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 <p>Those were the seven special effects of Corps. Their effects were quite similar to those from General Armaments, making all soldiers much stronger.</p><p>However, the General Armaments did not give an intimidation effect, and the seventh effect was the biggest advantage of the Corps.</p><p>The first few effects made ordinary soldiers immensely powerful, as it gave them simply too many advantages. Soldiers in Corps were definitely more powerful than ordinary soldiers; this was undisputed.</p><p>The sixth special effect, the Corps Formation, was quite similar to the Soldier Aura Formation from General Armaments, but there were some differences.</p><p>Even though both of them had soldiers giving off an aura, which gathered together to form weapons or beasts, the main difference was that for Soldier Aura Formation, the soldier aura was controlled by the General Armament. The person wielding the General Armament could gather the soldier aura into a certain form, and this had nothing to do with the soldiers themselves.</p><p>However, for Corps, the Corps Formation relied on all soldiers working in unison to control their soldier aura. This required an incredible amount of cooperation.</p><p>General Armaments relied on the leader, while the Corps relied on the group.</p><p>Comparatively speaking, General Armaments were more convenient, but General Armaments were not so easy to obtain. Even after establishing a Kingdom, Great Qin only had ten General Armaments, while every Kingdom would have Corps.</p><p>Even though Corps Formation was more troublesome, it was better than a General Armament's Soldier Aura Formation. The Corps Formation united all of the soldiers' thoughts, and if they could unite such powerful battle intent, what they created would naturally be more powerful than what a General Armament could create.</p><p>Of course, if the soldiers' battle intent was weak and they could not unite their thoughts, then they would not even be able to gather their auras.</p><p>In the past, if one City Lord faced off against 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers, the City Lord would definitely be more powerful. After all, the City Lord had a City Lord Seal, and if the 100,000 soldiers could not gather their attacks, they would not be able to threaten the City Lord.</p><p>Moreover, the soldiers would not be able to avoid the City Lord's attacks easily, as there were so many of them, while the City Lord would be able to easily dodge their attacks because he was by himself. If the City Lord wanted to run, the soldiers would not be able to do anything about it because the City Lord could fly.</p><p>If the City Lord did not want to directly face off against the 100,000 soldiers, he could also launch sneak attacks to kill them. The soldiers would not be a match for the City Lord at all and would be completely annihilated.</p><p>That was the advantage that top-tier factions had - before, Great Qin had used many City Lords to suddenly attack various regions, easily destroying them. The soldiers could do nothing against Great Qin's City Lords and could only watch on.</p><p>Great Qin had use this method to attack many regions, and had swept across dozens of regions. It was only when other City Lords arrived and faced off with the same power that Great Qin was forced to stop.</p><p>However, if those City Lords did not come, would those system soldiers be able to do anything against Great Qin? After all, the system main cities had been taken down by Great Qin one after the other.</p><p>The weakness of the system main city soldiers was that their strength was scattered and could not be gathered to resist City Lords.</p><p>However, this was different now that there were Corps - the Corps Formation formed by 100,000 Stage 1 soldiers would be enough to resist a City Lord.</p><p>What was even more important was that a City Lord's power came from his or her City Lord Seal, while the Corps had a city-destroying attribute that somewhat suppressed a City Lord's power. When it was a Corps facing off against a City Lord, it was often the City Lord running in fear.</p><p>That was why Corps were so powerful. What's more, the Great Corps special effect was something that Kingdoms used to resist monster-level powers.</p><p>These monster-level powers were either incredibly terrifying beasts or peerless experts. They were simply too powerful and could threaten an entire Kingdom. If a Kingdom did not have powerful experts, they would only be able to use their Corps to resist.</p><p>When using the Great Corps special effects, the soldiers received all sorts of powerful buffs, and the more Corps that joined together, the greater their power. They would not lose to even peerless experts, and this was mainly used to defend against terrifying existences that could threaten the entire Kingdom.</p><p>The Corps were also split into normal Corps and special Corps.</p><p>Any Kingdom could establish normal Corps, but their effects were quite ordinary. They only had those seven special effects and did not have any special powers.</p><p>However, special Corps were different and were incredibly powerful. Normal Corps naturally were not as powerful as special Corps.</p><p>Because of this, special Corps had quite a few requirements. First, they had to have a Corps Vessel. This item had to have powerful attributes, and even though it did not matter whether the attributes were good or evil, it had to be able to fuse with the Corps Core.</p><p>Moreover, there was an issue of computability. Some items were extremely powerful, but they were not suitable to fuse with a Corps Core.</p><p>The Corps Core was an orb of light that was about as big as a basketball, and it gave off a faint white light and a formless aura. It was the most important thing to establishing a Corps, and it was something birthed by a Kingdom's Fate.</p><p>Only certain things could fuse with the Corps Core, and if a Corps Core could fuse with such an item, a Kingdom would be able to establish a special Corps. The special Corps' attributes would be greatly linked to that item.</p><p>This sort of knowledge was quite commonplace, so it was not too surprising that Zhao Fu knew about it.</p><p>This was the strength of Corps; however, the number of Corps that Great Qin could have was quite small, as Great Qin could only establish 13 Corps right now. This was only a total of 26 million soldiers, while Great Qin overall had over 200 million soldiers.</p><p>100,000 soldiers in a Corps could suppress one City Lord, so 26 million soldiers could suppress 260 City Lords. The soldiers would be able to fight effectively against other soldiers and would also be able to kill City Lords together.</p><p>The power of Official Positions and Corps was a Kingdom's greatest protections. Only with these powers could a Kingdom become truly powerful. Having a Kingdom and not having a Kingdom were completely different levels, and this was why.</p><p>Of the various system announcements, there was also one about the border that was quite important. The Great Wall had the Kingdom's power reinforcing it, making it not only incredibly tough, but it also acted as an isolation barrier. Even extremely powerful teleportation channels could not cross the border because of the Great Wall.</p><p>Zhao Fu stood on the Heaven Prayer Platform, and after looking through the many system announcements, a slight smile appeared on his face. His heart pounded as he felt a powerful sense of confidence; Great Qin had finally established a Kingdom, and it was no longer a mere faction but a real nation.</p>