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 The shrinking vortex suddenly expanded out again as the black-clothed man continuously performed hand seals. His body gave off a powerful blood-red light as he slowly sank into the blood-red water.

The vortex expanded out to 1,000 meters wide and blood-red water gushed out of it. The sound was incredibly shocking, and as the blood-red water descended, it instantly covered the ground and killed all living beings it touched.

The blood-red water covered the surrounding 10 kilometers, giving off a dense bloody odor. Everything was dyed blood-red, creating a hellish, horrifying scene.

Soon, the blood-red water started to roil as if it was boiling. Bubbles started to appear as blood-red qi floated up, and at the center of the blood-red water, a man's image formed.

The power that this image gave off was extremely terrifying. When it formed, time and space seemed to freeze, and his monstrous power was enough to make people feel suffocated. Under his pressure, ordinary Stage 1 soldiers would immediately explode and die.

"You lowly bug, you've angered this Sovereign. If you kneel, I'll let you die an easier death. A low-grade human like you is not worthy of an Origin Mark."

The image stood with its hands behind its back and spoke with a cold, calm voice. It looked at Zhao Fu as if it was looking at a bug.

Feeling this immense power, Zhao Fu's body could not help but tremble. This image's power was simply too mighty and surpassed even Tuoba Qing's power. No wonder she had to leave - these sorts of higher beings would be able to kill even gods with ease.


An explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu used all of the Great Qin Seal's power. The Great Qin Seal continuously trembled and gathered power from the countless Cities. The various City Lords had all since noticed that a terrifying existence had descended, so they all responded, sending their City Lord Seals' power into the Great Qin Seal.

Zhao Fu raised his power to the maximum, causing a powerful flame to shoot into the sky. His aura blasted out like wild gales, causing countless creatures to feel terror.

The image condescending smiled and waved its hand.

In that moment, Zhao Fu's body froze, and he felt a chill in his heart as he sensed an enormous wave of energy rushing towards him. He did not hesitate and unleashed his Emperor's Domain with his full strength.


A muffled sound rang out as Zhao Fu's body was sent flying backward by the formless energy, and his Emperor's Domain instantly shattered.

Zhao Fu's body crashed 1,000 meters away, and a few of his ribs had been broken. He coughed up a mouthful of blood and felt incredibly powerless - this person was so powerful.

The image sneered at Zhao Fu and stepped out, instantly crossing the 1,000 meters and came before Zhao Fu. "You're too weak!"

After saying this, the image lifted its foot and stomped towards Zhao Fu with immense strength.

Zhao Fu was given a big fright and quickly dodged, turning into a ray of light and rushing 100 meters away. The image's stomp was like a meteor crashing down, creating a massive crater and causing a corporeal shockwave to blast out.

The surrounding 1,000 meters instantly caved in, creating a giant pit that was tens of meters deep. If Zhao Fu had been hit, even if he did not die, he would have been heavily injured.

Before Zhao Fu could rejoice at avoiding this attack, the image suddenly appeared behind Zhao Fu and kicked at him.


Zhao Fu's body flew out like a sandbag, heavily crashing onto a small hill 1,000 meters away. The small hill was instantly destroyed, causing countless rocks to fly everywhere.

"Your strength is not enough to withstand this Sovereign. Kneel and I will allow you to die!" the image mockingly said.

Zhao Fu powerlessly lay among the rubble, his body covered with blood. His aura was quite weak, and the image once again blurred and appeared before him. The image prepared to end Zhao Fu's life, as it seemed that Zhao Fu could no longer retaliate.

Suddenly, the image was startled and wanted to retreat but was blasted flying by a massive amount of energy, crashing hundreds of meters away with a look of shock on its face.

A mass of gray aura had come out of Zhao Fu's body, causing the temperature of the surroundings to fall. A chilling wind started to blow as an icy, terrifying aura swept out, and there seemed to be the sound of ghosts howling as well.

Zhao Fu's body lost all traces of blood and became extremely pale. His hair also became gray-white as fangs grew in his mouth and his hands became ghost-like claws. His body gave off a terrifying ghostly power, and the ground around him started to crack.

"Six Paths of Reincarnation Power! How could a weak bug like you obtain this sort of power?" Feeling that cold energy from Zhao Fu, the image looked extremely startled and cried out. The Six Paths of Reincarnation Power was not something that could be obtained by humans, and even gods might not be able to. Yet, this person was using it!

Zhao Fu did not answer his words and turned into a black blur and flew towards the image. The image's expression became serious and stretched out a hand towards Zhao Fu, causing countless traces of blood-red aura to gather at its hand.


The image grasped at the air, and an explosion sounded out as a formless, 1,000-meter wide hand grabbed Zhao Fu's body. This power was incredibly terrifying, and even a mountain would be crushed.

However, Zhao Fu roared, causing an even stronger wave of ghostly qi to erupt out of his body. The Six Paths of Reincarnation Power was simply too powerful, and Zhao Fu could not control it properly. His mind started to become hazy, and he became more and more like a ghostly demon, instantly breaking free of the formless hand.

He appeared in front of the image, punching out with enormous strength and sending the image crashing into a mountain hundreds of meters away. The face of the mountain was left with a massive crater and countless cracks, socketing the image within it.

The image became furious - it had never been sent flying by a low-grade human like this before.


At that moment, Zhao Fu already reached the image, stabbing his sharp claw through the image's chest. The image did not expect this and could only hatefully glare at Zhao Fu, gnashing its teeth as it said, "You weak bug, this Sovereign won't let you off!"

The image's body gradually disappeared, and Zhao Fu violently coughed up a mouthful of blood. He felt as if his body was being ripped into countless pieces, and blood started to flow out of his skin. Zhao Fu wanted to stop the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, but something abnormal happened.

"Arghhhh!!" Zhao Fu howled as a cold and gloomy aura burst out from beneath him like a volcano erupting, and a hellish will began to enter his body.

In a place filled with Yin Qi, there were countless black coffins orderly put together. There were 25 million of them, covering as far as the eye could see, and they formed a grand scene. At that moment, all of the soldiers' corpses within those black coffins opened their gray-white eyes.