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 Being faced with massive casualties and ferocious attacks, many people were scared stiff and stopped in their tracks. As the leaders gave the order to stop, those who were charging gradually retreated, leaving behind corpses all over the ground.

The leaders ordered some people to return to the real world to check on the situation. After hearing the reports from their subordinates, their faces became incredibly pale - five to six million people had died all of a sudden.

Great Qin was incredibly vindictive and seemed quite inhumane. Before, they had held onto a trace of hope that as fellow humans, Great Qin would not be so cold-blooded as to truly take their lives. However, Great Qin was extremely cold-blooded.

If it wasn't for the leaders stopping them, everyone here would have died. This caused all of the people here to feel a sense of coldness.

These millions of people were all real flesh-and-blood people, and they had not just been spawned from the Heaven Awaken World. No one could accept Great Qin slaughtering people like this. At the same time, they understood that Great Qin was not playing around; they really intended to destroy Vietnam.

"Hurry and retreat!" The factions spread the news of the millions of people dying in the real world, and countless people retreated in terror. Before, they had been filled with a sudden anger, which was why they had rushed up. However, now that they knew that they would die a true death, none of them dared to fight anymore. Thinking about what had just happened, their legs started to feel quite weak.

"Did you really think you can come and go as you please?" A calm voice suddenly sounded out. Zhao Fu now truly did feel like destroying Vietnam, and a terrifying aura exploded out.

This caused the Vietnamese players to feel greatly shocked. Now that it seemed that Great Qin did not want to let them off, they started to run away in horror. They were all terrified that they would die like those people before, and they regretted coming. Great Qin had not even planned on attacking them; they were the ones who had sought their own deaths.

This was a world where the strong devoured the weak, and there were no rules of fairness. Whoever had strength was in the right, and those who were weak were lucky to even be alive. Resisting meant death, and even though they felt furious, they could only endure it.

However, just as they prepared to kill everyone here and destroy Vietnam, what he was most worried about happened.

The two neighbouring countries of Vietnam started to rush towards the area of Vietnam that Great Qin occupied. As such, Great Qin could only send out two teams of 50 million soldiers to stop these two countries' attacks.

After a few days, the situation had settled. Vietnam joined with the other two countries, forcing Great Qin to go from being on the offensive to the defensive. However, because of the threat of the Reality-Harming Talismans, the three countries did not dare to advance either, resulting in a stalemate.

At the same time, Great Qin's invasion of Vietnam made the various factions feel immense threat, and many of them responded, forcing Great Qin to go on the defensive.

Great Qin left 30 million soldiers to defend the Great Wall in Vietnam's territory. This was to defend against Vietnam as well as the two other countries, and they quickly extended the Great Wall to prevent the two other countries from attacking Great Qin.

Their gains from invading Vietnam were immense. They obtained 690 Cities, out of which 420 were Great Cities and 270 were Basic Cities. They had also obtained a large number of people from player factions and from system main cities, totalling 200 million people and 20 million Stage 1 soldiers.

Now, Great Qin had 1.2 billion people and 180 million soldiers. Of them, there were 150 million Stage 1 soldiers, 4.2 million Stage 2 soldiers, 400,000 Stage 3 soldiers, and 15,000 Stage 4 soldiers.

Great Qin controlled 520 regions, four Capital Cities, 2,525 Great Cities, 321 Cities, 280 Towns, and 28,489 Villages.

At the same time, this invasion provided Great Qin with a massive amount of EXP, roughly 600 million or so. This was about half of the EXP required, and in another 600 million EXP, Great Qin would be able to establish a Kingdom.

Zhao Fu felt that this would be quite soon. Great Qin already had 150 regions that it had not yet cleared, and now that there were another 120 regions from Vietnam, all of these regions would provide an astronomical amount of EXP. Perhaps, after clearing out these regions, Great Qin would be able to restore its empire and establish a Kingdom.

As such, Great Qin's main task was now to clear out the regions and continue building the Great Wall in order to prepare for Great Qin becoming a Kingdom.

Great Qin once again fell silent, but the matters caused by Great Qin were not over. Many countries felt immense danger after finding out that the Vietnamese Guard was a chess piece hidden by Great Qin for three years. Moreover, Great Qin's rapidly-growing strength also pushed other factions to desperately develop.

The fastest way to develop was, of course, to attack other factions and devour them. Over the next few days, Zhao Fu received many reports of factions being destroyed. This included seven Nation Legacies that had been destroyed. The world was no longer as peaceful, and various factions started to fight, resulting in a lot of chaos.

Some hidden factions also started to emerge. This not only included Sects and Organizations, but they also included some Nation Legacies such as State of Shu, the State of Wu, and the State of Wei.

Zhao Fu did not care too much about the matters in the outside world; right now, he just wanted to peacefully clear out those regions and develop, then establish a Kingdom. That was the only thing on Zhao Fu's mind right now.

Time gradually passed, and a month later, the World Flower Seed and the Flower Devil Seeds had all started to sprout. The ordinary Flower Devil Seeds had matured into Flower Devils after just a few days, and they looked just like the Flower Devils from the event.

The higher the grade of the seed, the longer it would take to grow. The Lord class Flower Devil Seeds had only just started to sprout. What surprised Zhao Fu was that this Lord class Flower Devil's appearance was like a young girl.

She looked two or three years old and had skin that was white as snow. She had green hair and eyes, and had a small Japanese rose on her head. She looked incredibly beautiful, and one could space out looking at her.

Zhao Fu wasn't sure if it was because of the Flower Fairy's Blessing, but this Lord class Flower Devil was quite clingy as well. However, she was more sensible than Little Nine, as she would not bother Zhao Fu when he was busy. Zhao Fu decided to call her Little Rose.

Zhao Fu did not have time to take care of her and Little Nine, so he had people take care of them together. Because they were around the same age, they became quite close.

"Your Majesty!" Li Wen came before Zhao Fu and respectfully called out.

Seeing him arrive, Zhao Fu could not help but smile. Li Wen had collected another 100 Soldier Souls, and Great Qin would soon have another General Armament.

Because Bai Xihan had awakened a Seven Murders Star and Sun Hanxiang had awakened a Voracious Wolf Star, Zhao Fu planned to give this General Armament to Xu Liuyi, as she most likely had an Army Destroyer Star.

Thinking about the scene of the Seven Murders Star, Voracious Wolf Star, and Army Destroyer Star gathering two years ago, Zhao Fu could not help but feel quite excited. He took his subordinates to an empty area and gave the fused Divine Soldier Souls to Xu Liuyi and had her fuse them into a General Armament.