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 After hearing about this, Zhao Fu and the other City Lords quickly returned. The factions attacking Great Qin had never thought that Great Qin's forces would be able to return so quickly, so they instantly lost their confidence and stopped attacking.

Luckily, Great Qin had not used its army, only its City Lords, so the Civil Officials and soldiers in the army were able to hold on until Zhao Fu and the other City Lords returned.

If it wasn't for the Civil Officials and Great Qin's massive army, it was possible that Great Qin would have been broken through.

After all, the enemy forces had come with immense momentum. The western side had sent 800 City Lords, 80 million soldiers, and ten million people from player factions; the eastern side had sent 600 City Lords, 60 million soldiers, and ten million people from player factions; and the southern side had sent 500 City Lords, 50 million soldiers, and ten million people from player factions.

Myanmar and Laos had also formed an army of ten million people and were attacking from the north; it could be said that Great Qin was being attacked on all fronts.

This was something that all of the attackers had planned. If they had not made preparations, they would not have been able to act so quickly at the same time.

Moreover, those people from the player factions were not actual players; after all, no one dared to go up against Great Qin with its Reality-Harming Talismans.

Rather, these people were all spawned from Villages of player factions; most of them were actually indigenous residents.

After all, if Great Qin was to destroy everything, they would naturally also be wiped out, so they had to join the resistance against Great Qin as well.

There was a total of 240 million people attacking, and Great Qin also had 200 million or so soldiers. Moreover, they were all Stage 1 soldiers. As Great Qin's City Lords returned to defend, with the Civil Officials, the attackers naturally did not dare to continue.

However, they did not leave, as they knew that they had to fight with Great Qin sooner or later. As such, both sides faced off in a stalemate.

Great Qin did not take the initiative to attack, as it held the geographical advantage, and there was no need to let go of this advantage. At the same time, they were choosing people to join the various Corps.

Great Qin now had 13 Corps, and there were no special restrictions. All excellent soldiers could join a Corps and obtain that Corps' attributes; there was no need for any special attributes to join.

If there were people with special attributes joining a Special Corps, the effects would naturally be better. For example, the residents from the Disaster City innately had a Disaster attribute, so after joining the Disaster Corps, their Disaster attribute would become much more powerful.

Because Great Qin's 13 Corps were all Special Corps, they could all have three million soldiers, while the Great Qin Imperial Corps could have five million soldiers. In total, this meant that Great Qin could have 41 million soldiers in the Corps.

This event gave Zhao Fu a warning to be more careful when sending out his army. There were far too many people investigating Great Qin, and if Zhao Fu sent out too many soldiers, how could they defend against a force of 240 million soldiers?

Right now, both sides were facing off against each other. Both sides gave off intense auras, filling the surrounding 100 kilometers with an aura of oppression. Zhao Fu went to the western side; this was where the largest attacking army was.

"Why have you suddenly attacked Great Qin? Great Qin is friends with everyone and has maintained friendly relations with everyone. Great Qin has treated you all with courtesy, and yet, you have all done such a shameless thing. This is such evil and treacherous behavior."

Zhao Fu stood in the air, speaking with a loud voice that rivaled a wave crashing onto the shore. Even though Great Qin had long since decided to attack them after dealing with Vietnam, it was them who had attacked first, so Great Qin could stand on the side of justice to rebuke them.

There were benefits to this, as it placed Zhao Fu on the side of righteousness, which would result in many people supporting them. At the same time, it would decrease the morale of the other side; after all, Great Qin had treated them well, and yet they were attacking Great Qin.

Another benefit was that this would prevent factions further away from joining in right now. Great Qin did not threaten them, and because Great Qin was in the right, they naturally would not help others attack Great Qin.

Afterward, Great Qin would continue to maintain fake friendly relations with those factions. Now that things had become like this, there was no more need to keep pretending, and they would destroy these factions first.

Facing Zhao Fu's criticism, the western factions felt incredibly angry. They could tell that Great Qin would make a move on them, so they had decided to attack first. They were simply protecting themselves but were said to be evil and treacherous.

Zhao Fu's words also caused the other sides' soldiers' morale to slightly decrease. Even though these soldiers completely followed their City Lords' commands, it seemed like they were indeed in the wrong.

Someone noticed the changing atmosphere in the army and shouted angrily, "Everyone, don't listen to Great Qin's Legatee's nonsense! Great Qin has always planned on conquering us, and them attacking Vietnam is proof. With how bloodthirsty and ambitious Great Qin is, we were forced to attack to protect ourselves. We've done nothing wrong."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu rebutted him, saying, "China is the Celestial Empire, and clearing out other nations is only right and proper. You are all part of China; has Great Qin ever attacked you in the past year?"

This made the other side speechless, and this sounded quite reasonable. They could not find any way to rebut this, making them feel quite sullen and angry.

Zhao Fu did not continue talking to them, and he ordered the army to continue to defend this place; if the other side attacked, they were to vigorously fight back.

At the same time, Zhao Fu ordered Li Si to send out ambassadors to factions far away and to send big gifts while also telling them about these factions' evil deeds. This would cause Great Qin to receive more support, and it would also make Great Qin seem more righteous and the attacking factions seem evil, so that anyone would think that those factions deserved to be destroyed.

Following this, Zhao Fu left them to their own devices. If they wanted to fight, Great Qin would fight; Great Qin was not afraid of them. Zhao Fu still had many things to take care of.

There was the issue of their gains - this time, Great Qin had taken down a Dynasty Legacy, four Nation Legacies, and countless system main cities and player Cities.

All of the Dynasty, State, and player Cities had been relocated, and Great Qin had not taken anything else. Many of the system main cities had surrendered in front of Great Qin's pressure.

300 system main cities had surrendered, providing Great Qin with 100 million residents and 30 million Stage 1 soldiers. These gains were quite shocking, so right now, Zhao Fu did not want to fight. After completely devouring Vietnam, they would start attacking those around them.