The Official Positions were split into Civil Officials and Military Officials, and they would have their own Official Seals. These Official Seals had Great Qin's power, making them quite powerful.

They were quite similar to City Lord Seals, but even if they were stolen by someone else, they would be useless. Only those appointed by Great Qin could use them.

Before, Zhao Fu had split the Provinces into Counties, and each County had a County Seal, while each Province also had a Province Seal. Those who administered ten Provinces had a Baron Seal, those who administered 100 Provinces had a Marquis Seal, those who administered 1,000 Provinces had a Duke Seal, and those who administered 10,000 Provinces had a Lord Seal.

A County Seal's power could rival that of a Basic City, and a Province Seal's power could rival that of a Great City. A Baron Seal could rival a Level 5 Great City's City Lord Seal, a Marquis Seal could rival a Capital City's City Lord Seal, and a Duke Seal could rival a Barony Royal City's City Lord Seal.

Now that Great Qin had cleared out 520 regions, it had 520 Provinces that had been split into 2,846 Counties. This meant that they had 520 Province Seals and 2,846 County Seals. They could also have 52 Baron Seals and five Marquis Seals.

With that in mind, Great Qin's strength would increase monstrously. This was just the benefit brought by establishing a Kingdom and did not even factor in Great Qin's current strength. Just establishing a Kingdom alone made Great Qin an existence that no one dared to offend.

However, the Civil Official Seals were only used for internal governance and were not used for fighting. They could only be used within Great Qin's territory and could not be used in regions that did not belong to Great Qin.

This made them not as effective as City Lord Seals, which could be used anywhere. However, these Civil Official Seals were quite effective for defense, which was also quite good. With them defending Great Qin, Zhao Fu could feel at ease and not worry about others attacking.

Even though the Civil Official Seals could not be used for conquering, there was still the Martial Official Seals. Civil Officials were responsible for internal governance, while Martial Officials were responsible for fighting and conquering.

Those who led 100,000 soldiers could be given a Basic General Seal, which could rival a Basic City's City Lord Seal; those who led one million soldiers could be given an Intermediate General Seal, which could rival a Great City's City Lord Seal; and those who led ten million soldiers could be given an Advanced General Seal, which could rival a Capital City's City Lord Seal.

Those who led 100 million soldiers could be given a Marquis General Seal, which could rival a Barony Royal City's City Lord Seal, while those who led one billion soldiers could be given a Duke General Seal, which could rival a Marquisate Royal City's City Lord Seal.

Right now, Great Qin had 200 million City Lord Seals, so it could have 2,000 Basic General Seals, 200 Intermediate General Seals, 20 Advanced General Seals, and two Marquis General Seals.

The number of Martial Official Seals was quite frightening, and as General Seals, they were not as restricted as the Civil Official Seals. They were just like normal City Lord Seals that could be used anywhere.

However, they had one limitation, which was the number of soldiers. The number of soldiers that a Kingdom could have could only be one-tenth of its entire population; extra soldiers would not be acknowledged.

If it wasn't for this limitation, Great Qin could make its one billion or so residents all into soldiers. Even if they did not fight, Great Qin would be able to obtain many General Seals. That way, they would be able to obtain over 10,000 General Seals, and everyone would instantly be annihilated by Great Qin.

Now that Great Qin had conquered 520 regions, its total population had reached 1.8 million, and it had 200 million soldiers. There were 170 million or so Stage 1 soldiers, 6.2 million Stage 2 soldiers, 700,000 or so Stage 3 soldiers, and 30,000 or so Stage 4 soldiers.

It also had three Capital Cities, 2,628 Great Cities, 521 Cities, 860 Towns, and 39,489 Villages.

There were also 68,000 Corpse Soul Soldiers, 1,400 Corpse Soul Commanders, 2,700 Wyverns in total, and 2,300 Wyverns that could fight.

Now that Great Qin had 1.8 billion people, they could have 180 million soldiers in the army. This would mean 1,800 Basic General Seals, 180 Intermediate General Seals, 18 Advanced General Seals, and one Marquis General Seal.

In total, Great Qin had 4,649 Official Seals that could rival a Basic City's City Lord Seal and 700 or so Official Seals that could rival a Great City's City Lord Seal.

Those were the benefits of having Official Positions; it was simply shocking - without even doing anything, Great Qin's strength had greatly increased.

At the same time, because these were Official Seals, not City Lord Seals, they could be used together. This meant that people could use the two Seals' power together without any clashes.

Next was the Corps - they were a powerful resource that only Kingdoms had.

Level 1 Baronies could establish five Corps, and each Corps could have one million soldiers. Corps would also level up as the Kingdoms level up, and every level gave Corps an extra 200,000 soldiers.

Every level that a Kingdom increased by, they could obtain another two Corps. In other words, every time a Kingdom leveled up, they could create two new Corps.

Now that Great Qin was a Level 5 Barony, it could have 13 Corps, and each Corps could have two million soldiers. In total, they could have 26 million soldiers in the Corps.

Kingdoms were only so monstrously powerful because of the Official Positions and Corps. Just as the Official Positions were quite terrifying, the Corps were just as important and had special effects as well.

Special Effect 1, [Corps Power]: All soldiers in Corps will obtain all stats +10 and all stats +5%.

Special Effect 2, [Corps Courage]: Greatly increases morale and helps soldiers be resolute, making them fearless in the face of death and courageous when killing enemies. Resistance to illusions and formations +200%.

Special Effect 3, [Corps Light]: Increases soldiers' recovery rate and has some healing effects.

Special Effect 4, [Corps Might]: Causes soldiers to give off an innate sense of intimidation that can affect the hearts of ordinary soldiers and cause them to cower.

Special Effect 5, [Corps Shield]: Soldiers can explode out with power and condense a powerful defensive barrier that can protect the entire Corps. The barrier is more powerful than ordinary barriers and is boosted by the Corps' stats.

Special Effect 6, [Corps Formation]: Every soldier can release his or her soldier aura, which can be gathered to form a powerful weapon or beast. However, all soldiers must be united in their thoughts and cannot think about other things.

Special Effect 7, [Great Corps]: Any Corps of the same Kingdom can join together to become even more powerful. The more Corps that join forces, the more powerful they will become.