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 Zhao Fu smiled. There was no such thing as a free lunch, nor could someone rise to success in a single step. It was impossible to reap rewards without putting in effort, and those people had paid the price for thinking otherwise.

Zhao Fu continued reading through the forum and looked at some other news.

After this, Zhao Fu looked at the 10 Great Ancient Swords: the first was the Regulus Sword, the Sword of Holiness; the second was the Clear Sable Sword, the Sword of Mercy; the third was the Scarlet Firmament Sword, the Sword of Sovereignty; the fourth was the Taia Sword, the Sword of Might; the fifth was the Seven Star Dragon Abyss Sword, the Sword of Integrity; the sixth and seventh were a pair of swords, Ganjiang and Moxie, the Swords of True Love; the eighth was the Fish Intestine Sword, the Sword of Bravery; the ninth was the True Excellence Sword, the Sword of Matchless Honour; and the tenth was the Vague Shadow Sword, the Sword of Exquisite Elegance.[TLN: For those who are interested, these are all real swords in China's history]

These were only the top 10 famed swords, and there were many other famed swords. For example, the founder of sword-forging, Ou Yezi, many of whose swords were in the top 10, forged many other swords as well: the Gongbu Sword, Evil-Suppressing Sword, Great Ravager Sword, Panying Sword, and Haocao Sword. There were also famed swords forged during the Spring and Autumn period: Sun-Shrouding Sword, Water-Ending Sword, Soul-Turning Sword, Leviathan Sword, Spirit-Destroying Sword, Evil-Repelling Sword, and Truesteel Sword. There were also other famed swords forged during the Tang Dynasty: Ninecrow Sword, Azure Frost Sword, Infirmity Sword, Azure Dragon Sword, etc...

There were also many other swords that had not been mentioned. Swords symbolized the Path of Kings, and blades were the symbol of the Path of Overlords. As such, most kings used swords. Who knew how many of the ancient swords still existed; all of them were incredibly powerful weapons.

In terms of weapons, Zhao Fu quite liked swords. Perhaps in the future he would gather some rare materials and have people forge for him a few famed swords that would become legends as well.

After looking through this information, just as Zhao Fu was about to turn off his computer and enter the Heaven Awaken World again, someone knocked on his door. Following this, a voice sounded out, "Mr. Zhao, Big Miss Xi would like to invite you over."

It was the bodyguard who was responsible for looking after him, so Zhao Fu decided it was best to go and meet Ying Xi.

Zhao Fu followed the bodyguard to where Ying Xi was, and she was sitting elegantly beside a lake. There were a few attendants beside her, which indicated to Zhao Fu her status in the family. When he saw her, he asked, "Big Miss Xi, what would you like to talk about?"

Ying Xi replied somewhat unhappily, "Zhao Fu, I said that you don't need to be so courteous. You're part of the Ying family, so you can just call me by my name!"

Since she was the dominant party, what she said was law. Zhao Fu could only apologize and say, "Alright, Ying Xi."

Ying Xi lightly smiled and said, "There'll be a gathering later, so prepare to come with me."

"Gathering?" Zhao Fu didn't want to go to the gathering. First, he didn't like lively and raucous atmospheres, and second, he was worried about his identity being exposed. He was especially worried about running into someone who was familiar with Fate, so he did not leave the house much. Now that Ying Xi wanted him to go to this gathering, he quickly refused, "Ying Xi! I don't really like those sorts of things, so I must apologi-"

Before Zhao Fu could finish his sentence, Ying Xi cut him off, "Mm, that's fine! I just want to take you to meet someone; you can leave right after you've met that person."

Since there was no way for him to refuse, Zhao Fu could only agree. He followed a person who seemed to be a butler and was given a suit to put on.

Following this, Zhao Fu waited in a room. When he saw Ying Xi again, she was wearing a beautiful white dress.

She looked incredibly beautiful with her delicately-shaped face and tender skin. With the snow-white dress and the crystal necklace around her neck, she looked like a real princess. However, right now, Zhao Fu was not in a mood to appreciate her beauty, and he had countless thoughts running through his head.

"Zhao Fu, let's go!" Ying Xi said to Zhao Fu when she saw him with his head lowered.

Zhao Fu came back to his senses and nodded before silently following behind her. They soon arrived in a large hall, where the banquet had already begun. There were many handsome men and beautiful women, and each of them possessed extraordinary bearings. They were all most likely a part of the Ying family's main family.

Seeing Ying Xi, they all smiled and greeted her. Ying Xi smiled back and responded to their greetings, while Zhao Fu was completely ignored.

"Zhao Fu, wait for me here. There are some matters I need to take care of," Ying Xi suddenly said.

Zhao Fu nodded to show that he understood. Ying Xi walked to the front of the hall, where a few elders and a few young men and women were standing - they were most likely the other successors of the Ying family. Zhao Fu stood in the center of the hall, and no one paid any attention to him. In the end, Zhao Fu decided to stand in a reclusive corner to avoid drawing any attention to himself.

"Are you Zhao Fu?" a voice suddenly said from behind him. Zhao Fu turned around and curiously looked over, and he saw a woman who was 1 or 2 years older than him. She was wearing a red dress and her hair was in a bob. She had a pretty-looking face and had red lipstick on, but she also gave off a sense of heroism and a slightly domineering air.

Zhao Fu recognized this woman: she was the Student President of the university he studied at before, and she was called Wu Qingniang. They had met a few times in the past, and he had never expected to see her here.

Zhao Fu nodded and replied, "Student President!"

Wu Qingniang smiled, walked over, and said, "Don't call me that here; just call me by my name. I was quite surprised when I heard that you dropped out, and I didn't think that I would meet you here!"

Zhao Fu was also quite surprised. However, more so than meeting her here, he was surprised that she remembered him. After all, they had only met a few times in the past.

"Do you have the Ying family's bloodline?" Wu Qingniang asked as she went to Zhao Fu's side and looked at him with a surprised expression and lightly smiled.

It wasn't a secret, so Zhao Fu nodded and curiously asked, "Do you also have the Ying family's bloodline?"

Wu Qingniang lightly shook her head and said, "I don't have the Ying family's bloodline; I have the Wu family's bloodline!"

"Wu family?"

Zhao Fu had no idea which historical family the Wu family was.

"Qingniang!" at this moment, Ying Xi finally finished her matters and called out to Wu Qingniang when she saw her by Zhao Fu's side.

Wu Qingniang looked at Ying Xi, smiled, and said, "Lil Xi!"

Zhao Fu saw that they seemed quite familiar with each other, so he stood there without saying anything.

Ying Xi walked over and looked at Wu Qingniang and Zhao Fu, and Ying Xi smiled as she said, "I wanted to introduce you two, but who would have thought that you already knew each other?"

"Lil Xi, the person you were talking about before was Zhao Fu?" Wu Qingniang asked as she looked at Zhao Fu with a surprised expression.

Ying Xi smiled and nodded.

Wu Qingniang thought for a moment and seemed to realize something, causing her to smile.

Zhao Fu had not spoken this entire time, and he watched them as they started chatting. Since it was getting late, he said his farewells and left first.