Binoche and Kerache focus on creating even more. He had used ten or so when destroying Vietnam, and this time, they had used up the remainder of Great Qin's stock.

There were 324 Destruction Crystals in total, and the shocking explosions instantly wiped out 200 million soldiers. This dealt a heavy blow to the allied army, forcing them to stop, and many people looked utterly terrified.

The various factions' leaders' expressions were extremely unsightly, as they had lost a quarter of their army in just an instant. The City Lords could not afford to be careless or complacent, and they exploded out with power and rushed towards Great Qin. With 30,000 City Lords, they would be enough to destroy Great Qin.

While they did this, the soldiers below regrouped and continued to yell as they rushed at Great Qin.

Facing this charge, Great Qin stood there like an enormous mountain. In order to deal with the City Lords, Great Qin soldiers wheeled out 100 large ballistae. These were all Dragon-Slaying Ballistae; originally they had 30, and they had obtained another 70 from events.

These 100 Dragon-Slaying Ballistae gave off savage auras, and each one of them had a ten or so meter long gold talisman bolt on it.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Rays of golden light, bringing with them immense power, shot through the air. They were extremely fast, travelling like a bolt of lightning towards the incoming City Lords.

This caused the City Lords to feel greatly startled. They quickly put up their defensive barriers, but the massive golden lights easily pierced through the barriers before stabbing through their bodies, piercing through even more City Lords behind them.

Ten or so kilometers away, muffled explosions sounded out as 100 golden bolts with two to three City Lords' corpses strung on them landed into the ground, creating a horrifying scene.

Because there were so many City Lords charging together, the 100 Dragon-Slaying Ballistae had been able to kill 200 to 300 City Lords in a single volley.