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 While Great Qin prepared to extend the Great Wall and clear out those regions, the various Dynasty Legatees also started to act.

People wearing cloaks, hiding their faces and auras, walked into a hidden room. There were 30 or so of them, and they sat in a circle.

When they took off their cloaks and revealed their appearances, what was shocking was that they were all Dynasty Legatees or Nation Legatees.

Even Great Xia's Legatee, Si Ji, was here, and apart from Great Qin, all of the Dynasty Legatees from China were here, and there were 20 or so Nation Legatees.

They had secretly gathered here not because of anything good. Great Qin had already established an Empire, and this greatly threatened and shocked all of China. They had only one goal, which was to destroy Great Qin.

They had learned their lessons from previous times, and they did not feel too confident, so they were currently discussing what to do.

This was because they had entered the final stage of the Chaotic World, so even if Great Qin perished, there would not be any more invasion events. As such, they did not have to worry about any negative consequences of destroying Great Qin.

Those gathered here included the Xia Dynasty, Shang Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty - 11 Dynasties in total and 11 Nation Armaments, as well as countless soldiers. If they allied together, they were almost invincible.

This was even more so the case with another 20 or so Nation Legatees joining. Together, even a large country would fear them, as no one would be able to defend against an attack from them.

Only Great Qin could make them feel so fearful and willing to gather together.

Seeing that everyone had arrived, Si Ji said seriously, "We Dynasty Legatees can send four million soldiers each, and you Nation Legatees can send two million soldiers each; this way, we will have 100 million soldiers. At the same time, the Dynasty Legatees will send 50 City Lords each, and the Nation Legatees will send 20 each, for a total of 1,000 City Lords.

"However, this sort of power is not enough; we need to ally with even more factions and not just limit it to China or even those in the Midland Continent. Those in other Continents can use special methods to help; only by doing this can we destroy Great Qin in one fell stroke."

Speaking to there, a trace of a smile appeared on Si Ji's face, and he took out letters and handed them out to everyone present, making them feel quite delighted.

These letters came from many neighboring countries. Many Legatees from other countries, such as Russia, Mongolia, Japan, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos had all expressed their willingness to help.

With their help, they had much more confidence in destroying Great Qin. Great Qin was indeed powerful, but it had no way of defending against all of them. The destruction of Great Qin was now already determined, because they were not only gathering their military forces but also 20 or so Nation Armaments.

In front of their alliance, Great Qin now seemed incredibly weak. Great Qin could only blame itself for being too threatening and making them feel unsettled.

However, someone read through those letters and frowned as he said, "In the end, this is China's matter; are we going too far?"

Hearing this, someone else immediately mockingly rebutted him, saying, "Who gives a damn if Great Qin's part of China; do you have the power to stop it? Only by allying and taking all opportunities can we destroy Great Qin. Otherwise, we'll be the ones destroyed by Great Qin; do you want to be destroyed by Great Qin?"

Hearing his words, the person who spoke sighed and did not say anything else.

At that moment, the entire Continent was filled with an oppressive calmness, like the calm before a massive storm.

This sort of dangerous and oppressive feeling was sensed even by the countless ordinary people, and they looked towards Great Qin.

"Su Zhe, what did you want to see me for?" A cheerful-looking woman with a seductive body sweetly smiled, and she looked at the handsome young man in front of her.

This handsome-looking young man was called Su Zhe, and he was the Legatee of a large family. He was quite talented and handsome and was naturally liked by many women.

The woman's name was Bai Yue, and she was part of the Flower Moon. She and Su Zhe had been dating for four years, and they were extremely close and sweet; they had long since decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Because Flower Moon prohibited becoming close with any factions, as Flower Moon always remained neutral, this sort of relationship was prohibited. As such, the two of them could only keep their relationship a secret.

Su Zhe lightly smiled as he pulled Bai Yue into his embrace, and he looked down at her lovingly as he said, "Of course it's because I missed you!"

Bai Yue felt a warmth within her heart, and she gave a sweet smile as she tightly hugged Su Zhe.

"Yue Yue, there's something I want to talk to you about," Su Zhe said as he hugged Bai Yue.

"Oh, what is it?" Bai Yue softly replied.

At that moment, Su Zhe became slightly nervous as he said, "Can you give me the information that Flower Moon has on Great Qin?"

Bai Yue felt quite startled and looked at Su Zhe as she asked, "Why do you want information on Great Qin? Great Qin and Flower Moon are currently working together; I can't agree to that!"

Su Zhe's heart sank, but he explained, saying, "Great Qin is going to be destroyed. We've gathered 30,000 or so City Lords and 700 million soldiers, as well as people you can't even imagine coming to help. This time, Great Qin will definitely be destroyed!

"Flower Moon is currently quite close with Great Qin, and they've already decided to make a move on Flower Moon after destroying Great Qin. When that time comes, everyone in Flower Moon will be faced with death.

"Even though Flower Moon is 'working together' with Great Qin, Great Qin has always been on its guard against you and has even taken your women and still not released them. You all work so hard to provide information reports to Great Qin, but Great Qin only sees you all as tools.

"Are you really going to allow Flower Moon to be destroyed because of Great Qin? I feel that this is unfair for Flower Moon, and I'm also worried about your safety.

"I'm sure that because of how wary Great Qin has been, Flower Moon does not have that much information on it anyways. Perhaps anyone could provide this information, and as long as you don't tell anyone and I don't tell anyone, no one in the world will know about this."

Hearing this, Bai Yue started to feel quite hesitant. Indeed, she did not have a positive impression of Great Qin, and they did not have much information on it. However, it was still more than what other factions had.

If she gave this information to someone else, it could cause Great Qin to stop working with Flower Moon and even more serious consequences. She did not dare to make this decision by herself.