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 Back at Great Qin, within the gigantic pillar of Yin Qi, Zhao Fu's body went through some changes. He no longer looked like a ghost and returned to his human appearance.

He no longer had fangs in his mouth, and his hands were no longer claws. His appearance did not look savage anymore, and his body was not as pale. His skin was still slightly pale but had some ruddiness, and his hair was still gray-white.

The biggest changes were in Zhao Fu's eyes. Before, Zhao Fu's left eye had four pupils: two blood-red, one white, and one gold. Each of the pupils gave off different auras: The blood-red ones gave off evil and murderous auras, the white one gave off a peaceful aura, and the golden one gave off a noble aura.

Now, there was an extra gray pupil in Zhao Fu's left eye. This gray pupil looked like a ghost's, and it gave off an eerie aura. Normal people would feel quite frightened when looking at it and would not dare to look at Zhao Fu directly; otherwise, they would probably have nightmares for a few days.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu's right eye also went through some changes. Before, Zhao Fu's right eye had three pupils layered together. Now, there were four pupils layered together, with an extra gray layer. The six gray dots around the pupil also became a bit bigger.

There was also now a gray ghostly dragon within Zhao Fu's body. It was as big as an ordinary dragon, but it had four eyes and a bone horn on its head. It gave off an eerie and terrifying aura of a ghost and was extremely powerful.

The Six Paths Demon Images within the Ghost World Pearl looked quite weak and were no longer as ferocious; it seemed that they had been heavily injured and needed a long time to recover.

Zhao Fu opened his terrifying eyes and stood between the heavens and earth. His aura seemed quite strange - it seemed somewhat human and yet somewhat ghost-like, but it was extremely powerful and gave off the might of an Emperor.

Zhao Fu came back to his senses, and the Nether Emperor Star slowly disappeared into the sky as the abnormal signs in the surroundings also disappeared.

The massive pillar of Yin Qi gradually shrank, and the clouds of Yin Qi covering the human world also receded. The Yin Qi that filled the heavens and earth gradually dissipated, and a few rays of sunlight started to pierce through the clouds, restoring warmth to the human world.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief and looked towards the direction of Great Qin. No one would believe that this had nothing to do with Great Qin.

After experiencing the abnormal signs from the Celestial Emperor Star and Nether Emperor Star, everyone prepared themselves for more, not letting their guards down yet.

After a while, nothing happened, and the warm sunlight was still shining; the birds were still singing and there were light breezes. Only then did they relax.

From the three General Stars gathering, to the golden star descending, to the ghostly moon-like star descending, no one had expected so many things to happen. This was much more terrifying than even when the Myrtle Imperial Star and the Chaos Imperial Star had descended.

What was even more unexpected was that Great Qin's Fate Star now was not only the Chaos Imperial Star; there was also a mysterious gold star and that ghostly moon-like star. No one understood what was happening with those two stars.

They had never seen those two stars before and naturally had no idea what they were. However, they could tell that they were at least King Stars, or else they would not have been able to cause such a disturbance.

Now, Great Qin's Legatee's potential was simply terrifying. He had three Fate Stars that were at least King Stars, making his future unlimited. This made the leaders of the various factions felt a headache coming on - Great Qin's Legatee was becoming greater and greater.

They desperately thought of ways to suppress Great Qin, but they felt incredibly helpless. The gap between them and Great Qin was too huge.

As the time for the destruction of the world came closer and closer, many large families decided to make a decision. This matter completely destroyed their hopes of making a name for themselves, and they could only dispiritedly run to the Ying family, hoping that Great Qin would take them in.

Ever since Great Qin had conquered one-third of its territory, Vietnam had viewed Great Qin as its greatest enemy, wanting to find an opportunity to take revenge. However, after this, they realized how naïve they were. They were like a few ants wanting to kill a massive dragon.

When the Celestial Emperor Star, giving off boundless heaven's will, descended, they felt completely helpless. Their minds felt as if they had taken a great blow, going completely blank, and their bodies had automatically knelt in the direction Great Qin was in. It was not just a few people but everyone in Vietnam; very few people could even resist this terrifying might.

Facing someone who was so many times more powerful than them, they felt greatly discouraged, and some factions started to change their minds. If they continued on like this, all of Vietnam would be destroyed at Great Qin's hands sooner or later. If they did not want to die, they could only choose to submit.

As such, they could not continue to view Great Qin with hatred and calmed themselves down so that they could make a rational decision. If Great Qin was willing to take them in, they would submit to Great Qin.

The various Dynasty Legatees' expressions were all quite unsightly. They had not been able to fully withstand the heaven's will to kneel either, and as the Legatee of a Dynasty, kneeling to someone else was an incredible humiliation.

What angered them even more was that not only did they kneel, but all of their subjects had also knelt to Great Qin. This made them almost go mad with anger, hating Great Qin to death.

Out of the Eight Legatees, only Tina Pendragon had been able to withstand that heaven's will, but she had been heavily wounded as the price. It was essentially impossible for humans to resist that power, and even some Kings in the Grassi world could not withstand it, much less humans who were not yet Kings.

This matter not only shook the human world but also the Fish Scale world, Dark Demon world, and Grassi world.

The Grassi world decided to change its original plan - before, they had decided to wait until the Heaven Domain Boundaries were gone to invade the human world. They viewed the human world as sheep, but now, it seemed that the human world could actually be a ferocious tiger. If they weren't careful, they could be in trouble.

The Dark Demon world was also greatly shaken. They completely gave up on any ideas of looking down on the human world, and almost all the factions gathered together to discuss how to deal with the human world in the future.

The Dark Demon world's World Protector, Mo Qi, once again entered the human world to observe it. He did not act as unrestrainedly as before because there was a being even more terrifying than him here.

The Fish Scale world deeply regretted what they had done - if they had known this would happen, they would not have invaded the human world. Not only did they lose so many people, but they might also have brought great trouble upon themselves. In the future, there would definitely be a battle between the humans and Fish Scale people, and when they thought of that, their expressions became quite unsightly.

The Fish Scale world's World Protector, a young man with golden fish scales, had finished his long period of cultivation. He also stepped into the human world for the first time and seriously observed the humans.