After the City was broken through, both sides started to fight. The ocean-like system army charged at the Vietnamese Guard army, which had become even more chaotic after losing its higher-ups. It continuously retreated and could not put up any meaningful resistance.

Both sides' weapons continuously clashed, and the battle was incredibly intense. Cries continuously sounded out, and blood flew everywhere as corpses piled all over the ground.

The Vietnamese Guard's people were continuously killed. Even though they retaliated, it was not very effective. After all, the system main city soldiers had higher Cultivation and greater numbers as well.

The system City Lords also unleashed powerful attacks towards the Vietnamese Guard's army. Their immense destructive power killed countless people from the Vietnamese Guard, causing them to become even more disorganized and making them feel even more despair.

Finally, most of the people from the Vietnamese Guard died. Out of the 25 million people, only one million were able to escape, and everyone else was killed. On the system factions' side, they only lost roughly four million people.

They had lost only 4 million people while wiping out 21 million enemies; this was a great victory. They had paid a small price to get rid of their greatest threat, and all of the system City Lords felt that this was quite worth it.

However, it was strange how easily these Vietnamese Guard people had been killed. This was even more so because there was not a single City Lord; could it be that they had found an extremely good opportunity and had attacked just when the City Lords had gone out?

Even though they did not know what was going on, the fact was still that they had destroyed the Vietnamese Guard, which was their greatest threat.

In the real world, news of the Vietnamese Guard attacking 'good' factions caused their reputation to drastically fall. Many people demanded an explanation from the Vietnamese Guard, and there started to be many people who opposed the Vietnamese Guard - these were all people who had been killed by the Vietnamese Guard.

The Vietnamese Guard revealing its ambition caused the various factions to discuss how to deal with it. Many of them even started talking about combining together to destroy the Vietnamese Guard, as it was now an extremely great threat in Vietnam.

However, at that moment, they were shocked to find out that the Vietnamese Guard had been destroyed by system factions, and almost all of their members had been killed. This sudden turn in events caused countless people in Vietnam to feel incredibly surprised and to felt that this could not be real.

After all, the Vietnamese Guard had only just cleared out many regions and had become much more powerful in a short amount of time. All of these factions had become quite frightened of it, so it was only natural to feel disbelief upon hearing that it had been destroyed.

However, as the Vietnamese Guard's members returned to the real world and spread this news, everyone understood that the Vietnamese Guard had indeed been destroyed, and this news shocked all of Vietnam.

The factions that had been planning to attack the Vietnamese Guard all laughed - before they could act, the problem had resolved itself.

The ordinary players all felt differently about this - some were quite grieved, as they believed that the Vietnamese Guard was good, while others mocked and cursed at the Vietnamese Guard, saying that it deserved to be destroyed for its actions.

As the largest faction in Vietnam for three years, many people felt quite sorrowful. No matter whether it was good or evil, it was a powerful faction, and yet it had been destroyed so easily.

Everyone intensely discussed this matter, because there were many points of suspicion, such as why the City Lords had disappeared and why the system army had suddenly attacked.

Back in the Heaven Awaken World, the system army had just obtained a smooth victory, and they started to collect their spoils of war before returning to celebrate.


A massive explosion sounded out as the City Lords were startled to see an incredibly terrifying army rushing at them like a massive mountain flash flood.

The terrifying aura it gave off caused countless people's hairs to stand on end - the army was simply innumerable and had at least 100 million soldiers.

This caused the countless City Lords' expressions to fall, and they felt as if they had fallen into a massive trap. This trap had used the entire Vietnamese Guard as bait, and they hadn't hesitated to devour this bait.

At the same time, powerful auras appeared in the sky as roughly 1,500 City Lords giving off immense might revealed themselves, causing the air to seem to freeze.

This caused the system City Lords to immediately want to run. There were only 300 or so of them, while they faced at least 1,500 City Lords. Each one of them would have to fight five City Lords; how could they win?

Their soldiers had also just gone through a big battle and used up a lot of their strength. They had barely recovered and still had some injuries. What's more, they only had 30 million soldiers but had to face 100 million soldiers; they had no confidence at all.

Even though they wanted to run, Great Qin's army was prepared and quickly surrounded them. Even the City Lords above were surrounded by Great Qin's City Lords.

The system City Lords' expressions became quite unsightly, and they asked, "Just who are you?"

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and appeared in the air, giving off an incredibly terrifying might that weighed down like a mountain on all of the system City Lords. He said domineeringly, "Right now, you only have two options: submit to Great Qin or die!"

"Great Qin!" Those words immediately caused countless cries, and the system City Lords looked at each other with horrified looks. They had long since heard of Great Qin's strength, and even though they had not officially fought before, they understood how powerful Great Qin was. Now that they had seen Great Qin's strength, they could not help but feel terrified.

However, as Vietnamese people, they were not very willing to submit to Great Qin, as Great Qin was a foreign faction.

"Break through to the east!" one of the City Lords yelled out after looking around and finding that the encirclement was weaker at the eastern side. All of the soldiers and City Lords charged at the eastern side, wanting to break out of the encirclement.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, massive explosions sounded out as enormous blasts blew up within the city, emitting piercing white light. The ground violently quaked and shockwaves rippled out, destroying everything in their way. Dust and sand were sent into the sky, and large mushroom clouds rose up.

The system soldiers could not react in time before they were instantly devoured by the white light, and their bodies were blown to tiny fragments. Those at the outer boundaries were also blasted into pieces.

The orderly army of 30 million system soldiers was sent into complete chaos from those explosions, and at least five or six million soldiers were instantly killed.

Great Qin had long since set up 30 Destruction Crystals within the city and had used the entirety of the Vietnamese Guard as a bait.

None of the system factions thought that something like this would happen, and the leaders looked at the scene in shock. At that moment, Zhao Fu and Great Qin's City Lords started to attack.