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 "There is also the problem of Myanmar and Laos, as well as what Your Majesty will do with the 80 million players who live in Vietnam If we kill all of them, it will come at a great cost to Great Qin and will cause a lot of anger.

"If Great Qin slaughters an entire country, the whole world will fall into panic and join together to attack Great Qin. Right now, Great Qin does not have the strength to resist an entire world.

"As such, we should never slaughter an entry country. This subordinate believes that we should scare them off; not only will this reduce Great Qin's losses, but we will also be able to avoid slaughtering a country.

"This subordinate has a plan to achieve this: After conquering Vietnam, we can conquer some regions between Myanmar and Laos and gift those regions to Vietnam. After dying, Vietnamese people will be able to spawn there.

"However, that will be the region right between Myanmar and Laos, so they most likely will not accept the Vietnamese people. After all, it won't just be a few Vietnamese people but an entire country. Their resources will be decreased by half, their living space will be decreased by half, and their opportunities will be decreased by half.

"This will affect the countries' benefits and cause conflict. They will start to fight amongst themselves, helping us deal with the issue of 80 million players and whittling away at Myanmar and Laos' strength. In the future, it will be much easier for us to take down those two countries.

"As for whether or not they will band together, with the selfish nature of humans, this is impossible. After all, this will come at a great cost to their interests, which is something that they will not be able to accept."

"As long as Great Qin temporarily expresses that it will not attack them, they will not band together, allowing the conflict between them to continue."

This plan caused Zhao Fu to slightly smiled, and he looked at the others as he asked, "What does everyone else think?"

"We have no objections!" the other subordinates bowed as they simultaneously replied.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased and decided to use this plan. However, because Great Qin had only just established its Kingdom, it was not ready to attack yet, and they would have to wait a few days for the other factions to let down their guard.

Indeed, the other factions all felt quite wary of Great Qin because it had just established a Kingdom, and they were worried that Great Qin would attack. However, after half a month, Great Qin had not done anything, so they started to slightly relax.

Before, Great Qin had 2,628 Great Cities and 521 Basic Cities, which was roughly 3,000 or so City Lords. It now had 1,800 Basic General Seals and 180 Intermediate General Seals, which was around 2,000 General Seals in total. This meant that Great Qin had around 5,000 City Lords.

The Vietnamese system factions had around 600 or so City Lords, and the player factions had around 400, which was less than 1,000 or so City Lords in total.

Moreover, all of those City Lords belonged to different factions and could not all gather together, so they were a pile of loose sand. This would make it quite easy for Great Qin.

The only thing that they had to worry about was the Hong Bang Dynasty, which controlled Vietnam's only Nation Armament. It was Vietnam's most ancient Dynasty and was seen as the beginning of Vietnam.

The Hong Bang Dynasty was established in 2,879 BC and lasted until 258 BC. The rulers were called 'Hung kings,' then 'Xich Quy,' and then finally 'Van Lang.' The 'Luo Yue' mentioned in China's ancient chronicles was related to the Hong Bang Dynasty.

This Dynasty had 2,000 or so years of history and had an immense amount of Fate, which was why it was able to birth a Nation Armament.

In the end, the Hong Bang Dynasty was destroyed by An Duong Vuong. An Duong Vuong was a prince of the state of Shu. After Great Qin destroyed the state of Shu in 316 BC, the royal family escaped to the northern part of Vietnam and established the kingdom of Au Lac.

Zhao Fu had complete confidence in taking down this Dynasty. After all, it was just a single Dynasty Legatee, and he was nothing to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu decided to use his top-tier battle force to destroy them, as they had not yet established a Kingdom and did not have any Corps to use. As such, Zhao Fu could unreservedly use his most powerful forces.

However, when they conquered Vietnam, the two other countries could interfere. After all, they understood that after Vietnam was destroyed, Great Qin's next target would be them; that was the only reason why they would be willing to help Vietnam defend against Great Qin.

That would be when Great Qin's Civil Officials came into play; they were unable to attack and could only defend.

On a dark night, when there was no moon or stars, the lighting was quite dim and it was difficult to see into the distance. A cold wind blew, and with the darkness of the night, it created an eerie atmosphere as if there were ghosts hiding in the darkness.

Zhao Fu looked at the 5,000 people behind him and said, "Your goal is to take down the City; don't waste any time with soldiers and residents. After taking over the City and relocating it, immediately leave!"

Everyone else replied in the affirmative and started to quickly move. Figures turned into rays of light and disappeared.

At a large assembly area, this was one of Vietnam's two largest factions. There were 300 or so Cities gathered here, and they spanned across ten or so regions. These regions were completely controlled by the system main cities, and there were practically no players here.

Suddenly, powerful auras shot towards the City Halls of the system main cities on the outskirts. The City Lords were greatly shocked and quickly drew their weapons as they quickly notified the other City Lords to come and defend.

However, what surprised them was that not a single City Lord came to help; this made them feel quite startled, and they came to a terrifying conclusion.

A chubby middle-aged man looked at the five City Lords in front of him with an unsightly expression. One of the people laughed coldly and said, "Vietnam is about to be conquered by Great Qin. We'll give you one chance: Will you surrender to Great Qin?"

"So it's Great Qin!" the chubby middle-aged man's heart plummeted. Hearing that all of Vietnam was going to be conquered, his body felt a chill as a sense of grief and terror washed over him.


The five City Lords did not give him much time to think. They did not waste any more words and directly attacked. A terrifying saber light, bringing with it a massive amount of saber qi, flashed out, and the middle-aged man could only quickly dodge. He did not have the ability to fight against five City Lords.

The five City Lords all unleashed monstrous saber lights, reducing everything within 1,000 meters to rubble. There were massive gashes on the ground, and even though the middle-aged man had focused on running and dodging, he had not been able to avoid all of the attacks. He was blasted out by a shockwave and was somewhat injured.

Right now, he had only a single thing on his mind, which was to run - he definitely was not a match for those five people.