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 All of Great Qin's residents felt an energy descending onto them, healing anyone who was sick or injured and making their bodies even stronger.

All of Great Qin's Fate became even purer at that moment, and Great Qin's massive amount of Fate seemed to solidify and become incredibly stable, making it difficult for it to scatter or dissipate.

This was most likely the effect of the Phoenix Qi. Phoenix Qi was used for solidifying one's country and establishing a foundation.

However, that was only one of the functions of the Emperor Phoenix Statue. Another function was actual power. Now that Great Qin had gathered many women with Phoenix Qi and they had gathered almost 80% of the Phoenix Qi of Vietnam here, the Emperor Phoenix Statue's power reached Nation Armament level.

When using it, Zhao Fu would be able to obtain power equal to a Nation Armament, but it did not use Fate, using Phoenix Qi instead.

Great Qin had once again obtained a Nation Armament level item. What's more, this Emperor Phoenix Statue could continue to evolve and had the potential to surpass Clan Armaments.

However, that was still not the extent of the Emperor Phoenix Statue's functions. The golden phoenix flying in the sky circled in the air above Zhao Fu, causing countless traces of golden light to fall down onto his body, and a massive wave of Phoenix Qi entered his body.

At the same time, all concubines' bodies gave off Phoenix Qi, and it floated towards Zhao Fu's body before rushing into him. Soon, a golden crystal condensed within Zhao Fu's body.

This golden crystal was spherical and transparent. It was only as big as a peanut and gave off a powerful Phoenix Qi aura and a powerful Fate aura.

Following this, the abnormal signs gradually disappeared, and the golden phoenix became the Emperor Phoenix Statue again on the Heaven Prayer Platform.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty! Felicitations, Your Majesty!" After seeing this, everyone understood that it was something good and congratulated Zhao Fu after it was all over.

Zhao Fu sensed the power within his body and smiled as he nodded. He took everyone back to the palace, and looking at the women, he said, "You've all contributed to this, so I will reward you all. You may all leave, but the women from the Hong Bang Dynasty are to stay."

The women all felt quite happy. They did not know what they had done, yet they were going to be rewarded, so they thanked Zhao Fu before leaving with some palace maids.

Now, it was just the women from the Hong Bang Dynasty who looked at Zhao Fu with either looks of anger or fear. An elegant middle-aged woman said angrily, "You've already destroyed the Hong Bang Dynasty; you can kill us or torture us if you want, but we won't submit to you!"

"Mother, I feel the same way. This person killed my big brother and destroyed the Hong Bang Dynasty; he's our greatest enemy. We definitely won't submit to him; even if I die, I'm not afraid!" a beautiful young girl said bravely.

"Mm! That's right! The worst that can happen to us is dying. I heard that Great Qin's Legatee is incredibly perverted; whenever he takes down a faction, he always violates the female relatives of the Legatees. I won't submit to you either; kill me if you dare!" a valiant-looking woman said resolutely.

A few other women nodded, but others looked at Zhao Fu fearfully, seeming ready to submit and not even try to resist.

Facing these women, Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he walked down, disregarding their words. He had heard these things many times, and he looked at them as he said, "Let's go! I'll spare your relatives if you cooperate!"

This caused the women's expressions to change, and thinking about their relatives, they could only fall silent and follow behind Zhao Fu.

Within the refining building, a cacophony of moans and thumps sounded out, resulting in a chaotic scene. Zhao Fu put on his clothes and took the Crimson Ghost Statue, which was no longer resisting, with him, leaving the women on the warm ground.

Zhao Fu once again gathered the ten Generals and conducted the Great World Refinement. A massive explosion sounded out as Heaven and Earth Essence Qi rapidly gathered, forming a massive cauldron. A formless fire lit up, starting to refine the Crimson Ghost Statue.

The 100,000 Vietnamese indigenous residents were also prepared, kneeling on the ground and shouting that they were willing to submit to Great Qin and pledge their loyalty to it.

All of the Crimson Ghost Statue's aura was wiped away by the formless flame, and Great Qin's Fate madly rushed towards it. The Crimson Ghost Statue hungrily devoured all of the Fate.


A massive explosion sounded out as the enormous cauldron dissipated and scattered, and a statue giving off blood-red light appeared in the sky. It gave off an incredibly powerful aura and seemed incredibly shocking.

The Crimson Ghost Statue's appearance did not change much, but the light that it gave off was no longer crimson-red but blood-red. It also seemed even more savage, and it gave off a bloodthirsty, evil aura.

The statue gradually descended, and Zhao Fu stretched out his hand to catch it. He looked at it closely before giving a pleased smile. He then renamed it Qin Ghost Statue.

Now, Great Qin's Nation Armaments were the Twelve Metal Colossi, Nation-Suppressing Pillar, Great Qin Demon Saber, and Qin Ghost Statue. The Emperor Phoenix Statue could also be counted as one now, and Great Qin's two Clan Armaments were the Imperial Ruler's Seal and Great Qin Emperor Peacock.

Great Qin's strength was now simply monstrous; who else had so many Nation Armaments? This was simply impossible.

Zhao Fu placed the Qin Ghost Statue next to the City Heart so that it could also be nourished by Great Qin's Fate, and that was the end of that.

Now, it was time to deal with those 230 Vietnamese regions. Even though Great Qin had taken over those regions, they were not formally part of Great Qin's territory yet. Only land that had formally been made Great Qin's territory could cause the Kingdom to level up.

If Zhao Fu wanted to make these regions Great Qin's territory, he would have to clear out all of the factions and obtain complete control over those regions. He would have to then construct a Great Wall to protect those regions; only then would these regions form part of Great Qin's Kingdom.

However, most of Great Qin's soldiers were being tied down by the various attackers, so he did not have many soldiers to come and clear out regions. After talking about it with his subordinates, Zhao Fu decided to first construct a Great Wall to protect those regions first.

After all, Great Qin soldiers were defending here and had to be wary of attacks from Laos and Myanmar. If they constructed a Great Wall, they would be able to leisurely clear out those regions without any worry.

Now that Great Qin had such a large population, even though the formal army was tied up, Great Qin could make a few civilian armies to clear out the regions.

They had all sorts of buffs and good equipment, so it would be no problem for them to deal with the ordinary Villages. If they encountered any Towns, they would just remember the location so that Zhao Fu could send some soldiers to deal with them later.