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 No man would tolerate another man touching his women, and this was even more so for Great Qin's Legatee, who was notorious for how cruel and cold-blooded he was. Zhao Fu would definitely die a horrible death.

The singer's face became red, and she quickly pushed away Zhao Fu's hand, saying somewhat angrily, "You're going too far!"

Seeing this, Zhao Fu could not help but smile and say, "You're already my woman. Can't I touch you?"

The women still had not realized what was happening and could not understand why Zhao Fu was calling them his women.

At that moment, the palace maid responsible for bringing them here came forward and bowed to Zhao Fu, respectfully calling out, "Your Majesty!"

Only now did the 30 or so people realize the truth. They looked at Zhao Fu in shock - none of them had expected Zhao Fu to be Great Qin's Legatee! This was an incredibly shocking turn of events.

Two people so different were actually the same person. No one had guessed his true identity to actually be so monstrous.

Thinking to everything that had happened before, all of the women's faces became pale, and they hurriedly knelt as they cried out, "Your Majesty, we're sorry! We didn't know who you were!"

Zhao Fu did not mind too much and lightly nodded. Right now, the model was the most scared; thinking about how she had treated Great Qin's Legatee, with how savage he was, it was very likely that she would be tortured to death.

She had heard that Great Qin often skinned their enemies or broke their bones and cut their flesh off bit by bit. When she thought about that, the model started crying in fear. She clung onto Zhao Fu's leg as she wept. "I'm sorry, Your Majesty; I really didn't know who you were. I'm sorry. Please forgive me and let me live. I'll definitely serve you with everything I have!"

Seeing how terrified she looked, Zhao Fu lightly nodded. Zhao Fu had experienced this quite a lot, and seeing that Zhao Fu had no intention of blaming her, the model relaxed.

Zhao Fu then looked at that singer. Looking at her slim figure and full breasts, the singer's face became a bit red, and she lowered her head.

Following this, Zhao Fu made them all concubines and had people take them to their residences.

After returning to the Heaven Awaken World, what surprised Zhao Fu was that the eye still had not disappeared, and it seemed to have been implanted into Zhao Fu's heart. It continued to peacefully look at Zhao Fu, and feeling this gaze, Zhao Fu could not help but frown.

Zhao Fu could do nothing about this expect ask the golden dragon how to get rid of the eye. At the same time, Zhao Fu told the golden dragon about the eye.

After hearing about it, the golden expressed that it did not know either, but it said that this eye had a benefit. This eye was called a Heart Eye, and it was a formless eye that could enter one's thoughts. With this eye, one could sense all hostile intents and could prevent other people from sensing their thoughts. It was also a great help to one's Cultivation.

In actuality, if Zhao Fu wanted to get rid of it, that was up to him - if his thoughts drastically changed, the eye would disappear or completely fuse into Zhao Fu's mind.

Zhao Fu could only put this matter aside and turn his attention back to Great Qin. Now, the development of Great Qin's Great Wall and the clearing of regions were progressing incredibly quickly.

Soon, another month had passed, and they had cleared out one-third of the regions. This provided Great Qin with a large amount of population and experience, and one side of the Great Wall was nearly complete.

Because Great Qin was about to become a Kingdom, all of its resources were focused on this. Soon, Great Qin would be an official Kingdom as opposed to a formless faction.

Every region had to have Villages, Towns, and Cities, and they could not all be clumped together. They had to fill out all of Great Qin's territory; only then would they be able to solidify their Fate and make Great Qin's foundations even firmer.

Moreover, every region had to be laid out properly with Villages spread out, Towns at the center of the many Villages, and Cities at the center of the many Towns. The Cities would administer the Towns, and the Towns would administer the Villages. This would form a proper system of governance.

Great Qin did not have many normal Cities yet, so they would use Great Cities for now.

Before, Zhao Fu had named the various regions as Provinces. Now, he had to split the Provinces into Counties. Each Province could be split into roughly five to eight Counties depending on the size.

Each County was then split into Towns and Villages; each region was split into tiny segments.

This was not easy to do and had to be done ahead of time. It could not be left until they had established their Kingdom. This was left to the various Ministers, who gathered people to draw detailed maps before creating Counties.

At the same time, the establishment of the Kingdom required a large number of talented people to fill many new positions. As such, Zhao Fu conducted an Imperial Examination.

This Imperial Examination was split into a Civil Examination and a Martial Examination in order to choose Ministers and Generals. There was no limitation to age and race; anyone with the ability to do so could participate and become an official.

After all, Great Qin did not just have one race; apart from the indigenous residents, there were many different types of Outlanders and many Vietnamese indigenous residents now. Zhao Fu had never discriminated between the different races; all were equal and had an opportunity to become an official.

Moreover, he did not restrict people by their age because those who were talented and capable were not just the young and able; many older people were quite capable as well.

Zhao Fu did not restrict the Imperial Examination to those in the Academy either. Even though there were now 120 branches of the Rising Qin Academy and they had two million students, limiting the examination like that would be far too restrictive.

Great Qin had taken down many regions and system main cities, from which they had gained many learned and scholarly people. As such, Zhao Fu decided to pick anyone who performed well in order to help Great Qin develop.

This was the same for the Martial Examinations. Not only did the participants not have to be students of the Rising Qin Academy, but they also did not have to even be soldiers; anyone who was capable could participate.

Of course, leading troops in battle was extremely dangerous, and they could not take this casually. Those who led others had to have a certain amount of battle experience, so most would be chosen from the army. If there were any people with exceptional fighting power, they could be gradually nurtured.

They first sent an announcement to all of the regions about the Imperial Examination, and the response from the people was quite passionate. Naturally, many people were incredibly excited and happy about the prospect of becoming an official, and there were many people participating.

The examinations were conducted in stages, with each stage becoming harder than the previous stage. In order to pick suitable people from an ocean of participants, they had to have strict requirements.

After six days, roughly 30,000 people reached the final stage.