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 Back at Great Qin, with so many Dynasty factions making so much noise, it was impossible for Zhao Fu to not know what was going on. Zhao Fu could understand why they had allied together, as the reason was quite simple.

Great Qin was too powerful, and because they could not defeat Great Qin by themselves, they would naturally find people to help. No one would attack when they knew that they could not win; that was just seeking death.

This sort of thing had often happened in the real world as well in terms of armed conflict.

The main reason that they had allied together was because Great Qin was simply too great. None of them were as dangerous as Great Qin, or else they would not be attacking Great Qin.

This posed a problem: Being too strong was equal to being a threat. They were not as strong as Great Qin, or they would not be allied against like this. Similarly, the Devil Horn Empire had been suppressed by other worlds because it was too much of a threat.

However, even if one was weak and was not much of a threat, others would not ally against them; rather, anyone stronger could just take them down.

Zhao Fu understood this, so while Great Qin had to be on its guard against these factions, it couldn't just stop developing.

Even if Great Qin did not develop, others would still be developing, and Zhao Fu did not want to become weak. As such, even if there were problems, Great Qin still had to develop because being weak meant being powerless and humiliated.

Facing the ferocious approach of the alliance, Zhao Fu discussed with his Ministers and Generals as to how to deal with this.

The ordinary players only dared to mockingly talk but did not dare to come and fight. Even if they came, they would hide at the back. As such, Great Qin would be mostly facing indigenous residents, against whom the Reality-Harming Talismans were not as effective.

Their attack was quite a crisis, and Zhao Fu's expression became quite serious; they had to deal with this matter properly.

In actuality, Great Qin had long since made plans - they would first devour Vietnam, allowing Great Qin to become a Level 7 Barony before dealing with the nearby system factions. That way, they would have 1,000 regions, allowing them to level up into a Marquisate.

When that time came, Great Qin would truly have the strength to deal with all attackers and would not fear them allying together.

Some people suggested launching sneak attacks to deal with them, but they were not Vietnam, who only had one Nation Armament. They had at least 11 Nation Armaments.

Great Qin could not launch a sneak attack on everyone, and if they launched a sneak attack, the situation would become much worse. If Great Qin really drove them to it, they would fight Great Qin at all costs.

Even though Great Qin looked like it was completely fearless, Zhao Fu was still quite worried that they would go all out against Great Qin with their Nation Armaments. What was key was that even more people were being gathered, and there were now 20 or so Nation Armaments and countless soldiers and City Lords. It could be seen how fearful and hateful the various factions were towards Great Qin.

For now, Zhao Fu needed to take things step by step. Only strength gave one the right to speak in this world, not justice.

Now that things had turned out like this and the factions wanted to go all out against Great Qin, Great Qin was in a tough spot. How should Great Qin deal with this massive army? Zhao Fu was not a god who could dispel any threat.

If they did not take care of things properly, it was possible that they could be broken through. Even though they had the protection of the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon, it had only promised to preserve the foundation of Great Qin. Even if everyone in Great Qin died, as long as the Great Qin City was not destroyed, the Sky Desolation Azure Dragon would not act. If that was the case, with only the Great Qin City remaining, Great Qin would essentially be finished.

Facing this crisis, Zhao Fu and his subordinates conducted intense discussions. First, they considered the sealed eight Aquatic Beast Kings. With their power, they would be of great help. Regardless of whether they submitted or not, Zhao Fu had to use them.

Otherwise, it would be very difficult for Great Qin to defend. If they submitted, it would be for the best; otherwise, Zhao Fu would have to use the method suggested by the golden dragon to wipe away their consciousnesses and turn them into puppets. However, they would lose their future potential for growth.

However, by now, Zhao Fu had no other choice and could only use special methods. After concluding the meeting, Zhao Fu prepared to quickly leave.

However, when he passed a courtyard, a 20 or so year old woman dressed in green, with two sword-like eyebrows and giving off a valiant aura, suddenly shouted, "Wait!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu stopped and looked at this woman and the women beside her. When he had passed earlier, he had heard some faint laughing, but he had not paid much attention to it.

"How dare you speak to His Majesty like that?" one of the Ministers next to Zhao Fu chided her.

The woman quickly came to her senses and bowed before saying, "Concubine Gongsun Zhu greets His Majesty!"

The women beside her also became nervous and bowed to Zhao Fu.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu understood that she was one of his concubines. Because of how many women there were, he had forgotten about most of them.

"What is it?" Zhao Fu looked at this slightly familiar woman and asked.

Gongsun Zhu looked at Zhao Fu's chest and gently smiled as she said, "Your Majesty, you've obtained the Clear Sable Sword, right? Because the Clear Sable Sword's eye is one of kindness, does Your Majesty's heart ache when you slaughter people?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and asked, "How do you know this? How could you tell?"

Gongsun Zhu replied in a clear voice, "I am from the sword making Gongsun family, and because that sword has been in the Gongsun family's possession for many years, I naturally know a lot about that sword."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu suddenly thought of a young woman, which was Gongsun Lin. He had met her a long time ago, and she had forged two Gold grade equipment for Great Qin. However, Great Qin had not been able to keep her, and she had left.

Looking at this woman in front of him, no wonder she seemed quite familiar - she looked quite similar to Gongsun Lin, and she was also from the Gongsun family. As such, Zhao Fu could not help but ask, "Who is Gongsun Lin to you?"

Gongsun Zhu was quite surprised and replied, "She's my little sister!"