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 Traces of golden light descended from the cracks in the sky as the cracks gradually became larger and larger. It was as if the sky was silently being ripped apart. At the same time, that profound Heaven's Will became even more intense, weighing down on everyone's soul like a large mountain.

On the ground, everyone had both of their knees on the ground, and their heads pressed against the ground as well in the direction towards Great Qin. Everyone, whether they were Outlanders, indigenous residents, or players, trembled under this Heaven's Will.

Even the countless beasts were like this - they all knelt with their heads against the ground, revealing their subservience and devoutness.

The scene of countless existences in worship was incredibly grand. The entire world seemed to prostrate itself, and the Heaven's Will was like a sovereign that controlled the entire world.

Of course, some people were resisting its power, refusing to kneel to it - this included people like Tina Pendragon, as well as powerful Kings in the other worlds. They all exploded out with their bloodlines' power to resist the Heaven's Will.

However, they were completely powerless. Traces of blood leaked out of their five orifices, and their bones started to break. Under that boundless Heaven's Will, they were incredibly weak and servile. In the end, they crashed to the ground like corpses, looking incredibly wretched.

The golden light coming from the cracks became more and more intense as it started to spread, covering the entire sky and expanding out more and more. Even the Heaven Domain Boundary was unable to stop the golden light, and the golden light spread through the neighboring worlds in an instant and swept towards worlds further away as well.

No matter what all of the creatures in the surrounding thousands of worlds were doing, they all stopped and looked up at the sky towards where the golden light was coming from. They all felt an extremely supreme might.


A shocking explosion rocked the neighboring worlds as the human world's sky seemed to shatter into nothingness. An enormous golden star, giving off an incredibly noble and supreme aura, slowly descended from the boundless darkness.

At that moment, on a grassy mountain peak surrounded by celestial qi at the center of the Heaven Awaken World, a ruddy-faced elder wearing Taoist robes seemed to sense something. He stood on the peak and looked into the distance.

"Master, what is it?" a disciple asked in confusion as he saw his master looking into the distance so seriously.

The elder raised a hand and said seriously as he pointed in the direction of the human world, "A Celestial Emperor Star has descended in that direction!"

The disciple looked in that direction, a slight smile on his face as he said, "A Human Empire has produced an Emperor with the Mandate of Heaven. This is a blessing to the Human Race. Such a person is a peerless talent and will be able to affect the future of the Heaven Awaken World.

"Master, this disciple will immediately go to investigate which Empire this Emperor belongs to. As one of the most powerful sects in the Human Race, our Heaven Path Sect should go and prepare a humble gift to express our congratulations."

Celestial Emperor Stars were stars that contained Emperor's Fate. Anyone who had one was beloved by the heavens and would receive a massive amount of Fate from the Heaven Awaken World. Just the words 'Celestial Emperor' showed that it was an Emperor of Heaven - not just countless existences but even the heavens and earth would submit to him.

He would reign above those with King Stars, and even Empires might not have this kind of rare star.

In order to obtain a Celestial Emperor Star, one first had to have the bloodline of the Human Race. The Celestial Emperor Star was a sovereign star belonging to the Human Race. Moreover, one had to have a Sovereign Bloodline, which was the absolute lowest requirement. Anyone without a Sovereign Bloodline would not be able to awaken a Celestial Emperor Star.

Those who awakened Celestial Emperor Stars were the most powerful, had the most talent out of all Emperors, and had absurd amounts of Fate.

Even in the boundless Heaven Awaken World, which had trillions of humans, only a handful of people had Celestial Emperor Stars. Every Celestial Emperor Star was incredibly important to the Human Race and could change the fate of the Human Race.

All human factions would want to befriend such heaven-defying people. As the most powerful sect of the Human Race, the Heaven Path Sect had good relations with many human Empires, and there were even a few Emperors within the Sect.

However, this Celestial Emperor Star was not the only one. In the past 100 years, this was the seventh to descend. The first six had all become exceptional talents and were truly noble existences in the Heaven Awaken World. They had incredible potential that caused others to gasp in shock and admiration.

This seventh one would not be weak at all and definitely had immense potential as well. As such, it was only natural for the Heaven Path Sect to go and send its congratulations in order to establish friendly relations.

The first six had all been snatched away by other Sects, and this time, the Heaven Path Sect could not afford to miss out again. That was what the disciple was thinking.

However, there were many Empires in the Heaven Awaken World, and they had no idea just which Empire had summoned this Celestial Emperor Star.

However, it was easy to guess that it was from an Empire at the center of the Heaven Awaken World. The Empires at the center of the Heaven Awaken World were far superior to other Empires in terms of Fate, foundation, and strength. Only such existences could awaken the Celestial Emperor Star.

The first six were all Emperors within the central region; it was almost impossible for people outside the central region to awaken Celestial Emperor Stars. This was not because of discrimination but because most of the Heaven Awaken World's Fate and Spirit Qi were gathered at the center of the Heaven Awaken World.

As such, the central region would naturally produce many heaven-defying characters. With how terrifyingly powerful they were, they could easily affect the direction that the world headed in and could decide the lives and deaths of billions of creatures.

This innate advantage completely suppressed outer regions; they were on a completely different level.

The outer regions were still better off than the remote regions on the boundary. Those in the outer regions could easily bully those in the remote regions but could not compare to those at the center.

As for the remote regions on the boundary, they were viewed as a barren wasteland that was poor in resources. They were the lowest region in the Heaven Awaken World and seemed just like ants.

Those from the central region would not even bother going to the remote regions; they looked down on even the outer regions, so how could they view the remote regions favorably? It was like a billionaire going into the slums.

That was what the disciple was thinking, so he prepared to send people to see which Emperor had appeared in the central region.

"There's no need to go!" the elder said seriously.

The disciple felt quite surprised and asked in confusion, "But why, master? That's a Celestial..."

Before he could finish his sentence, the elder cut him off. "This Celestial Emperor Star appeared in the remote regions. Because of the interference from Heaven's Secrets, it's very difficult to find its exact location!"

Hearing this, the disciple looked incredibly shocked - how could such an Emperor appear in a remote region?