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 Taking down all of Vietnam had brought immense benefits. In total, they had obtained 620 system main cities and 300 Cities. These Cities were essentially all from players. Of course, it was likely that there were some that they had missed. After all, the factions had suddenly attacked, so Great Qin had not had enough time to properly clear out those regions.

Vietnam was now essentially finished. Whether they were system main cities or player factions, they had all perished, and Vietnam had no more strength as a nation.

The indigenous residents had all given up on their identities as Vietnamese indigenous residents and had sought refuge in other countries.

The 80 million players were in a state of panic. Because Vietnam had been destroyed, they had nowhere to go. The place where they were now was no longer Vietnam's territory but Great Qin's territory.

Some people suggested banding together and fiercely attacking Great Qin together with the other factions. However, they were all scattered and belonged to different factions, and they were not united. Most importantly, they were scared of death.

Before, Great Qin had killed millions of people like they were ants; this had dealt a great blow to the minds of all Vietnamese players.

Countless factions were quite rational; now that Vietnam was gone, there was no need to cling onto it. What was most important was to survive, so they set their sights on Great Qin.

Now, Vietnam was essentially part of Great Qin. With how powerful Great Qin was, if they could become part of Great Qin, they would have nothing to worry about in the future.

As such, countless factions did not resist Great Qin, and they instead expressed their goodwill to Great Qin. They understood that Vietnam had perished, and because they were not a match for Great Qin, they could only give in and submit to Great Qin.

Many famous people and upper-class people understood this too and tried all sorts of methods to try to enter Great Qin.

All former officials, aristocrats, geniuses, and beauties had to act subserviently and bow down to Great Qin.

This was the state of the chaotic world: there was no order, and fighting was everywhere. Those who were strong ruled and those who were weak perished. Anyone who wanted to live had to follow the law of the jungle.

Fortunately, Great Qin was not weak. As a strong faction, it had the power to establish a new order. Since they wanted to join Great Qin, Zhao Fu naturally would not reject them. When the real world was destroyed, Vietnam would also disappear.

However, Zhao Fu would not accept them right now; currently, Great Qin was not taking in any player factions.

Seeing that they were so willing to cooperate, he naturally had to properly use them. For this, Wei Liao had already thought up a plan.

With these factions leading the way, it would be even easier for Wei Liao's plan to succeed, which was to have a large number of players enter the regions between Myanmar and Laos.

Even though many factions were willing to submit to Great Qin, there were still some factions and ordinary people who greatly hated Great Qin. This was their land, and it was likely that they would not leave and might even resist Great Qin in trying to clear it.

For this, Zhao Fu had to even create a crisis. Right now, Great Qin's soldiers were tied up by the attacking factions, but luckily, Great Qin had another card up its sleeves.

"I just saw so many Skeletons rushing towards where we are! Those Skeletons don't look weak at all, and there are so many of them; what should we do?" a terrified cry sounded out.

"It's not just our region; every single region is filled with Undead. What's going on? Why have so many Undead appeared all of a sudden?" another shouted out.

"It's Great Qin! It's definitely Great Qin! Only Great Qin has this ability! They want to use Undead to slaughter all Vietnamese people; I don't want to die!" someone yelled.

They were not sure how Great Qin killed people and thought that if they were killed by the Undead, they would die a true death.

This caused all of Vietnam to fall into a state of panic, as everyone was afraid of a true death. At that moment, a faction acted like a light in the darkness, holding up Vietnam's last flag.

"Don't worry everyone, the Vietnamese Alliance will protect you. We can't stay here anymore; this is already Great Qin's territory. We don't hold any advantage here, and there are Undead Disasters everywhere; if we stay here, we can only die.

"Even if we can stop this Undead Disaster, Great Qin will still find other ways to destroy us. Do we have the power to stand up to Great Qin?

"Follow us, we have a place to refuge. Even though it's not entirely safe there either, it's definitely better than staying here. If you don't want to die, come with us."

The Vietnamese Alliance was made up of the top-tier factions, and it was now the biggest faction in Vietnam. Most people were able to trust them, and they understood that what the Vietnamese Alliance said was true - they were not a match for Great Qin at all.

They were in utter chaos, and no one knew what to do or what Vietnam's next step would be. The appearance of the Vietnamese Alliance was like a torch guiding them in the darkness, so they naturally chose to believe in it.

In actuality, they had no choice but to trust in the Vietnamese Alliance. The Vietnamese Alliance was made up of 70% of all of the top-tier factions, and if even they were leaving and not choosing to resist Great Qin, what could they, the ordinary people, do?

The ordinary factions were the same. Since these top-tier factions had left, staying here would be the equivalent of committing suicide. As such, they also followed the Vietnamese Alliance and left. As for those who dared to stay, there was soon news of their true deaths in the real world.

This made everyone who had left feel quite relieved. If they had not left, then they would have turned out the same. They were now terrified of how cold-blooded Great Qin was and felt incredibly grateful to the Vietnamese Alliance.

The regions that they were teleported to were regions near the center of Laos' territory. This made countless people feel quite surprised, but this land evidently belonged to Vietnam, not Laos.

The Laotian people were also quite shocked. Laos had plenty of regions, and it was only slightly weaker than Vietnam, having roughly 70 million people.

However, their regions had suddenly been taken over by Vietnam, and a large number of Vietnamese people had suddenly been moved over. How could they accept another country's people staying within their territory?

All of the Laotian people wanted to chase these Vietnamese people out, and many of them even formed groups and attacked the Vietnamese players. However, there were simply too many Vietnamese players, and they failed in the end.

This was because whether it was in terms of strength or numbers, Vietnam was overall stronger than Laos, so it was only natural that small groups of Laotians could not drive the Vietnamese players out.