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 After this violet dragon egg was formed, it continuously devoured the ocean-like violet aura, causing its might to grow stronger and stronger. Even more violet aura rushed over from the horizon, entering Zhao Fu's body and causing the egg to go through changes.

As the dragon egg absorbed the violet aura, it became bigger and bigger, and its terrifying aura continued to grow. Suddenly, all of the violet aura was absorbed by Zhao Fu.

"Roarrr!!" a dragon's roar reverberated throughout the heavens as the violet dragon egg started to crack.

As the eggshell cracked, it turned into traces of violet aura gain. Soon, a violet dragon appeared within Zhao Fu's body, giving off a powerful aura. It moved about within Zhao Fu's body, and an extremely mighty Emperor's aura rippled out from Zhao Fu's body.

In that moment, the heavens and earth really did seem to submit to him - it was incredibly shocking and unforgettable.

After awakening the Celestial Emperor Star, a violet dragon appeared within Zhao Fu's body. This violet dragon looked like a normal dragon except for the fact that its horns had many forks and its claws had six toes. It was most likely a Dragon King.

The massive golden star gradually disappeared, and the abnormal signs slowly disappeared. The world became peaceful once again.

Only now did the countless kneeling people come to their senses, and they quickly came to their feet. They did not understand what was happening. They had only felt a powerful will descend, and their bodies instinctively knelt.

The leaders of the various factions looked towards the direction that Great Qin was in, feeling incredibly confused. They had suddenly knelt towards that direction, and those who had not knelt had all been heavily injured. They were bloody messes on the ground, and they would take a long time to recover.

Zhao Fu's consciousness also recovered. He stood in the air and sensed his changes - he did not know how to express it, but he could feel that he had become stronger.

Elsewhere, the black-clothed man standing above the circular pool took out a blood-red stone that gave off Origin aura. He tossed it into the pool below, causing a blinding blood-red light to come from the water, turning the water blood-red.

The black-clothed man started to perform hand seals with both hands, causing the blood-red water in the pool to swirl, and a massive amount of energy rippled out.

All of a sudden, the peaceful human world was once again sent into chaos. An extremely terrifying energy shot down from the sky, causing everyone to feel as if they had plunged into icy water. Their bodies and their souls all violently trembled.

A blood-red vortex appeared above Great Qin. This blood-red vortex started off about ten meters wide but instantly became 10,000 meters wide and gave off an enormous attractive power.

In the air, Zhao Fu's hairs stood on end as he sensed an unprecedented crisis. This blood-red vortex seemed to be targeting Zhao Fu, trying to drag him in.

The golden dragon cried out, "Zhao Fu! Some higher being found your location using your new Origin Mark. Looks like he wants to steal your Origin Mark. Be careful! Even though he cannot personally come, his strength is incredibly monstrous."

Zhao Fu understood and immediately hid the Origin Mark that Tuoba Qing had given him. He had never thought that something like this would happen, and since this higher being had found him, hiding the Origin Mark was already useless.

The attractive power from the blood-red vortex covered Zhao Fu's body, trying to suck him in.

Zhao Fu exploded out with all of his power and unleashed his Emperor's Domain. The black dragon inscription barrier appeared around him, defending against the attractive power.

"Your Majesty!" Seeing that Zhao Fu was in danger, his subordinates hurried over, wanting to help him resist that power.

However, Zhao Fu quickly told them to stay away, as this was not something that they could interfere with. That higher being's power was simply monstrous, and even though Zhao Fu was not sure how much strength that person was using, Zhao Fu had unleashed most of his power, yet he was still being slowly dragged towards the vortex. As such, he told them not to come close and told those near him to quickly leave, as their lives would be in danger.

Bai Qi and the others obeyed and quickly left, and they began to evacuate residents nearby.


Zhao Fu completely unleashed the Great Qin Seal's power, causing a black flame to erupt from his body, and an extremely terrifying aura exploded out from Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu took out the Death Disaster Sword for the first time and sent all of his power into it. The gray sword gave off a chilling sword light, and as Zhao Fu slashed out, an enormous gray sword light, bringing with it a ferocious wind filled with deathly aura, flew towards the blood-red vortex.


A massive explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu was shocked to find that not only was the Death Disaster Sword's sword qi useless against the blood-red vortex, but it had also actually caused the vortex to expand out to 100,000 meters wide and give off an even stronger attractive power.

Zhao Fu was quickly pulled by this attractive power towards the blood-red vortex. He could only send all of his strength into his Emperor's Domain, expanding it out to 100 meters to defend against this attractive power.

This massive attractive power started to pull even trees up by their roots, and massive boulders were also lifted into the sky. Bits of the ground were also lifted into the air, and even though it was incredibly terrifying, Zhao Fu was still able to defend for now.

The black-clothed man standing above the circular pool stopped smiling and slightly frowned. He slowly stretched out his hands and pressed down towards the spinning water below, causing a powerful, formless energy to sink into the blood-red water.

A pair of enormous hands giving off a terrifying aura slowly stretched out from the blood-red vortex above Great Qin. The entire world seemed to tremble, and time and space seemed to become somewhat chaotic. Those massive hands were the most monstrous power that Zhao Fu had ever seen before, and even he felt a trace of terror.

"Arghhh!" In the face of this immense danger, Zhao Fu gripped the Death Disaster Sword with both hands and roared as he gathered all of his strength. The Great Qin Seal within his body continuously trembled, gathering power from countless City Lord Seals. Whether they were Great Cities or Basic Cities, almost 3,000 Cities' powers were gathered in his sword.


Zhao Fu slashed out, causing a 1,000-meter wide gray sword light, bringing with it a dense Death Energy to fly out. It seemed to slash apart the sky and flew towards those giant hands.


The massive gray sword light gave off an aura of destructive and cut apart those massive hands, causing them to turn into blood-red qi and disappear. The gray sword light then continued onwards towards the blood-red vortex, causing it to gradually grow smaller.

The black-clothed man looked at the small cut on his hand, a look of anger on his face.

The vortex in the sky continuously grew smaller, looking as if it was going to disappear, when suddenly something unexpected happened again.