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 Right now, their only advantage was in their player factions' City Lords and system factions. The system factions were all gathered together and had given up many regions. As long as Vietnam did not threaten them and only took over the regions they had given up on, they did not care much.

As such, the only ones who would be willing to do anything were the player factions' City Lords. Only through them could the Laotian people chase the Vietnamese people out.

On the other hand, the Vietnamese people had finally found a safe place where they did not have to fear Great Qin. Before, because of the Chaotic World, various countries had fought, and there had been some conflict between Vietnam and Laos. As such, the Vietnamese people intensely resisted being chased out.

There had been many large battles between the two sides. Because they had an advantage in terms of top-tier forces, Laos was able to suppress Vietnam, making the Vietnamese side feel quite sullen.

However, something greatly changed the situation, forcing Laos to give up on chasing out Vietnam, as Great Qin suddenly started to attack Laos. It continuously conquered 20 or so regions, sending all of Laos into a panic. In order to prevent the tragedy that happened at Vietnam, all of the Laotian players factions went to defend against Great Qin's invasion.

In light of the threat of Great Qin, getting rid of the Vietnamese people was but a minor matter.

The Vietnamese side also suddenly obtained dozens more City Lords, allowing Vietnam to stand their ground within Laotian territory. The unsettled Vietnamese players could finally relax, and they felt incredibly grateful to the Vietnamese Alliance.

There were all sorts of coincidences in this, such as the appearance of the Vietnamese Alliance. It was as if some invisible power had fused all of the top factions together and helped them take over some of the Laotian regions and transported the countless Vietnamese players to those regions.

Moreover, just when the Vietnamese people were in crisis, Great Qin had suddenly attacked Laos, resulting in the safety of the Vietnamese people.

Everything pointed at Great Qin, and it was indeed Great Qin who had orchestrated all of this.

The original plan was for Great Qin to chase the Vietnamese players into the neighboring two countries, but the Vietnamese factions had been incredibly cooperative, so Zhao Fu had changed his plan and had them invade Laos.

Comparatively speaking, Laos and Myanmar were weaker than Vietnam, so with Great Qin's help, Laos would not be able to chase away the Vietnamese people. The Vietnamese people were now an important piece that Great Qin had buried in Laos, and they would be quite useful in the future.

Of course, none of the ordinary players or factions knew anything about this. Perhaps some of the Chinese people could tell what was happening, but they did not have the time or strength to do anything about it. They were currently fighting against Great Qin themselves and were completely invested in this struggle.

After Great Qin destroyed Vietnam in one night, the atmosphere in China changed and became darker. Everyone knew that they had to resist Great Qin because just from this development alone, they would never be able to surpass Great Qin, and the gap between them would grow wider and wider.

If they did not destroy Great Qin, they would be destroyed by Great Qin sooner or later. All of the Dynasty and Nation Legatees all decided to start to target Great Qin, but during this time, all of the Hundred Schools of Thought and Sects all fell silent.

Most of them chose to remain neutral. Even though they had opposed Great Qin a few times before, that was only when Great Qin had threatened the world.

The various Legatees, factions, and heroes would all vie for supremacy sooner or later, and originally, the Hundred Schools of Thought had been planning to help various factions obtain victory and establish an eternal empire.

However, things were different now - the rise of Great Qin was simply too shocking, and they had already offended Great Qin many times. If they continued to casually get involved and if Great Qin won, they would definitely be destroyed.

As such, they could not support either side in this conflict. They would only support whoever won, as they would be the new rulers.

Within the grand palace, Zhao Fu sat on his throne and looked at the 600 or so Vietnamese women below. There were women from the Hong Bang Dynasty and the various Nation Legacies, and they were all relatives of the Legatees, such as their mothers, sisters, aunties, cousins, etc.

There were 65 of these relatives, and the women from the Hong Bang Dynasty were crucial for refining the Nation Armament. There were another 570 women who were all top-tier beauties from Vietnam. They all had different statuses and all had decent amounts of Phoenix Qi.

Most of these women had come voluntarily, and Great Qin had not gone out of its way to capture them. When Vietnam had perished, most of these women had been sent over by Vietnam's large families, wanting to provide a safe place for their families. Others were here for their own interests, but they were all gathered here in the palace.

The women gathered here could represent 80% of Vietnam's top-tier beauties, and they were all gathered in Great Qin. This was something that countless men could only dream of; who else could gather all of the beauties in a country for themselves?

Zhao Fu calmly looked over them as Li Si, who had their information, was writing Imperial Edicts. Li Si then handed them to Zhao Fu, who took out the Great Qin Seal and stamped them, filling them with the Great Qin Empire's power.

As the King's Seal of Great Qin, the Great Qin Seal controlled all authority in Great Qin. Before, Zhao Fu had used the Imperial Ruler's Seal for Imperial Edicts, but now that Zhao Fu had his own King's Seal, it was better to use the Great Qin Seal rather than China's Clan Armament.

Now, making these women concubines was not as simple as before. Because he had established a Kingdom, Zhao Fu had to follow certain rites and systems.

Li Si stood beside Zhao Fu and read out all of the women's names, and the Imperial Edicts turned into rays of black light and entered their bodies.

Immediately, a massive wave of Phoenix Qi rose up out of the women, giving off shocking sounds, and Zhao Fu was somewhat startled at how much Phoenix Qi there was.

The Phoenix Qi was guided by a formless energy and floated out of the palace.

"Skreeee!!" A massive aura exploded out, shaking the heavens and the earth and causing the weather to change as a phoenix cry sounded throughout the entirety of Great Qin. Feeling those terrifying ripples, the golden dragon said, "The Phoenix Statue has reached the level of a Nation Armament, and it is finally going to be useful."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and also quite excited, because even the golden dragon had been shocked by the Emperor Phoenix Statue. As long as he provided it with enough Phoenix Qi, it could surpass even Clan Armaments.

Zhao Fu went out of the palace and looked up at the 1,000-meter wide golden phoenix dancing elegantly in the sky. There were countless birds flying alongside it, and it gave off a golden light that dyed the entire sky gold.

All of Great Qin's territory was covered by this golden light, and traces of golden phoenix-like aura fell as countless traces of black dragon-like aura rose from the ground, and the two auras fused together in the air.