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 The disciple had a look of utter disbelief on his face, because he had never heard of a Celestial Emperor Star appearing in a remote region. This was something unfathomable, and if it wasn't for the fact that it was his master who had said this, the disciple would never believe such a joke-like statement.

However, the disciple could not help but ask, "Master, are you sure? Can a Celestial Emperor Star really appear in a remote region?"

The elder lightly nodded and said, "This Celestial Emperor Star is quite special. Not only is its killing aura slightly stronger than normal Celestial Emperor Stars, but it also has a trace of darkness and chaos. The person who awakened this Celestial Emperor Star is an incredibly dangerous person and is much more dangerous than the six other Celestial Emperor Stars!"

After hearing this, the disciple was naturally incredibly shocked; he had never thought that such a thing could be possible. There was very little Fate in those remote regions, and yet, a Celestial Emperor Star had descended. Moreover, the most basic requirement for awakening a Celestial Emperor Star was to have an orthodox Sovereign Bloodline.

Who in the remote regions could have a Sovereign Bloodline? The vast majority of them would have some low-grade Royal Bloodlines, so how could a proper Sovereign Bloodline appear?

Some particular almighty beings often did mysterious things in remote regions - could it have to do with them? The disciple could not help but ask, "Master what should we do now, then?"

The elder looked away before thinking for a moment and saying, "Closely pay attention to all information about this. I'm sure many people have noticed this seventh Celestial Emperor Star's descent!"

The disciple nodded and went to collect information.

Beside an apparatus made of countless metallic circles, a few elders wearing white robes and giving off terrifying auras seemed to be calculating something.

They were also at the center of the Heaven Awaken World and were part of one of the most powerful factions called Heaven's Will. No one could rival their skills at divination, and it was said that they knew the fates of everyone in the world. They were often described to be guides of fate.

Their mysterious power caused countless factions to treat them with respect and view them as important people, and no one dared to offend them.

These white-robed elders were naturally the most important people in Heaven's Will. They had once given a person who had awakened a Celestial Emperor Star some advice, causing his development to speed up by dozens of times.

Apart from these white-robed elders, there were also many people standing around them. Divining the fate of a Celestial Emperor Star was an important matter, so many people were gathered here.

The white-robed elders calmed themselves down and focused as they started to use Heaven's Secrets, which was that apparatus. Their consciousnesses fused into the Laws of Heaven and Earth, searching for that golden light and trying to grasp onto a trace of that fate.

They indeed deserved their titles as almighty beings - within the chaotic Heaven's Secrets, they were actually able to latch onto a trace of that Celestial Emperor Star's fate, causing them to feel delighted. If they could find out about the fate of this person who had awakened this Celestial Emperor Star, they would be able to foretell many shocking things.

The white-robed elders followed the trace of fate and found the Celestial Emperor Star that belonged to Zhao Fu. It was like a gigantic sun that gave off a terrifying might, illuminating its surroundings with an intense golden light.

In front of this Celestial Emperor Star, their consciousnesses were as tiny as bugs and seemed incredibly weak.

It was not because they were not strong but because doing divination was quite difficult. Their consciousnesses entering the chaotic Heaven's Secrets was already quite a feat, and if they were not careful, they could receive backlash and lose their lives.

They only dared to remain at a distance because this Celestial Emperor Star's aura was simply too powerful. They were unable to get close to it, but at such a distance, they were unable to look at Zhao Fu's fate.

As such, they could only risk the danger and push on against the Celestial Emperor Star's immense might, moving forward with great difficulty. Only after expending great effort were they able to get somewhat closer.

Even though they were still quite far away, this was their absolute limit. It was not quite possible for them to get any closer, but here, they could do some calculations as to the fate of the Celestial Emperor Star.

However, when they reached this point, they were shocked to find that things were different than what they had expected - beside the Celestial Emperor Star, there was a star giving off a devilish blood-red light. How was this possible?


Just as they were reveling in their shock, the golden star and blood-red star seemed to notice them and gave off intense lights that blasted their consciousnesses backward.

Their bodies next to Heaven's Secrets were also sent flying backward by a formless energy. After crashing to the ground, they coughed up mouthfuls of blood, causing the people around them to hurriedly rush over. After helping them up, they asked, "What happened? What did you see?"

The elders brought their consciousnesses out and still looked quite shocked. They did not seem to hear the others' words, and they were quite dazed as they mumbled, "Impossible! Impossible! Impossible..."

Only after a while with the help of the others were they able to somewhat recover. After telling the others about what they had seen within Heaven's Secrets, there was a great disturbance.

How could someone have two Source Stars? Moreover, that blood-red star not only had a trace of an Emperor's aura but was also filled with an aura of slaughter, destruction, and disaster. This was similar to a Chaos Star, but it was far more terrifying than a Chaos Star.

"Are you sure you didn't see incorrectly? How could such a thing happen? Also, what sort of Source Star is that blood-red star?"

No one could believe what they heard and felt incredibly shocked as they asked for more information.

The elders sighed as they replied, "It's just as we said. Only after we went closer did we see it, but we were immediately blasted back by it and were forced back into our own bodies."

After hearing this, everyone could only believe what they had heard. However, they were still curious as to why something like this could happen. Many people started to leave, deciding to consult some ancient texts.

Some people also reported this to the Fate Sovereign, the highest authority in the Heaven's Will organization.

Within the Holy Book Pavilion, the faction that wrote and sold all sorts of books, a scholarly middle-aged man stood at the top of a building and looked into the distance before smiling and saying to a person beside him, "There's another piece of big news. This year's Annals will have another big event: Today, the seventh Celestial Emperor Star descended."

The other people holding books looked quite shocked as they looked over at the scholarly middle-aged man and asked, "Pavilion Master, is this true? This is an extremely good matter! The Human Race has had seven Celestial Emperor Stars descend in the past 100 years; this has surpassed the other Seven Races. Which Empire's Emperor is it? Should we go and collect more information?"

The middle-aged man smiled and shook his head, "No need! This seventh Celestial Emperor Star is not simple at all. You won't be able to gather any information on it."