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 Compared to the Godly Spirit World, the Ghost World had a closer connection to the Heaven Awaken World. There were not as many restrictions, and they could even use certain things to move freely between the worlds; this was not possible for the Godly Spirit World.

The Heaven Awaken World had many people from the Death Race, but the Death Race was somewhat different to the Ghost World's races. Even though they were all created from Yin Qi, there were some differences.

Most of the Ghost World's races came from ancient times and were mostly extremely pure. They contained a trace of Yin Qi source energy. Even though most of the Death Race had Yin Qi and their bloodlines had Yin attributes, compared to the Ghost World's races, they were quite impure and weak.

Only someone with the purest Ghost World Bloodline could awaken a Nether Emperor Star. It was quite rare for people from the Death Race to be able to awaken the Nether Emperor Star, and even in the Ghost World, it was quite rare.

As the sovereign star of the Death Race, the Nether Emperor Star was an extremely noble existence. It had the ability to make countless ghosts submit, and ordinary ghosts were unable to resist. It was able to suppress even the souls of ghosts due to the immense Fate it contained.

Even though there were many Death Race Empires in the Heaven Awaken World, there were very few with extremely pure bloodlines, and thus, there were very few Nether Emperor Stars. According to the direction the elder was pointing in, there was only one Empire that could achieve this.

"Master, the Death Race and Human Race's relationship has been quite good recently. Now that the Ghost God Empire has awakened a Nether Emperor Star, should we go and express our congratulations?" the disciple confidently asked as he smiled.

The elder shook his head, his expression serious as he replied, "It's not the Ghost God Empire; it's still a remote region on the boundary that awakened this Nether Emperor Star!"

"What?" The disciple felt incredibly shocked. The Celestial Emperor Star from before had descended in a remote region, and now this Nether Emperor Star had also descended in a remote region. This was simply too shocking; there had never been two Emperor Stars descending in remote regions before.

Moreover, the conditions for awakening a Nether Emperor Star were even more demanding than that of a Celestial Emperor Star. Not only did one need a Sovereign Bloodline, but one also needed a pure Ghost World Bloodline. How could someone in a remote region fulfill both of those requirements? This disciple simply could not work out what was happening.

At that moment, the elder said something that made him feel even more shocked, "The aura that this Nether Emperor Star gives off is extremely similar to the aura that the Celestial Emperor Star gave off. It's quite likely that the same person awakened both of them!"

Upon hearing this, the disciple felt immensely shocked, and his voice trembled as he said, "Master, this is impossible! The Celestial Emperor Star is our Human Race's sovereign star, and only someone with an extremely pure Human Bloodline can awaken it, while the Nether Emperor Star requires an extremely pure Ghost World Bloodline!"

Both of these stars were two different Races' sovereign stars, and even ordinary Empires could not awaken one. Anyone who could awaken even one would have an enormous amount of Fate.

Perhaps in the entirety of the Heaven Awaken World, no one had ever awakened two sovereign stars! Even if someone could obtain two Fate Stars, they would at most be ordinary stars. However, these were both sovereign stars!

Moreover, there was no way to explain how that person had fulfilled the issues of both of the bloodlines. One was a Human Bloodline and the other was a Ghost World Bloodline, and both had to be extremely pure in order to obtain those Races' Fate.

A single person awakening two sovereign stars was simply unimaginable and inexplicable.

The elder's expression was quite serious as he shook his head, unable to answer his disciple's words. This matter was indeed quite shocking.

"Master, what should we do?" The disciple deeply breathed in and out a few times before calming himself down. This was definitely something that would shake the entire Heaven Awaken World - a Celestial Emperor Star descending was already shocking enough, and now, two Emperor Stars had descended.

After thinking for a while, the elder said, "Gather all of the Elders!"

Hearing this, the disciple quickly left to notify the Elders of the meeting.

Within the Heaven's Will organisation, a few people reported to the leader - the Fate Sovereign - about two sovereign stars descending.

A young woman who possessed ethereal looks and was wearing a white dress slowly walked over, and everyone nearby automatically made way. They all lowered their heads respectfully; even though this young woman looked quite young, she had lived for an extremely long time.

She was the leader of Heaven's Will, and her power surpassed that of ordinary people. She ordinarily remained within Heaven's Will and very rarely left. However, she was someone who all of the top factions in the Heaven Awaken World wanted to befriend.

The elders who had coughed up blood and collapsed walked up to her and bowed, calling out, "Fate Sovereign!"

The young woman lightly nodded and said in an elegant tone, "Tell me everything in detail!"

The elders told everything to the young woman, from finding the Celestial Emperor Star to seeing two Fate Stars, to then being blasted away by the two stars like bugs.

A rare look of surprise appeared on the young woman's face. She walked over to the Heaven's Secret device, and everyone looked towards her, feeling quite curious.

Back when the sixth Celestial Emperor Star had descended, the Fate Sovereign had not bothered looking into it, but now, it seemed that she was going to personally act. As the Fate Sovereign, her power was something that they could not compare to, and they believed that the Fate Sovereign could work out what was happening.

After the young woman went to the side of Heaven's Secret, it started to quickly spin, and the young woman's consciousness gradually entered it. After following the tracks left by the elders before, she quickly found the golden star.

If the elders' consciousnesses were bugs, then the Fate Sovereign's consciousness was a massive beast.

Looking at this enormous golden star, the young woman became quite serious. She pushed against its massive might and advanced, and after seeing the red star next to it, her pupils constricted, feeling quite shocked.

The young woman could immediately tell that this was a star of disaster fused from a Myrtle Imperial Star and a Chaos Devil Star. The aura of disaster and killing it gave off caused even her to feel shocked.

This person actually had two Fate Stars; one was a Celestial Emperor Star and the other was a Chaos Imperial Star. This person would definitely cause massive waves in the future, changing the situation in the entire Heaven Awaken World. His potential was simply unimaginable.

The young woman's expression became quite serious, and she stood there and looked closely at the two stars, trying to see the path of Zhao Fu's fate.

At that moment, the two stars sensed the young woman and gave off intense lights, once again blasting out with immense might.

The young woman immediately performed hand seals, causing a white barrier to surround her. Against this attack, the young woman could only just hold on.