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 Zhao Fu turned into a ray of black light and arrived before a City Lord. His hand shot out, piercing into that City Lord's chest before gripping his heart and ripping it out, causing that City Lord to instantly die.

A wooden City Lord Seal giving off a faint light floated out of the corpse, and Zhao Fu put it away before rushing at another City Lord and snapping his neck. None of the City Lords could put up much of a resistance in front of Zhao Fu.

Great Qin's City Lords all began to work together to deal with the enemy City Lords.

Below, Great Qin's soldiers started to attack the system army, which had been sent into utter chaos. They got into formation and started to march forwards, giving off a solemn, oppressive aura.

The Archers at the back vigorously drew their bows and shot towards the countless system soldiers. The arrows tore through the air and descended like a torrential rain towards the system army.

Chi! Chi! Chi...

The arrows pierced through many system soldiers' chests, causing blood to splatter everywhere. Some were hit by a dozen arrows, dying a horrific death. Countless system soldiers desperately looked for cover; after suffering those terrifying explosions and now facing such intense attacks, they were truly afraid.

In the distance, Ly Qinqian brought the surrendered players to look at what was happening. The players behind her were incredibly shocked, and their bodies trembled as fear swept out of their hearts.

The system army, which had been incredibly terrifying to them, was now being one-sidedly slaughtered by Great Qin. It was not because the system army was weak; they had personally watched them slaughter the Vietnamese Guard's people. Rather, it was because Great Qin was significantly stronger than them.

It was not just the soldiers; even the City Lords in the air were being massacred by Great Qin. The incredibly monstrous and prestigious system City Lords were being casually killed by Great Qin.

This scene deeply shook the players' souls; they now understood how powerful Great Qin was. It was not something that Vietnam could withstand.

However, they were not sure if this was Great Qin's true strength or not. Indeed, Great Qin had not brought 50 million soldiers and had instead split them into five teams led by Bai Qi, Wang Jian, Wei Liao, Li Mu, and Bai Xihan. These five teams each attacked one of the five Dynasty Legatees.

The five teams each had ten million soldiers and 100 City Lords, which was more than enough to easily crush the five Dynasty Legatees' factions.

Great Qin wanted to devour 120 regions and grasp those regions tightly without giving Vietnam any time to think at all - that was Great Qin's plan.

"Roarrr!" A dragon's roar sounded out as a resolute-looking young man gave off a terrifying aura and his body emitted intense light. A yellow dragon came out of his body and flew into the sky, causing the clouds to start swirling as a massive wind blew about in the surroundings.

Bai Qi's expression was cold as he drew the Seven Murders Sword, causing a bloodthirsty aura to ripple out, and a blood-red pillar of light shot into the sky.


A massive star giving off blood-red starlight and a boundless aura of killing slowly descended. The immense might it gave off caused everyone within 10,000 kilometers to feel as if something was weighing down on their bodies.

Dynasty Legatees were not easy to kill, as they were protected by a large amount of Fate, so Bai Qi directly unleashed his Seven Murders Star's power to suppress the other side.


Zhao Fu attacked first - his Seven Murders Sword gave off a powerful blood-red light, and as he slashed out, a gigantic blood-red sword light flashed towards the young man.

The young man unleashed all of his Fate, and sensing this power, his expression became grim. However, he still roared and slashed out with his saber with all of his strength.

A massive yellow saber light, giving off an incredibly sharp aura, slashed towards Bai Qi.


A massive explosion sounded out as the sword light and saber light clashed together. The yellow saber light was shattered by the blood-red sword light, which continued flying towards the young man and sent him flying. The young man flew away tens of metres and crashed through many structures.

There was now a 100 meter long, two meter wide sword gash on the ground, showing how powerful Bai Qi's strike was.

"Arghhh!!" the young man roared, rushing out covered with blood. He exploded out with an even more powerful aura as he attacked at Bai Qi. He could not accept being defeated so easily by Bai Qi.

Bai Qi's expression was icy as he sent his Seven Murders Power into his sword. The Seven Murders Sword continuously trembled and gave off shocking power. The blood-red light it gave off was quite blinding, and a blood-red wind rippled around Bai Qi.


Bai Qi slashed out, causing a wave of sword qi to flood out, instantly covering the young man's body.

After the wave of sword qi passed, the young man's body, covered with wounds, fell to the ground lifeless. A yellow City Lord Seal rose out of his body.

Bai Qi coldly walked over and picked it up. Under Great Qin's soldiers' ferocious attack, the city was barely able to defend and would be broken through soon. All of their City Lords would be killed, and none of their players would be spared either.

The four other teams also fiercely attacked the other Dynasty Legacy factions. The Generals all summoned their General Stars to suppress the Dynasty Legatees before killing them.

The Dynasty Legacy factions were unable to hold on for very long under the assault of Great Qin's soldiers. They were quickly broken through, and their Dynasty Legatees were all killed.

"Roar! Roar! Roar!" Massive dragon roars, containing immense sorrow and reluctance, sounded throughout all of Vietnam. Hearing these dragon roars, all of the Vietnamese people all revealed expressions of shock. Five Dynasty Legacies had been simultaneously destroyed; just who had done this?

The battle over at Zhao Fu's side had also concluded. The system army suffered countless casualties and injuries, and 150 out of the 350 system City Lords had been killed. The remaining City Lords were scared and decided to surrender to Great Qin. Because of this, they were also able to take in around 15 million soldiers.

After this, Zhao Fu led his forces to attack the system main cities nearby, devouring all of the people and resources into Great Qin.

Just like that, Great Qin took down 120 regions in Vietnam's territory. However, things were not over, and Zhao Fu took his massive army to the second Great Wall.

The various cities and residents had all been taken care of by the five teams led by Bai Qi and the others; that was how they had planned this.

News of the five Dynasty Legacies being destroyed shook the entirety of Vietnam. Countless people could not fathom what had happened - in a single night, the Vietnamese Guard and five Dynasty Legacies had all been taken down; too much had happened.

They did not know what was going on, but as more and more information was revealed, a massive three year long plot was revealed to everyone, shocking the entire world.