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 Factions at the center of the Heaven Awaken World had far greater access to information than ordinary people, which was why they were able to write so many books.

No matter if it was the center of the Heaven Awaken World, the outer regions, or even the remote regions on the boundary, they would have a lot of information on those places. There were very few big things in the Heaven Awaken World they did not know about.

That Celestial Emperor Star had most likely appeared at the center of the Heaven Awaken World, so why did the Pavilion Master say that they could not obtain information about it? Everyone felt quite confused.

The scholarly middle-aged man sensed their confusion and lightly laughed as he explained, "That Celestial Emperor Star is in an extremely remote region in the boundary. Moreover, it has Heaven's Secrets hiding it. Naturally, we will not be able to obtain information about it."

"What?" Everyone felt incredibly shocked and asked, "Celestial Emperor Stars are sovereign stars of the Human Race, so how could one appear in a remote region? This has never happened before!"

The scholarly middle-aged man lightly nodded. "This is indeed the first time. Perhaps something big has happened there; we might as well send some people in that direction to see if we're lucky enough to obtain some information!"

Hearing this, everyone nodded in understanding.

The Heaven Spirit Financial Group, which was the faction that created the Heaven Spirit Steles, quickly sent reports to the higher-ups. Those who had been responsible for monitoring all Sovereign Bloodlines had immediately discovered the Celestial Emperor Star when it had descended.

They found that within the red blood they were monitoring, it suddenly gave off a piercing golden light that was incredibly noble and gave off an energy that could cause the heavens and earth to submit. Even though it was just an orb of blood, it caused everyone to tremble and want to kneel down.

This Sovereign Bloodline was one that the Heaven Spirit Financial Group had paid special attention to. This was a decision made by the higher-ups, and no one dared to doubt this decision.

Now, it had been proven that they had not been wrong - when this orb of blood started to go through changes, those responsible for monitoring it quickly reported this to the higher-ups.

Those at the top of the Heaven Spirit Financial Group had also sensed the descent of the Celestial Emperor Star. At first, they had not paid much mind to these reports, and just as they were about to start discussing the matter, the orb of blood started to give off the Celestial Emperor Star's aura.

This caused the higher-ups to feel incredibly shocked. They had never thought that this savage, violent, and bloodthirsty Sovereign Bloodline would belong to the person who had caused the Celestial Emperor Star to descend.

Right from the start, they had noticed that this Sovereign Bloodline was quite extraordinary, so they had ordered people to closely monitor it. However, things completely exceeded what they had expected - this person had become the seventh owner of a Celestial Emperor Star. This person would have unfathomable prospects in the future.

At the same time, they understood how important this matter was. No matter how many other factions tried to look for this Emperor, they would not be able to find any information, but they already had a lot of information.

The higher-ups immediately listed this to be a top-grade secret, and anyone who leaked this information would be heavily punished!

The Managers who had initially discovered this mysterious, savage Sovereign Bloodline were also forbidden to speak about this matter to anyone else. This Sovereign Bloodline was now the bloodline with the most attention paid to it.

This caused those Managers to feel incredibly shocked, and they felt that they had also underestimated that Sovereign Bloodline. It was already given a lot of attention, and now, it was under even greater examination. This was the same treatment as monitoring a peerless expert.

They knew how important this matter was, so they obediently hid this secret deep within the recesses of their heart. They made sure to never speak about it, or there could be many deaths.

At the same time, they were quite curious as to just who this person was. Who could make the higher-ups so interested?

Within a grand, ghostly-qi filled palace, a pale-looking youth sat on a throne, giving off a terrifying might. He gave off an Emperor's aura, and sensing the ripples in the distance, he could not help but frown.

It seemed that the Heaven Awaken World's Fate had been preferring the Human Race recently, and there was now a seventh Celestial Emperor Star. Their numbers now surpassed that of the God Race, Demon Race, and Devil Race. The pale-looking youth could not help but mourn that the Death Race did not have more Stars like this, giving them more power in the future.

However, the Death Race had been on good terms with the Human Race recently; right now, their only enemies were the God Race, Demon Race, and Devil Race. With how proud they were, they were most likely outraged at being outdone by the Human Race.

As expected the seventh Celestial Emperor Star of the Human Race caused the three most dominant races, the God Race, Demon Race, and Devil Race, to be quite displeased.

When the Celestial Emperor Star gave off those terrifying shockwaves, the sleeping Demon Ancestors, Deities, and Great Devils awakened, and they gave off monstrous auras and announced their displeasure. They ordered people to immediately find the owner of that Celestial Emperor Star.

In just a short period of time, countless people from the Demon Race, God Race, and Devil Race were given orders to seek out information about this seventh Celestial Emperor Star. News of a seventh Celestial Emperor Star descending quickly spread throughout the center of the Heaven Awaken World, causing a great disturbance.

Now, almost everyone knew about this seventh Celestial Emperor Star, and everyone was talking about it. However, no one had any accurate and precise information.

Some said it was this or that Empire's Emperor; others said it was someone from this or that Sect. Some people said it was a woman, while others said that this Emperor had some Devil blood, as the Celestial Emperor Star had a trace of devilishness to it.

A man in black stood above a circular pool, giving off a terrifying aura that caused the space around him to be distorted and making his figure a bit hazy. Even an Emperor would tremble in front of him.

He was an almighty being awoken by the commotion from Tuoba Qing's bloodline's awakening. Ever since that matter, he had kept notice of her aura. Now, there was a trace of a smile on his face.

Back at Great Qin, the enormous golden star had completely descended, peacefully floating above Great Qin. Zhao Fu's body was lifted up by a formless energy, taking him to float below the golden star. The immense pain had caused him to almost lose consciousness, and he was now being raised up powerlessly.


Another massive explosion sounded out as the golden star gave off an even more brilliant golden light. At that moment, countless traces of violet aura flowed from the horizon, covering everything like a flood before rushing into Zhao Fu's body.

The violet aura gave off an incredibly noble aura, and after entering Zhao Fu's body, it gathered at his chest. The golden dragon was quite perplexed, while the black dragon obediently retreated to the side.

Countless traces of violet aura continuously gathered, forming a massive dragon egg. It gave off a supreme might, making even the golden dragon feel a trace of fear.