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 Because this matter could affect the entirety of Flower Moon and was incredibly important, thinking about her sisters, Bai Yue could only refuse.

Su Zhe was not angry and continued to mildly say, "Yue Yue, it's just some information about Great Qin that isn't that important; Great Qin won't know about this. Also, I'll tell you about who's coming."

After hearing about this, Bai Yue's expression fell and said, "Are they really coming to help destroy Great Qin? Are you crazy?"

Su Zhe lightly laughed and replied, "Now you know just how confident they are; I can promise you with 100% certainty that Great Qin will definitely be destroyed. Also, no one will know it was you who leaked this information. The Dynasty Legatees have also promised that if you provide this information, they won't make a move on you all in the future."

Bai Yue sank into her thoughts, and thinking about her sisters in Flower Moon, she lightly nodded and agreed.

Now, Great Qin was in great danger. After China's various factions heard about this, they became incredibly serious, as the force that was gathered was incredibly monstrous. With Great Qin's strength, it would be very difficult to defend, and if it was them, they would not even have the right to resist.

Many factions that had submitted to Great Qin now regretted it; with so many people rallying together, how could Great Qin defend? The various Dynasty Legatees had gathered 30,000 City Lords and 700 million soldiers; with such a force, they would be able to conquer an entire Continent. They had simply gone mad, and why were there so many factions that viewed Great Qin with enmity?

In order to isolate Great Qin, the Dynasty Legatees announced that any factions that were related to Great Qin would be completely destroyed and that all of their members would be killed.

This scared countless factions into cutting off all ties with Great Qin, as the force that the Dynasty Legatees gathered was simply too scary. Let alone destroying Great Qin, it could destroy an entire Continent.

The people who had been scared into silence by Great Qin once again started speaking. They hated Great Qin, but as Great Qin's threat became greater and greater, they naturally did not dare to say anything out of fear that Great Qin would take revenge.

Now that Great Qin was going to be destroyed, they were the happiest people. They were no longer afraid of Great Qin, so they started mockingGreat Qin again.

"You trash Great Qin, let's see how arrogant you can be now. Now, even if I screw your mother, what are you going to do? You're just trash!"

"Your elder's going to screw over Great Qin. I've been fed up with that trash since ages ago, but have been holding it in till now. Great Qin's Legatee is just a dog."

"The heavens are proclaiming justice; now, if anyone has any grievances, go and take revenge and follow the factions to kill everyone from Great Qin. Take their women and make them your slaves."

"That's right, destroy Great Qin, that vile thing. Weren't you all bloodthirsty and inhumane? Now it's time for you to receive judgment. Let's all go and fight Great Qin, eat Great Qin's flesh, and take Great Qin's women."

"There are finally people upholding justice. Go kill everyone in Great Qin; they're not even humans and are worse than animals."

Great Qin, which had been greatly respected after establishing a Kingdom, was now treated like a rat by everyone. Those who once tried to curry favor now tried to avoid it like the plague out of fear of being dragged in.

Even many people from the Ying family were shaken, but this was suppressed by the family leaders.

After hearing about this, Flower Moon became quite hesitant as well. Some people advocated cutting off ties with Great Qin, as Flower Moon was the player faction that was the closest with Great Qin. If Great Qin perished, Flower Moon would also perish.

If even Great Qin could not defend against that force, how could Flower Moon defend against it? Only by cutting off Great Qin could they live; otherwise, they would be destroyed just like Great Qin.

There were many people in Flower Moon who had these thoughts. Seeing this, Bai Yue was able to relax. However, even though there were many people who had these thoughts, the leader, Xiao Yueyin, did not make a decision, and Su Yuyan also fell silent.

Within the Ancient Clans, an elder slammed down his palm on the table, saying, "Are these people crazy? They're going all out to destroy Great Qin; are they not thinking about the consequences?"

"This time, it will be difficult for Great Qin to survive. With their strength, there's nothing we can do. There are simply too many enemies, and even Great Qin's Legatee will be powerless and might die," another elder sighed.

The relationship between Great Qin and the Ancient Clans had become much better. After Nü Lü had married into Great Qin, Great Qin's attitude had become better, and the Ancient Clans had changed its opinions of Great Qin. Now, they truly cared about the survival of Great Qin.

"Your Majesty, this is the information related to Great Qin. It's said that there are people from here who are also participating." A silver-armored knight half-knelt before Tina Pendragon and handed over some documents.

Tina Pendragon lightly nodded and read through the documents before slightly frowning.

Within a white, pure-looking church, a beautiful woman in white robes reported to Geoffrey.

Geoffrey looked up at a statue of Jesus and sighed as he said, "Many people will die this time. In actuality, I quite appreciate Great Qin's Legatee; it's possible that he really will die this time!"

The beautiful woman in white robes thought about it and said, "Should we do something about it? I heard that many people from our Continent are joining!"

Geoffrey shook his head. "This isn't something we should get involved in!"

Akhenaten also received this information, and he coldly laughed, saying, "The world's Fate is inclined towards China, resulting in the creation of a monster like Great Qin's Legatee. It'll be good if he dies; if he doesn't, how will we have an opportunity?

"However, internal fighting in China is extremely savage, and a battle of this scale can change the status quo in a Continent. Send out my orders; help Si Ji destroy Great Qin, but remember to not be discovered at any cost."

When Masanori Hano heard about this, she looked extremely worried. She wanted to personally go over and see if she could help Great Qin's Legatee.

However, a devil stopped her - it was Shuten-Douji. After fusing the Universal Den and the Shuten-Douji statue, she had obtained a Devil City, and many devils such as Shuten-Douji and Greater Tengu had appeared. They had come alive within the Heaven Awaken World because of the Devil City's power, and they acknowledged Masanori Hano as their master. The reason why Masanori Hano was so powerful was because of these devils.

Even though Masanori Hano wanted to go and check on Zhao Fu, the devils persuaded her not to go. As such, she could only look worried as she stood on a building within the Devil City, gazing out toward Great Qin.