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 This seal was black and gold and was about as wide as two palms. It had nine savage, domineering black dragons engraved on it, looking as if they were alive. The seal gave off an intense black light and gave off an incredibly prestigious Emperor's might.

The instant that the large seal completely formed, a black wave of light rippled throughout all of Great Qin, causing Great Qin's territory to give off rays of black light.

Great Qin's countless residents felt an energy restoring their bodies. Some sicknesses and injuries were slowly healed, and the residents felt their strength increasing.

The sky above Great Qin was still covered with golden light and auspicious clouds, and the celestial music could still be heard. Now, golden flowers started to rain down, making the world within Great Qin seem incredibly beautiful, like a golden wonderland.

After the seal fully formed, the City Heart gave off powerful ripples, and black gales blew within the Great Qin City.

The City Heart gave off countless rays of black light as nine little black dragons that were each 30 centimeters long slowly appeared, floating around the City Heart. They remained beside the Nation Armaments and Clan Armaments, absorbing a large amount of Fate and becoming more powerful.

"System announcement! The Great Qin City has leveled up into a Royal City; you have fulfilled the conditions for establishing a Kingdom."

"System announcement! The Great Qin Kingdom has been established."

"System announcement! The Great Qin Kingdom is the first Kingdom established in this world and has obtained a large amount of Fate."

"System announcement! You have conquered 520 regions, and the Great Qin Kingdom has obtained the Region Power of 520 regions. Your Barony has leveled up into a Level 5 Barony."

"System announcement! As the Legatee of the Great Qin Kingdom, you have officially become a King. You have obtained a large amount of Fate, obtained Great Qin's King's Power, and obtained Great Qin's King's Profession."

"System announcement! You have already obtained the King's Profession and King's Power and cannot receive it again. The King's Profession and King's Power have fused into your Emperor's Power, strengthening your Emperor's Profession and Emperor's Power."

"System announcement! As the first person to establish a Kingdom in the human world, you can receive additional rewards (note: only the first three will receive additional rewards)."

"System announcement! You have received 100 Great Cities, 200 Cities, 400 Towns, and 2,400 Villages. These will be given as City Creation Stones that have fused with Great Qin's aura and will automatically become Great Qin's Cities, Towns, and Villages."

"System announcement! You have established a Kingdom and unlocked Official Positions."

"System announcement! You have established a Kingdom and can establish Corps."

"System announcement! You have received Kingdom Border Power. You may create a Great Wall to protect your territory, which will receive your Kingdom's power, becoming incredibly firm."

System announcements continuously sounded out within Zhao Fu's mind, and he could not help but smile. The abnormal signs gradually disappeared; now, Great Qin could formally be called a Kingdom, and Zhao Fu was officially a real 'King' who could be called 'His Majesty.'

The Great Qin Seal in the sky slowly descended and re-entered Zhao Fu's body. Now, this seal was no longer the Great Qin Seal but the Great Qin Royal Seal. It contained the highest authority in Great Qin and naturally had King's Power.

Now that Zhao Fu had become a true King, his power greatly increased. What was key was his bloodline - before, his bloodline had already been a Level 17 Sovereign Bloodline, and the descent of the Celestial Emperor Star and Nether Emperor Star had also greatly affected his bloodline.

Now that he had become a true King, this had given him the final push, causing his bloodline to become a Level 18 Sovereign Bloodline.

A Level 18 Sovereign Bloodline was far more powerful than ordinary Sovereign Bloodlines; just from the levels alone, Zhao Fu's Sovereign Bloodline was immensely powerful.

Zhao Fu landed down on the Heaven Prayer Platform and went through the system announcements in detail. These were all system announcements relating to the establishment of a Kingdom, and he could not just casually glance through them.

The Great Qin City had now become a Barony Royal City, as Great Qin was only a Barony. These were the Great Qin Royal City's new stats:

:3492950/80240000 892640/32482000

Village Name: Great Qin Royal City (Epic)

Level: Barony Royal City

Village Area: 729,400 square kilometers

Village Territory: 62,421,800 square kilometers

Residents: 3,492,950/80,240,000

Military: 892,640/32,482,000

Popular Support: 86

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +260%, Territory Crop Growing Time -260%, Population Limit +165%, Residents' stats can randomly +20, Soldiers' stats +25%, Population Attraction +200%, chance of attracting higher grade population +200%

Subsidiary Village Limit: 896,930

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village...

It could be seen that after becoming a Kingdom, there was no longer an EXP bar, meaning that they no longer needed EXP to level up; rather, this was done through conquering regions.

The fourth system announcement stated that Great Qin had conquered 520 regions, so it had received the Region Power of 520 regions and had leveled up into a Level 5 Barony.

Each rank of Kingdoms was split into nine levels and was then ranked Barony, Marquisate, Dukedom, etc. Leveling up of Kingdoms did not depend on EXP but on conquering regions. The more regions one conquered, the faster one would level up.

Great Qin had conquered 500 or so regions, so it was currently a Level 5 Barony. The Great Qin City no longer needed EXP, and it instead needed Region Power. Essentially, the level of the Kingdom and the level of the Great Qin City would be the same.

Now that the Great Qin Royal City was a Level 5 Barony City, Great Qin was a Level 5 Barony Kingdom. If Zhao Fu wanted to level it up quickly, he would have to conquer more regions.

The more regions conquered, the higher a Kingdom's level would be; the fewer regions conquered, the lower level a Kingdom's level would be.

In future wars, territory would be incredibly important. They could allow one to quickly gain levels, and could also allow one to quickly lose levels. The more regions one lost, the more levels one would lose.

Not needing EXP was quite good, as the massive amount of EXP they gained in the future could be distributed to the various other Cities, Towns, and Villages to help them level up faster so that Great Qin would have more and more Cities.

As for the announcement about the King's Profession and King's Power, Zhao Fu had already obtained them when he had defeated that mysterious Skeleton in the underground region. Now, he already had the Emperor Profession and Emperor's Power.

Zhao Fu now looked down on King's Power, but seeing that it could increase his Emperor's Power, this was quite good. Zhao Fu sensed the power within his body and found that it had indeed increased by a bit.

The last system announcement made Zhao Fu feel quite surprised - there were actually such generous rewards.

100 Great Cities, 200 Cities, 400 Towns, and 2,400 Villages came as a very pleasant surprise to Zhao Fu. Just the number of Cities alone totaled 300, and there were many Towns and Villages for free. Zhao Fu naturally felt quite happy.

These rewards would only be given to the first three Kingdoms. Great Qin was the first, and he wondered who the second and third would be; they would most likely also receive great rewards.

Right now, the most important things were the Official Positions and Corps. Any Kingdom was powerful mostly because of the Official Positions and Corps, and they were why Zhao Fu had wanted to establish a Kingdom as quickly as possible. With those two things, fighting against even godly spirits was no problem.