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A shocking explosion rang throughout the entire human world. When all of the soldiers' corpses opened their eyes, an ocean-like wave of Yin Qi exploded out, forming a pillar of Yin Qi that shot into the sky.

The pillar of Yin Qi was tens of thousands of kilometers wide, seeming to connect the heavens and the earth. The sound and shockwaves it gave off make it seem as if the world was ending, creating a shocking scene.

In front of this pillar of Yin Qi, countless people felt incredibly tiny and insignificant; this power was not something that they could resist.

Yin Qi continuously shot into the sky, forming countless dark clouds and covering the entire sky. The temperature rapidly fell, and a chilling aura spread out.

The clouds of Yin Qi continuously spread out, covering the entire human world in just a few moments. The ghostly qi filled the entire world, and the human world seemed to lose all life, turning into a gray-white world filled with ghostly qi and a gloomy aura.

As ghosts sensed this overwhelming Yin Qi, they delightedly flew into the sky and swam about, giving off chilling howls. It seemed as if the world had turned into a world of ghosts.

Near the human world, the Fish Scale world, Dark Demon world, and Grassi world had only just come back to their senses from the descent of the Celestial Emperor Star and felt quite afraid of the human world.

They were not sure what had happened in the human world, but that Will that made even the heavens and earth want to submit struck terror into their hearts. They would never be able to forget that sort of power, and it would become a nightmare for them.

Even the Dark Demon world, which had looked down on the human world this whole time, found that it had been wrong. These humans, who they had looked down on, were actually the Dark Demon race's greatest enemies.

At that moment, an extremely gloomy and cold aura came from the human world again. All people in those three worlds' hairs stood no end, and they gulped. Looking at the Yin Qi rushing over from the human world, their bodies trembled in terror.

Just what was happening in the human world?

The hellish intent continuously flowed into Zhao Fu's body and corroded it. It felt like an extremely chilling qi had invaded Zhao Fu's body, slowly tearing it apart. Even his soul was being slowly ripped apart, filling Zhao Fu with immense pain.

Zhao Fu had not yet undone his Six Paths of Reincarnation state, and he still looked like a ghost. Within his body, the golden dragon was quite shocked, not knowing what was happening, but it had an ominous feeling.

Suddenly, a hellish intent wrapped Zhao Fu's body and instantly brought Zhao Fu within that massive pillar of Yin Qi.

At the center of the pillar of Yin Qi, which was the Ghost Seal Formation, there had been something growing this entire time. Because of what the golden dragon had said, Zhao Fu did not stop it, but he had never thought that something like this would happen.

Zhao Fu's body was currently powerlessly floating within the pillar of Yin Qi, and the hellish intent continuously corroded his body and soul. The intense pain caused him to continuously scream, and his voice became quite hoarse.

Within the Ghost World Pearl, even the Six Paths Demon Images bound by chains felt a sense of terror. They madly roared as they struggled, but they were completely helpless. Wounds started to appear on their bodies, and boundless black blood was drawn out by a formless energy, fusing into Zhao Fu's bloodline.

The purest Yin Qi in the pillar of Yin Qi flooded into Zhao Fu's body, and the massive amount of Yin Qi once again caused Zhao Fu to go through changes.

On the ground, the Ghost Soldiers simultaneously pushed open their coffins and walked out. They looked up at Zhao Fu in the sky, their gray-white eyes filled with a resolute will.

"We pay our respects to the Emperor!" the 25 million Ghost Soldiers' voices boomed like thunder. They all half-knelt with their heads lowered, calling out respectfully.

In that moment, the countless ghosts, including even Great Qin's Black and White Impermanences and Yin Soldiers, felt an incredibly powerful might. This might weighed down on their souls and was something that they could not resist.

All of the ghosts knelt on both knees towards the pillar of Yin Qi in respect and terror.

"Roarrr!!" In that moment, a dragon's roar sounded out throughout the entire world. Under the pillar of Yin Qi, a gray, ghostly dragon giving off an Emperor's aura that could cause all ghosts to submit entered Zhao Fu's body.


A massive explosion shook the entire world. The enormous pillar of Yin Qi expanded out to become tens of times larger, and the ocean of Yin Qi continuously flooded into Zhao Fu's body.

Rays of gray light shot past mountains, oceans, out of the human world, past the surrounding worlds, and past the surrounding thousands of worlds. Feeling the coldness from those rays of gray light, everyone's body froze, and they looked in the direction of the human world.

A gray star that looked like a moon gave off a ghostly intent and an eerie might that made the entire world want to submit.

In that moment, the elder from the Heaven Path Sect's expression became one of dismay as he looked towards the distance with eyes as sharp as swords.

His disciple had just ordered people to collect information on the Celestial Emperor Star, and seeing his Master's expression become so serious, he asked curiously, "What is it, Master?"

The elder could no longer remain calm. His hand slightly trembled as he said, "In that direction, there is a Nether Emperor Star Descending!"

Hearing this, the disciple also felt quite shocked, "Nether Emperor Stars are the sovereign stars of the Death Race. This is the fourth in the past 100 years; the Death Race must be incredibly happy. Who would have thought that right after a Celestial Emperor Star descended, a Nether Emperor Star would also descend. It's also in the same direction; what a coincidence!"

Because Nether Emperor Stars belonged to the Death Race, they were relatively rare. Above the Heaven Awaken World was the Godly Spirit World that had all sorts of godly spirits, and below the Heaven Awaken World was the Ghost World that contained countless Undead.

The Ghost World was about the same size as the Godly Spirit world and was the final place for countless living creatures. It was an ancient world that appeared during early times, and it was a world that relied on the Heaven Awaken World for its existence.

The Ghost World was filled with all sorts of ghosts and had many ancient races, including the Black and White Impermanences and Yin Soldiers. They all lived in the Ghost World.