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 The Vietnamese Guard was merely a chess piece of Great Qin, and everything they had done was to help Great Qin destroy Vietnam. Over the past three years, the Vietnamese Guard had been extremely righteous and kind and had helped all of Vietnam - no one could imagine that they were just a pawn of Great Qin. Some people simply could not believe this.

The factions that had been monitoring Great Qin and the Vietnamese Guard had not been able to tell at all that such a patriotic faction would actually be a plot sown and hidden by Great Qin for three years. This was an incredibly insidious plot.

At the same time, many countries started to wonder if there were pawns of Great Qin in their own territories. The Vietnamese Guard had existed for three years, meaning that Great Qin had planned this from long ago. As such, many countries were worried that they would also be targeted by Great Qin.

Now, 120 regions had been devoured by Great Qin, and five Dynasty Legacies had perished. Two large system factions had also been destroyed, and 40 million or so players had died, causing Vietnam to be greatly weakened.

After all, Vietnam's population was only around 80 million or so, and now, about half of them had died. Half of them had lost their equipment and Cultivation, and they would only be able to re-enter the Heaven Awaken World after ten days.

The entirety of Vietnam had taken a great blow, and Great Qin had devoured one-third of Vietnam's territory. This made all of Vietnam incredibly furious, hating Great Qin to death. They wanted to kill everyone in Great Qin and then desecrate their corpses.

This was the first time a faction had made a move against an entire country, and this matter shook the entire world. After all, a faction had dared to attack a real country; no one except Great Qin could do such a thing right now.

The strength that Great Qin displayed startled everyone. No one expected that it had already become an existence that could rival an entire country. It could no longer just be called a faction and was like a true nation, the Nation of Qin.

Even though Great Qin had not officially established a Kingdom yet, everyone now treated it like it had. No one dared to dispute that it was the first faction that had established its own nation.

The various factions were incredibly shocked towards Great Qin's strength, and all of China's Legatees' expressions were quite unsightly. They had given up on everything to focus on developing their factions, but they still had not caught up to Great Qin and were still far behind.

China's governmental faction also felt quite bitter. Great Qin did not have to care about China at all and could even leave and become a super nation by itself. It would be no problem for it to become a nation that could rival China itself.

As the whole world revelled in shock and fear towards Great Qin, countless Vietnamese people furiously gathered at the second Great Wall with fire burning in their eyes as they looked up at Great Qin's army with bloodlust.

Great Qin had actually directly attacked them, destroyed countless factions, and devoured one-third of their territory. What made people even more furious was Great Qin using the Vietnamese Guard, making them feel incredibly betrayed.

They had painstakingly built this Great Wall to defend against the system army, but it was now being used by Great Qin to defend against them.

However, they could only gather here and look, as there were 100 million soldiers on the Great Wall. Even if all of Vietnam's players gathered here, there would only be 40 million or so of them.

What's more, Great Qin had a method to mass-kill players - that death would be a true death, causing them to hesitate. Even though they felt quite furious, they were still quite afraid of death.

Many Vietnamese factions now gathered here. There were not only various sects and large families but also many of the remaining Legatees. The Dynasty Legatee with Vietnam's only Nation Armament was also here.

Zhao Fu sat on a chair and did not feel a single bit of fear when faced with the furious gazes of so many Vietnamese people. In fact, he seemed a bit condescending as he sat there and looked down on everyone as if he did not place all of Vietnam in his eyes at all.

A thin young man, the Dynasty Legatee with the Nation Armament, coldly said, "Great Qin's Legatee! Why have you attacked Vietnam? Please give us an explanation; we Vietnamese people are not so easily bullied."

Zhao Fu could not help but smile. He did not need to worry about other countries at all, and he quite wanted to take over all of Vietnam. In response, Zhao Fu lightly laughed before responding, "What is there to explain?

This made everyone feel quite angry, and a look of fury appeared on the thin young man's face. He had never been looked down on so much like this, and he said angrily, "I hope Great Qin can return to your own territory. Vietnam does not wish to become enemies with Great Qin, and we will not hold you to what you have already done."

Hearing those words, Zhao Fu could not help but lightly laugh. Strength decided everything in this world, and yet someone from the weaker side dared to say such a thing. He was simply too arrogant.

Zhao Fu did not reply anymore and ordered his people to bring out the ballistae. The ballistae bolts were all covered with Reality-Harming Talismans, and if these Vietnamese players did not know what was good for them and attacked, Zhao Fu would not mind committing a slaughter.

Facing these countless ballistae bolts, all of the Vietnamese players felt a chill in their hearts, and they stumbled back a few steps, looking quite scared.

The thin young man and the leaders of the various factions felt incredibly furious. Great Qin was not open to negotiations, while the Vietnamese side did not dare to attack either.

The Vietnamese people's expressions were all quite unsightly. Many players felt quite sullen, as they were too weak. In this world, those who were weak could not resist at all - if they had strength, how could they endure this from Great Qin?

The scene became quiet, and the atmosphere became a bit oppressive.

At that moment, someone stared up at the Great Wall, a savage look on his face. He could not tolerate this bullying from Great Qin any longer and roared, "What are you all afraid of? Even if I die, I don't want to feel oppressed like this! At least if we die, we should die with dignity. Show this trash Great Qin Vietnam's backbone!"

After that man yelled out, he held his weapon as he rushed at the Great Wall. This had an explosive effect, and everyone else also started to shout as they charged, giving off a shocking aura.

"Fire!" Zhao Fu's gaze was cold as he looked at the charging Vietnamese players and gave the order to attack without a trace of emotion.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Countless ballistae bolts and arrows tore through the air, giving off an incredibly sharp aura as they covered all of the Vietnamese players.

Chi! Chi! Chi...

Countless ballistae bolts and arrows pierced through the players' bodies, causing blood to fly everywhere. Countless players fell to the ground, dead, and their bodies in the real world died as well.

The leaders of the various factions hurriedly called out to stop, because they knew that they would naturally lose and that they would be slaughtered by Great Qin.

The first wave of attacks from Great Qin directly killed five to six million players charging at the front.