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 After returning to the Great Qin Village, Zhao Fu gave the Nine Mystic Sabre to Zhang Dahu. As for the Heroic Shield, Zhao Fu gave it to a Goblin Warrior with unrivaled strength. If he obtained an S grade Orb in the future, he would give it to him as well and greatly nurture him.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu went to the Heaven Prayer Platform. Right now, he needed to fuse his King's Power with his Fate. Zhao Fu sat cross-legged on the Heaven Prayer Platform and quietened his mind. He followed the method that He Xianru had taught him, and Fate from all over the Great Qin Village spiraled towards him.

Within his body, a savage black dragon and a brilliant golden orb of light slowly fused together.

Following this, Zhao Fu opened his eyes. He stretched out his hand, and a black orb of light appeared. This orb of light looked exactly like the golden orb of light except for the color, and there seemed to be some faint dragon-like inscriptions moving around in the black orb of light.

Zhao Fu pressed the black orb of light down on the Heaven Prayer Platform, and a black semicircle expanded outwards. The black area also seemed to have dragon-like inscriptions moving around within it - this was Zhao Fu's King's Domain. It could be viewed as a barrier or a protective shield.

This Domain could negate all damage and all skills. However, because Zhao Fu's current King's Power was still quite weak, it could not negate everything. In the later stages, it would become much more powerful, and battles between Kings relied on their Domains.

Zhao Fu changed his thinking from before and decided to start participating in battles instead of hiding in the back. In the future, after obtaining some good materials, he would forge his own King's Sword.

After fusing his King's Power with his Fate, Zhao Fu realized that he had not left the Heaven Awaken World in a long time. He returned to the real world and had some food before looking at the Heaven Awaken World forum as he normally did.

Quite a few things had happened. Relations were tense between China and its neighbouring countries. Now that China was no longer dominated by Confucianism and did not value peace as much, China was instead filled with the clamoring of large families and the influence of the Hundred Schools of Thoughts, and it started to engage in conflicts with other countries. After all, in the end, this world was one where the powerful devoured the weak.

Some of the weaker countries had immediately been scared, and some of their officials even made speeches in the real world about how hope and peace were extremely valuable and that it was better to live in peace than to fight.

Right now, China was like a dormant dragon that was slowly awakening and revealing its terrifying might. It had already taken the number one spot in the world, and it also became the country with the most attention on it.

Great Xia, Great Shang, Great Zhou, and Great Han's Legatees also made declarations that they wished to meet with Great Qin's Legatee.

Countless factions were interested in this because Great Qin was not just some small nation but one of China's Five Great Empires. Putting aside how dangerous it was, Great Qin's mysterious Legatee had not appeared even once this entire time. Now that the other four Legatees had all said such things, just what was going on?

Now that so many factions were paying such close attention to this matter, the Ying family started to go mad with desperation as well. They still had not found their Legatee despite looking for so long because the bloodlines were quite complicated. One person could have hundreds of descendants, resulting in tens of thousands of descendants over the ages. Now that thousands of years had passed, it was impossible for the Ying family to gather everyone who possessed their bloodline.

Even though this matter was being watched by so many people, Great Qin's mysterious Legatee still had not appeared. This Legatee was like a thorn in many faction's hearts, making it so that they could not rest easy at night. As long as the Legatee appeared, no matter how powerful he was, they would at least know something about him. However, because they had no feel for his strength, they were absolutely terrified of him.

Zhao Fu did not plan on revealing himself anytime soon. There wasn't a benefit to revealing himself, while there were many disadvantages. Zhao Fu wasn't an idiot.

He ignored all of those discussions about himself and looked at other threads. Suddenly, he found a method to gain unlimited Achievement Points.

"Unlimited Achievement Points... is that possible?"

Zhao Fu curiously looked at the thread, which said: _I'm going to teach you all a great method on how to gain unlimited Achievement Points in the Heaven Awaken World. If you don't have many Achievement Points, have a look!_

_There are two main ways to get Achievement Points: attacking and conquering villages and killing powerful magic beasts._

_What I'm going to teach you all is how to use attacking and conquering villages to gain many Achievement Points. You'll need a City Creation Stone and a person to work with._

_First, you use a City Creation Stone to build a village and then let the other person attack and conquer it. Afterwards, you attack the village that he conquered, and after repeating that a few times, your Achievement Points will shoot up._

_However, that method can only be used a few times. What I'm trying to teach everyone is how to obtain unlimited Achievement Points, so listen carefully to the next part. After farming Achievement Points a few times using that first method, choose to [Relocate] the village and continue doing the steps from before, then rinse and repeat. Trust me, it might not work if you only try it one or two times, but if you do it again and again, it'll definitely work! I promise I'm not lying!_

Zhao Fu thought that the thread made some sense, but he still felt that something was off. " _If someone had really discovered such a massive secret, the benefits he would have received from selling that secret to a large family would have been infinitely great. Would he really give such a secret for free?_ "

Zhao Fu looked through the replies, and the first reply was from a person called East Sun Wind, who said, " _It's true! This boss is right; I got so many Achievement Points!"_

The second person to reply, a Lil Girly, said, " _OP, I love you so much! Thanks for teaching us such a good method!"_

The third person to reply, Fifth Brother, posted, " _Boss, you're such a good person! You're a living buddha!_ "


There were about 10 replies on the first page, all of which said that the method worked. However, the thread already had tens of thousands of replies, so Zhao Fu looked at a few at the end.

Wolf Fang: " _Goddamit, you stupid troll! Re-conquering the same village doesn't give any Achievement Points, and after continuously relocating the village, the City Creation Stone was damaged!!!"_

Loner: " _OP, I'm gonna screw your ass! I can't believe that I trusted you! Compensate me for my City Creation Stone!!"_

Prodigal Son: " _You frickin troll!!! I'll screw your ancestors!!! Your elder was going to dominate this world, but now that's all been ruined!! Tell us your address if you dare, you goddamn asshole!!"_


Zhao Fu looked through 10 or so pages, and apart from the people on the first page, everyone was cursing at the poster of the thread. This thread wasn't one that taught how to gain unlimited Achievement Points but one that trolled and screwed people over.

This 'do-gooder' had probably thought of this method to earn unlimited Achievement Points but had destroyed his City Heart trying to do so, so he decided to take some others down with him. The first few people were most likely accounts made by him to trick others.

Anyone who understood the Heaven Awaken World and had a little bit of common sense would not believe such a thing. Some people who were curious might try once or twice, but after not receiving Achievement Points, they would stop. Of course, there were those who were silly enough to blindly trust that person, and they followed his instructions until they damaged their City Hearts.