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 [Disaster Corps]: With the Disaster City as the vessel, this stone stele has received a massive amount of power from the Disaster City, greatly raising all attributes. All members of the Corps can receive Disaster Power, and the Corps Formation will be disaster fog. The limit for this Corps has increased by one million soldiers.

In the more detailed description, there was information that the soldiers part of the Disaster Corps would not be negatively affected by Disaster Power and would instead be able to control it.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to Celestial City. This was a City that any Cultivator would like because it naturally gathered the Spirit Qi in the surrounding hundreds of kilometers. The things grown here also had a trace of spirituality, and it gave off the aura of a holy land.

Those who lived here had faster Cultivation speeds, and their bodies would be nourished by Spirit Qi, making them less susceptible to illnesses and increasing their lifespan. As such, there were many people living in Celestial City, a clear contrast to Disaster City.

Zhao Fu fused the Corps Core into Celestial City's City Heart, and a dense, white wave of Spirit Qi rushed out, instantly filling the City Hall. It was as if a white fog had filled the hall.

The City Heart gave off a sunset glow, and a figure seemed to walk out. This figure was an illusory image and seemed to be a man. He was wearing white clothes and gave off a powerful aura, with a dense celestial qi around him. He seemed like a real celestial.

Following this, the image turned into a stone stele with a celestial man engraved on it.

[Celestial Corps]: With Celestial City as the vessel, this stone stele has received a massive amount of power from Celestial City, greatly raising all attributes. All members of the Corps can receive Celestial Power, and the Corps Formation will be a celestial image. The limit for this Corps has increased by one million soldiers.

The Celestial Power was indeed the power that belonged to Celestials, but it was quite relatively weak, not even 0.001% of true Celestial Power. However, it was still quite powerful, as Celestials in the Heaven Awaken World were peak experts who stood at the top of the world.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to Sword Mountain. Ge Nia was the City Lord here, and almost everyone learned the way of the sword. Zhao Fu went to the City Hall and once again fused a Corps Core into the City Heart.


A clear sword hum sounded out as the City Heart exploded out with a sharp sword qi. It was enough to cut even Zhao Fu's skin, so he put up his Emperor's Domain to resist it.

At that moment, the City Heart gave off countless sword lights that gradually gathered into a white sword. This sword of light was three meters long and 15 centimeters wide, and it gave off a massive sword aura as if it could slash through everything.

Following this, the sword of light turned into motes of light and formed a stone stele with a sword engraved on it.

[Sword Mountain Corps]: With Sword Mountain as the vessel, this stone stele has received a massive amount of power from Sword Mountain, greatly raising all attributes. All members of the Corps can receive Sword Mountain Power, and the Corps Formation will be a sword. The limit for this Corps has increased by one million soldiers.

The Sword Mountain Corps' power leaned towards destruction and was one of the most powerful Corps in terms of attack. Overall, it was one of the best Corps that Great Qin had.

Now that Zhao Fu had established 13 Special Corps, he could finally relax. Zhao Fu smiled, as Great Qin now had a massive advantage. Right from the beginning, it was a Level 5 Barony and had 13 Special Corps. Whether it was now or in the future, they would be a big part of Great Qin's strength.

It was now early in the morning, and it would nearly be dawn. Zhao Fu finally returned to the palace, and after opening the door, he found that the women were all asleep, so he did not disturb them.

It was nearly time for the morning audience, and Zhao Fu had many important matters to discuss with his various subordinates. Now that he had taken care of the Official Positions and Corps, it was time to start acting again and level up Great Qin.

The real world had not yet been devoured, and the Heaven Domain Boundary had not disappeared yet. And yet, Great Qin had already established a Kingdom. This was a massive advantage, and after the Heaven Domain Boundary disappeared and the Grassi people attacked, they would be shocked when facing Great Qin, which had been developing as a Kingdom for many years.

The sun started to rise, causing sunlight to cover the land, and the morning sky was incredibly blue. Even though most people had partied and drunk for most of the night, with their powerful Cultivations and constitutions, they were not greatly affected.

At the morning audience, Zhao Fu asked his subordinates what Great Qin's next step should be.

Unexpectedly, everyone's thoughts were the same: to destroy Vietnam. Vietnam was North of Great Qin, and of its 350 regions, Great Qin had taken over 120 of them, leaving 230 regions.

If Great Qin took over these 230 regions, any further north would be the ocean. Anyone who wanted to attack the north of Great Qin would have to cross the ocean, and as long as Great Qin set up some defensive lines there, it basically would not have to worry about anyone attacking from the north. That way, Great Qin's north would be completely secure.

When that time came, they would only have to defend the eastern, western, and southern sides, greatly reducing the pressure of defending. As such, all of the Ministers and Generals supported taking down Vietnam.

What should they do after taking down Vietnam though? Vietnam was already Great Qin's for the taking and could be conquered at any time. What was more important was what Great Qin should do after doing this.

After conquering Vietnam, Great Qin would have to face a large number of system factions from the east, west, and south. There were also the two countries next to Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

This still gave Great Qin some pressure, as they would have to face many enemies. Now, they had two options: attack the two countries next to Vietnam or attack the system factions in the three directions.

"Your Majesty, this subordinate has an idea," Wei Liao stepped out and bowed before speaking.

Zhao Fu nodded and motioned for him to continue. Wei Liao said, "This subordinate believes that after conquering Vietnam, we should first attack the system factions on the three sides. Right now, the biggest faction is to Great Qin's west, and they only have 900 or so City Lords. The eastern side has 700 or so City Lords, while the southern side has 600 or so City Lords.

"In total, they only have 2,200 City Lords, which Great Qin can take down quite easily. The western faction occupies 300 regions, the eastern faction occupies 230, regions and the southern faction occupies 190 regions.

"Even though they've grouped together, many of those regions have become empty. Despite there being many player factions in those 'empty' regions, with Great Qin's power, dealing with those player factions will be no problem at all.

"If we take down all of those regions, Great Qin will have 720 regions, and with the 230 from Vietnam, Great Qin will have 950 regions. More than half of the northern side of China will fall into Great Qin's hands. This will be enough for Great Qin to stably develop for a while."