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 One of the famous singers hurriedly cut off Zhao Fu and said in a small voice, "Are you not afraid of dying? You dare to talk about Great Qin's Legatee like that? We know he's not good, but we have no other choice. We know that the real world is going to be destroyed soon, and only he can give us a safe and fulfilling life.

"In actuality, there's someone else I have my eyes on, but the world will belong to Great Qin's Legatee sooner or later. Even if I become someone else's woman, with how licentious Great Qin's Legatee is, he will still snatch me for his pleasure.

"I know that most men like women to be virgins and think that women who have been with men before aren't clean. As such, if I stay a virgin for him, I'll receive more affection from him.

"Since we're going to be taken by him sooner or later, it's better to take the initiative; maybe then we'll be given better treatment. If we wait until we're snatched, adding on the fact that we won't be 'pure' anymore, we might be treated coldly and die somewhere without anyone knowing."

Zhao Fu really did not know what to say. He was Great Qin's Legatee, and hearing her speak about him like this, he wondered if he really was as bad as that.

Zhao Fu dryly coughed before saying, "Great Qin's Legatee is actually not too bad; he cares about his subjects, is fair to all, and treats his subordinates well..."

"You don't need to say this; I know you'll definitely try to say good things about him. I know what sort of person you are!" another young woman said, discourteously cutting Zhao Fu off.

Zhao Fu felt quite speechless; he was indeed trying to save some face for himself.

"Alright, that's enough. You're called Zhao Fu right? When are you going to take us to Great Qin?" a woman with an extremely good figure, looking like a model, asked impatiently.

These women all looked quite prideful, and Zhao Fu replied, "I haven't decided whether I want to send you to Great Qin or not!"

All of the women, who did not even want to bother with Zhao Fu, felt incredibly shocked and stared at him.

One of the women coldly harrumphed and said, "Do you know what the consequences are? With how lustful Great Qin's Legatee is, it's impossible that he won't want us. You're just a minor figure working under him, so if you dare to not send us to him, you'll be dead meat! Plus, I remember everything you said about him before; you'd best watch yourself!"

This woman's figure was incredibly sexy, and he remembered that he had watched a few movies she was in. He originally had a good impression of her but not anymore now that she treated him so condescendingly.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and did not reply, refusing to send them.

The singer who had spoken first tried to persuade him in a soft voice, "Zhao Fu, I know you have good intentions, but this is our decision. Please help us!

"Even though we know that he's not good, the world is in such chaos, and without someone powerful protecting us, our outcome will be quite grim. We might even become a sex toy for countless men and might lose our right to even be human. You stay within Great Qin, so you don't know how evil and cruel the outside world is.

"The outside world is incredibly chaotic, and we are doing this voluntarily. No matter what happens, we won't blame you. If you don't help us, that will be the same as destroying us."

This made Zhao Fu feel quite helpless, so he could only agree, although this would only add to his reputation of being licentious. However, since this was what they wanted, he could only accept them.

Hearing that Zhao Fu was going to accept them into Great Qin, they all looked at him gratefully. He wondered how they would feel after knowing about his true identity.

However, Zhao Fu temporarily did not bring them to Great Qin because a mysterious faction had sent something to Zhao Fu. They had not revealed their identity, and the thing that they had sent was a sword.

This sword was about one meter long and two finger widths wide, and it was completely black. There were golden inscriptions on it, and it gave off an ancient aura but did not feel very sharp.

Zhao Fu could sense that this sword was not ordinary at all, as it gave off a dignified and benevolent sword intent. This sword intent was extremely powerful and ancient, and even an ordinary Epic grade weapon in the Heaven Awaken World would not be able to compare to it. This sword intent could rival even a Saint Armament.

Who would gift such a valuable sword to him? Zhao Fu simply could not understand. However, Zhao Fu knew of this sword's background.

This was the second-ranked sword out of the Ten Legendary Swords, the Clear Sable Sword. The first-ranked sword, the Regulus Sword, was a sword of legends, while the Clear Sable Sword was a sword more grounded in reality. If it wasn't for the Regulus Sword, the Clear Sable Sword would definitely be the top sword in China.

The Clear Sable Sword was created by the legendary master of sword-making, Ou Yezi, together with the help of his wife Zhu Jun, wife Mo Xie, and junior apprentice brother Gan Jiang, for the monarch Yunchang.

Ou Yezi was a grandmaster-level figure in the ancient world of sword-making. His sword-making skills were unparalleled, and he was the number one expert in the ancient world; even now, his name was heard of by many.

The Clear Sable Sword was a sword but also an eye.

This long, black sword made it hard for others to sense how sharp it was, and it instead gave off an aura of tolerance and benevolence. It was like a deep, black eye of the heavens, looking down on every action of a king.

If a ruler was virtuous and capable, the sword would remain with them and help the kingdom prosper; if a ruler was immoral and incapable, the sword would desert them, and the kingdom would fall to ruin.

When Ou Yezi completed the sword, he could not help but shed tears, because he had finally completed his lifelong dream: To create a weapon that was firm and indestructible yet did not give off any killing intent.

After the Clear Sable Sword was forged, it was given to the King Yunchang and passed on to his son, King Goujian. After losing in battle, he gave the sword to the King of Wu, Fuchai. However, King Fuchai was tyrannical, and the Clear Sable Sword left him, going instead to the King of Chu. From then onwards, the Clear Sable Sword had been a sword that represented justice and kindness.

As the saying went, 'those who acted with kindness would have no enemies'- the Clear Sable Sword was a sword of kindness.

After recalling the information about the Clear Sable Sword, Zhao Fu could not help but feel quite startled - why did someone gift him this sword of kindness? Could it be because they wanted him to show more kindness and stop killing?

Zhao Fu held this sword and felt quite uncomfortable. The path that Zhao Fu walked was not the path of kindness, one that convinced people to surrender through amicable means - it was one of domination through continuous killing.

This sword did not suit him, and just as he was about to put the sword down, he felt that within a boundless darkness, an eye suddenly opened. Zhao Fu's hairs stood on end and looked at the sword in shock - this sword actually had its own consciousness.