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 There were people busily walking around, and others were yelling out, "Super high price, buying Flower Tears for 20 silver coins. Hurry and contact me!"

There were others yelling, "Selling equipment for Flower Tears, super good deal! Don't miss this opportunity!"

There was also a group shouting, "Anyone who sells Flower Tears to White Tiger Gang will become one of our brothers. We'll protect him or her and make sure he or she eats and drinks well!"

There were even pretty-looking women calling out, "Anyone who gives me 100 Flower Tears can have me as his girlfriend for one day and can do anything he wants to me!"

The outskirts of the main cities were filled with people, and the scene was in complete disorder. The outskirts of the main cities had been cleared of Flower Tears by players and residents in an instant, and there wasn't even a single drop remaining. With 1 million or so people scanning every inch of land, how could there be any left?

As the areas near the main cities were cleared, people started to venture further and further away from the main cities. However, this also increased the danger for them.

They not only had to be wary of Outlanders but also of other people who would steal their Flower Tears. One could not assume that the Flower Tears was one's after collecting them. In the face of such great profits, most people would not hold back. If anyone was robbed, no one would seek justice for him or her. Only by converting the Flower Tears into rewards would they truly belong to that person.

Now, almost everyone knew the value of Flower Tears, and no one wanted to sell them. Occasionally, when someone announced that they were selling Flower Tears, they would instantly be surrounded by people and an auction would ensue. It would usually be the system's factions that obtained the Flower Tears - in terms of strength, the players simply could not compete.

Zhao Fu also planned to use some money to buy Flower Tears. Even though the Great Qin Village was quite far away and was able to obtain Flower Tears without any competition, allowing him to collect more Flower Tears than normal system factions, he would not be able to beat the system's governmental factions.

Normal people wanted to use Flower Tears to buy things that could not be bought with money, such as City Creation Stones. However, what the system's governmental factions were crazy about were the 37 pieces of Legendary grade equipment.

Even the system's main cities' Legendary grade equipment could be counted on a single hand, and they were even more attractive to players who did not even have Gold grade equipment. This was even more so for the top three of the 37 pieces of Legendary grade equipment, which were Half-Epic grade. Some people had even created a Legendary Ranking based on their stats:

Number 1, [Sky Demon]: Sword-type Weapon (Half-Epic), a weapon forged from a Sky Demon's corpse, and it contains [Sky Demon's Power].

Number 2, [Dragon Soul]: Sabre-type Weapon (Half-Epic), a weapon forged from a divine dragon's dragon soul, and it contains [Divine Dragon's Power].

Number 3, [Demigod]: Hammer-type Weapon (Half-Epic), an ordinary Legendary grade weapon that came into contact with great quantities of Demigod blood, and it contains [Demigod's Power].

Number 4, [Vast Sun]: Bow-type Weapon (Legendary), a weapon forged from an Extreme Sun Stone and Extreme Sun Flames, and it contains [Sun's Power].

Number 5, [Eighth Mountain]: Shield-type Defensive Item (Legendary), a defensive item forged from the Heart of the Eighth Mountain, and it contains [Eighth Mountain's Power].

Number 6, [Djinn]: Stick-type Weapon (Legendary), a weapon that a Djinn was born with, and it contains [Djinn's Power].

Number 7, [Sacred Heaven]: Armor-type Defensive Item (Legendary), an armor that can only be worn by high-tier Angels, and it contains [Holy Light's Power].

Number 8, [Lightning Fang]: Hatchet-type Weapon (Legendary), a weapon forged from a massive Lightning Beast's fang, and it contains [Tribulation Lightning's Power].

Number 9, [Frozen Soul]: Sword-type Weapon (Legendary), a weapon formed from the combination of thousands of chilling-ice souls, and it contains [Extreme Cold's Power].

Number 10, [Spirit Tree]: Staff-type Weapon (Legendary), a weapon forged from a White Pagoda Spirit Tree that was over 1,000 years old, and it contains [Dryad's Power].

Those were the top 10 pieces of equipment on the Legendary Rankings.

They were enough to make everyone burn with desire and go crazy. Zhao Fu also desired them greatly, but people from all over the world were competing for them, so Zhao Fu felt quite a bit of pressure. As such, he started to plan what he would do next.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu had an idea and he returned to the Great Qin Village. Right now, teleportation channels had three main functions. The first was to allow the user to travel between one teleportation channel and another. This sort of transportation was extremely accurate. The second was to send the user to a random place, which was quite risky.

The third function was to send the user in a particular direction. If one chose to be sent east, one would appear somewhere to the east of where one had been before.

Zhao Fu ordered all of his people to continue collecting Flower Tears. He took Bai Shan and another Scholar to the teleportation channel and used the third function, sending northward.

Because Basic teleportation channels could only send the user a maximum of 500 kilometers when traveling without a set destination, Zhao Fu appeared at a mountainous region that seemed to be about 500 kilometers away from the Great Qin Village. He found a hidden place and asked Bai Shan and the other Scholar to quickly set up another teleportation channel here.

About half an hour later, Bai Shan and the other Scholar quickly finished setting up the teleportation channel. Following this, Zhao Fu, Bai Shan, and the other Scholar used the third function northward again, sending them another 500 kilometers.

This time, Zhao Fu appeared near a waterfall. He didn't waste any time and quickly found a cave. He then asked Bai Shan and the other Scholar to set up another teleportation channel here.

After this teleportation channel was completed, the three of them once again traveled northward again.


After doing this 20 or so times, Zhao Fu and the two others arrived at a forest. Just as they were transported here, they heard a few wild beasts screaming pitifully. Following this, they saw 30 or so Orcs carrying a few wild boars walking towards them.

When the Orcs saw them, they looked at each other before throwing down the wild boars, taking out their weapons, and rushing at Zhao Fu and his subordinates. This was the relationship between Humans and Outlanders: they were like water and fire.

However, by the time the group of Orcs arrived at where Zhao Fu and his subordinates were, they saw that Zhao Fu showed no fear at all. Zhao Fu made a few strange sounds, causing the Orcs to immediately stop in their tracks. They looked at each other in shock - this human could speak Orcish.

What Zhao Fu had just said was, "Wait, Orc warriors, I need to talk to you."

Even though Zhao Fu had spoken to them in Orcish, the Orcs still surrounded him to stop him from escaping. At this moment, the leader of these Orcs said, "Human, hurry and spit out what you have to say."