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 In actuality, Wu Zetian would not be a bad choice either, but because she had been the Empress of the Tang Dynasty, she would not be very suitable. As such, she could not be the Empress of Great Qin.

Wu Zetian understood this, so she did not try to vie for this position. She had already been made a concubine and was one of Zhao Fu's most beloved concubines, so she was already quite satisfied.

Some of the Ministers suggested choosing some of the other women, such as Daphne. She was the City Lord of the Maurya City, the Inheritor of India's number one Dynasty.

Being an Inheritor was different from being a Legatee, as the true Legatee, Shama, had already been defeated by Zhao Fu, and the Maurya Dynasty had been conquered by Great Qin. Now, the Maurya City belonged to Great Qin, so Daphne could only be said to be an Inheritor.

Some people supported Erling becoming the Empress. She was the Inheritor of the Vile Dynasty and was the City Lord of the Demon King City. With her as the Empress, they would be able to subdue the Dark Demon world easier, increasing the affinity between Great Qin and the Dark Demon Fate.

Everyone had different viewpoints, and some people even suggested making the Flower Fairy the Empress. After all, if the Emperor made the Flower Fairy his Empress, they would definitely receive blessings from the heavens.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite speechless. Zhao Fu had not even made the pure Flower Fairy a concubine, yet they wanted him to make her a concubine.

Others suggested making the Water God the Empress; there had never been a godly spirit being made an Empress before, and Great Qin would receive the protection of the Fate of godly spirits, which was quite useful for Great Qin.

At the same time, some people suggested making Bai Xihan, Sun Xiang, Wei Qing, and Xu Liuyi Empresses. They were all Commanders and gifts to Great Qin from the heavens. If they became Empresses, Great Qin's aura of conquering would become more powerful. They would be able to increase the offensive power of Great Qin's Fate and solidify Great Qin's Fate. This would make it easier to devour other nations' Fate, as Great Qin had always been a nation of conquering and fighting.

Some people suggested making Tuoba Qing the Empress, as her bloodline was incredibly prestigious and no one could rival her. The golden dragon also agreed with this, as an Empress would have a massive impact on a nation. Even the Heaven Murder Empire never had an Empress from the Origin Race; from ancient times till now, this was incredibly rare.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that even Xianru had a small group of supporters. It was the first time he had seen her blush embarrassedly before.

In the end, Zhao Fu was unable to decide who to make the Empress. However, he told his subordinates not to talk about this anymore, as he would make the decision himself.

Time gradually passed, and Great Qin continued to build the Great Wall and clear out regions. Soon, two months had passed and autumn had come. The heat had disappeared, and the weather became colder.

The leaves were no longer as lush and green, and they started to wither melancholically.

"Roarrr!" A domineering and mighty dragon's roar resounded throughout the entire human world. In that moment, clouds started to gather and swirl, and a powerful might rippled out from Great Qin through the rest of the world.

Rays of golden light spilled down from the heavens, and auspicious golden clouds floated towards Great Qin. Beautiful celestial music sounded out from the sky, and the image of countless auspicious beasts appeared in the sky, joyfully gathering towards Great Qin.

Sensing these shocking changes, the entire human world paused what they were doing and looked in Great Qin's direction. Most of them felt incredibly shocked and bitter as they muttered, "Great Qin has established a Kingdom!"

The news of Great Qin establishing a Kingdom quickly shook the entire world. Great Qin was the first in the world to establish a Kingdom, and countless people intensely talked about this.

Many ordinary people participated in these discussions, excitedly talking about this. After such a long time, a faction had finally established a Kingdom, and they had personally borne witness to this.

Even though the various factions had seen this coming, now that they had personally seen Great Qin establish a Kingdom, how could they feel good about this? Great Qin was simply far too ahead of them, making them feel helpless and terrified.

Everyone looked in Great Qin's direction and looked at all of the abnormal signs, waiting to see if there were any changes. Right now, the entire world's attention was on Great Qin.

Over at Great Qin, Zhao Fu had already put on a black and gold dragon robe and wore his crown. He stood on the Heaven Prayer Platform, preparing to ascend the throne as Emperor.

The Great Qin City's City Heart continuously trembled, and it gave off a powerful pillar of black light that shot into the sky. Traces of black aura started to rise up from Great Qin's territory and from Great Qin's residents, gathering towards the powerful pillar of black light.

Zhao Fu stood on the Heaven Prayer Platform by himself, looking at the pillar of black light. As more and more of Great Qin's Fate gathered, black clouds of Fate started to gather in the sky, and they gradually spread out and covered the sky in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers, giving off a powerful aura of suppression.

All of Great Qin's residents excitedly and happily knelt down. No one could feel happier about this than them, as they were the subjects of Great Qin.

Under the formless Fate energy, Zhao Fu's body was slowly lifted up and brought towards the pillar of black light, and he fused into it.


An almighty explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu's body entered the pillar of black light, and its light became even more intense. The black clouds started to form an enormous vortex, the terrifying might weighing down on everything.

Within the pillar of light, Zhao Fu was washed by the massive amount of Great Qin Fate. No matter if it was his body, bloodline, aura, or soul, everything went through changes.

The Great Qin Seal slowly rose out of Zhao Fu's body and turned into a ray of black light before shooting into the massive vortex in the sky.


The Great Qin Seal entered the black vortex before exploding, turning into countless motes of black light that fused into the vortex.

The aura that the black vortex gave off became even more terrifying, and even more Fate rushed up into the sky from the ground.

The black clouds that covered the surrounding 10,000 kilometers instantly expanded out to cover the surrounding 100,000 kilometers. That noble and domineering might became even more intense than before.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Nine dragon roars sounded out as nine savage-looking black dragons danced amidst the black clouds. Sometimes, their black, glowing dragon scales could be seen; sometimes, their powerful claws could be seen; and sometimes, their savage-looking heads could be seen.

As the nine black dragons appeared, the powerful might became even more intense, and sensing this power, the various Legatees' expressions became quite unsightly.


Another shocking explosion sounded out as the nine massive dragons gathered at the center of the vortex, and a powerful black light burst forth as the nine dragons slowly fused into a large seal.