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 <p>This had been the Ying family's dream from generation to generation, to re-establish the Great Qin Empire. Now, Zhao Fu had fulfilled their dream.</p><p>After accepting Great Qin's Legacy, Zhao Fu had gradually accepted the identity of Great Qin's Legatee and the Great Qin Bloodline. Even though Zhao Fu was only part of the collateral family, which was quite far off from the Ying family's main bloodline, because his Legacy became stronger, his Great Qin Bloodline had become incredibly pure. Zhao Fu had accepted his identity as part of the Ying family as well as his Legacy's mission.</p><p>Today, Zhao Fu had officially re-established Great Qin. He was not only going to restore it to its former glory but bring it to even greater heights, establishing an everlasting Empire and making the entire Heaven Awaken World know the name Great Qin.</p><p>Zhao Fu slightly smiled and walked down from the Heaven Prayer Platform. All of the Ministers, Generals, and residents were reverently kneeling with joyous looks on their faces.</p><p>"You may all rise!" Zhao Fu looked over these people and said as he smiled.</p><p>Everyone came to their feet and bowed to Zhao Fu, saying, "Congratulations, Your Majesty, on officially becoming the King of Great Qin!"</p><p>Zhao Fu lightly nodded and took his subordinates back to the palace. Zhao Fu now had two main tasks, which were conferring Official Positions and establishing Corps.</p><p>Within the grand palace, Zhao Fu wore his black and gold dragon robe and wore his crown, giving off an aura of dignity and might as he sat on his throne. Behind him was an exquisite black and gold screen, while those below stood in ranks.</p><p>All of Great Qin's officials were wearing their court dresses, which were primarily black, with different auspicious beasts embroidered on them to show different ranks.</p><p>Li Si stood beside Zhao Fu with a long scroll. This scroll was completely black; the outside was a black and gold embroidered fabric while the inside was paper. People's names and positions were written in blood-red ink.</p><p>"Bai Qi. From the beginning of the Heaven Awaken World, you have been supporting His Majesty with your utmost being, and you have contributed greatly to Great Qin's current position. You are awarded one Marquis General Seal and given the title Protector of the Kingdom. You are awarded five million gold coins, a mansion in the western region of the Great Qin City, and a number of servants."</p><p>As Li Si read out the names and rewards in a loud voice, people stepped up to accept these positions and rewards. Seals appeared in the air, giving off white lights and descending into their hands.</p><p>In actuality, Provinces and Counties were something that the Heaven Awaken World already had. Regions were split into Counties, which had County Administrators, and Counties were part of Provinces, which had Province Administrators. There were also Barons, who delegated power.</p><p>However, this was not enough to create a comprehensive form of governance. Great Qin's various Departments and various officials all needed appropriate Official Positions, and they would be responsible for various things in Great Qin.</p><p> The Heaven Awaken World's system was not that great, so Zhao Fu decided to mimic ancient times. He split the positions into nine ranks, which were further split into two classes, A and B, for a total of 18 ranks.</p><p>Zhao Fu gave out ranks based on what the officials did in their roles and their importance to Great Qin. For example, Bai Qi was a Rank 1A Kingdom Protector Commander.</p><p>Most Civil Officials had Official Seals, but they did not have much power, only the authority to manage. Normally, managing a City or a region required a City Lord Seal, but the Official Seals allowed them to conduct management without City Lord Seals.</p><p>Zhao Fu quite liked the ancient system and did not want to use the Heaven Awaken World's system, and this was up to him. However, as a Level 5 Barony, Great Qin did not have much strength yet. He already had to split the strength between the General Seals and Minister Seals, and now that Zhao Fu wanted to use the ancient system with more ranks, there would be more Minister Seals, resulting in a greater dilution of strength.</p><p>In the end, a Rank 9 Minister's Seal would barely have Stage 1 strength. Now that Great Qin had only just established a Kingdom, it was still facing many dangers, so Zhao Fu could not completely use the ancient system.</p><p>As such, Zhao Fu decided that he needed to establish a unique system. However, he could only do this once Great Qin became powerful, and it was not at that stage yet. As such, even though Zhao Fu decided to use the ancient system, he would not split any power and would only give them authority.</p><p>The Official Positions with actual power remained at the same number without much dilution.</p><p>For now, Zhao Fu only conferred titles down to Rank 3A. In the future, he would give out more positions using imperial edicts. Otherwise, Li Si would not be able to go through all of the positions even if he read out names for an entire day.</p><p>After many positions were conferred, all of Great Qin sank into celebrations. Everyone wore bright smiles and set up feasts in their homes, welcoming guests to celebrate.</p><p>Zhao Fu also set up a banquet in the palace to celebrate the establishment of the Kingdom and the conferment of so many positions. Even Zhao Fu, who did not like large gatherings or drinking, stayed till midnight and also had some drinks.</p><p>By now, many people were lying on the ground, drunk, while others were competing to see who could drink more. The scene was quite chaotic, but everyone was incredibly happy and joyous; becoming an official was an extremely important matter to these people and was something that countless people could only dream of.</p><p>Luckily, Zhao Fu had long since made preparations to select talents to become officials. If they had left this until now, they would have to work themselves to death.</p><p>Seeing that there were still people drinking, Zhao Fu did not disturb them and silently left. Even though he had drunk a lot of wine, because of his powerful constitution, he was not affected at all. Zhao Fu decided to take this opportunity to look into the Corps.</p><p>Right now, Zhao Fu had 13 orbs of light; these were all Corps Cores that he had received after establishing the Kingdom.</p><p>Zhao Fu first went to the City Hall. The Great Qin City's City Heart was Epic grade, and it was the core item of Great Qin, so it could be fused with the Corps Cores.</p><p>Many Kingdoms used the City Heart of their capitals to fuse with the Corps Cores; such Corps would become a Kingdom's Royal Corps, making them the strongest Corps in the Kingdom, and they were usually personally controlled by the ruler.</p><p>After coming to the City hall, Zhao Fu looked at the cube giving off black light and the nine savage-looking black dragons around it. Zhao Fu took out one of the Corps Cores and fused it with the City Heart.</p><p>The Great Qin City's City Heart and the Corps Core were extremely compatible, and they instantly fused together, causing a powerful aura to burst forth.</p><p>Countless rays of black light exploded out, instantly filling the entire City Hall. Heaven and Earth Essence Qi madly gathered as a black dragon gradually formed in front of Zhao Fu, giving off a powerful dragon's might.</p><p>"Roarrr!!" this black dragon gave off a massive roar. It was ten or so meters long, and luckily the City Hall was large enough to contain it, though it was a bit cramped. The black dragon flew around the City Heart before turning into a stone stele with a black dragon engraved on it.</p>