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The ten Divine Soldier Souls flew from Xu Liuyi's hands into the air and exploded out with power, seeming to shake the entire sky.

Immediately, the clouds started to swirl and gather as a berserk wind started to blow. An oppressive feeling covered everything within 10,000 kilometers, making it seem like a massive storm was about to descend. The wild beasts in the surroundings instinctively started to run and hide.

At that moment, the ten Divine Soldier Souls turned into ten massive orbs and also exploded out with powerful auras. The images of soldiers within them slowly dissipated into strands of a violet aura.


The violet aura within the orbs continuously trembled and gave off an immense attractive power as they shot into the sky. At that moment, an enormous violet star, giving off a noble starlight and a boundless aura, appeared in the sky and descended above Great Qin.

Xu Liuyi raised her sword high with black aura coming out from her body, giving off an aura of conquering. An extremely terrifying energy exploded out from her body.


The black aura coming out from her body turned into a pillar of black light that shot upwards, shooting into the massive star.

The enormous violet star was gradually dyed black and started to give off a black light. A powerful aura of conquering spread out in the sky, filling this entire region.


The gigantic violet star was now completely black and gave off a shocking black light. A pillar of black starlight, containing powerful General Star's Power, landed on Xu Liuyi's body. The ten orbs gathered and fused into the sword she was holding, forming a General Armament.

However, the massive black star still did not disappear. Zhao Fu looked at Bai Xihan and Sun Hanxiang beside him - both of them seemed to be drawn by something and walked forwards, raising their weapons and exploding out with their General Star's Power.

Another two explosions rang out as two pillars of light shot into the sky, causing the sky to once again tremble.

Two different-colored stars, also giving off boundless power, broke through the sky and slowly descended. One gave off a boundless blood-red light, while the other gave off an intense green light. The three stars were all equal distances from each other and seemed to call out to each other.


The sky seemed to be ripped apart as a terrifying aura covered the entire human world. The sky gradually darkened as an intense gale started to blow. Everyone felt a weight on their chests, feeling quite uncomfortable.

"Another three stars have gathered!" No one was too surprised at seeing the Army Destroyer Star. After all, by now, many people had awakened General Stars. However, after this Army Destroyer Star had appeared, another two stars had also appeared.

Before, only Great Qin had gathered these three stars before, forming the Murder Destroyer Wolf Formation. Because of this, Great Qin's Legatee had awakened the Myrtle Imperial Star, making countless people feel admiration.

Who had done it this time? Who had such power?

Thinking about this, everyone looked to where those three stars were - it was yet again at the northern side of the Midland Continent. This was not a good sign.

Could it be Great Qin again? No one wanted to accept this, but the positions of the three stars were at the same place as the previous time. Even though they could not verify it for themselves, they were almost certain that these three General Stars were above Great Qin.

This caused everyone's expressions to fall - these were three different stars than last time; could Great Qin have gathered another three General Stars?

However, Great Qin's Legatee had awakened the Myrtle Imperial Star, so gathering these three General Stars again would be useless. It would be impossible for him to awaken another Myrtle Imperial Star.

Any Emperor could only have one Emperor Star because that star would determine their fate. Everyone only had one life, one fate, so they could only have one Emperor Star.

Great Qin gathering another three General Stars made everyone feel incredible admiration because this showed how powerful Great Qin was. In the future, Great Qin would have many powerful Generals defending it. The more talents a nation had, the more powerful it was and the faster it would develop.

Back at Great Qin, under the pressure of the three stars, Zhao Fu felt as if his blood was burning, and an intense pain wracked his whole body.

Under this immense pain, a blood-red rune giving off an ancient aura appeared between Zhao Fu's eyebrows. In that moment, everyone who had awakened a General Star felt something summoning them, and they lost control of their bodies.

Ten people walked in front of Zhao Fu and formed a circle. Facing Zhao Fu, who seemed to be in a lot of pain, there was nothing they could do, as they were not in control of their bodies. They were controlled by some sort of power to draw their weapons and point them towards the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Rays of terrifying auras shot out as the ten people gave off different-colored flames, and pillars of light shot into the sky.

Different General Stars, giving off immense starlight and boundless power, slowly descended, causing the sky to seem to crack. The heavens and earth became dark, and the entire world seemed to become silent.

The ten General Stars formed a circle, giving off brilliant starlight. They were incredibly eye-catching in the darkness and looked like ten suns that illuminated the world.

At that moment, everyone felt that something was off because the sky seemed to give off a profound Heaven's Will, causing countless creatures to kneel. This power was something that no one could resist or doubt, and they could only obey.

In that moment, everyone in the Fish Scale world, Dark Demon World, and Grassi World all sensed something and looked towards the human world.

Their worlds also started to darken as clouds swirled and Heaven and Earth Essence Qi quickly flew into the human world. The profound Heaven's Will became more and more intense, and some people with weak wills felt their minds go blank.

All of the Kings in the Fish Scale world, Dark Demon world, Grassi world, and Human world all had serious expressions on their faces as they looked in the direction that Great Qin was in. Their bloodlines all felt immense fear, making them want to kneel down.

The golden dragon was also quite shocked as it viewed the changes in Zhao Fu's body. Feeling the shocking changes in Zhao Fu's body, even the golden dragon did not know what was happening.

"Arghhh!!" Zhao Fu's pain reached its peak as he howled, and his body continuously gave off black aura as a black, dragon-like light shot into the sky.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the skies in the four worlds seemed to explode. Boundless Chaos Aura flowed through the cracks in the skies, and under this immense might, countless people felt like their bodies were going to explode, and even their souls were under immense strain.

Many people's minds became completely blank, and their bodies continuously trembled. Their bodies instinctively knelt - this included not only the ordinary people but some Kings as well as if they were respectfully welcoming the descent of this existence.