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 "From the very beginning, the Vietnamese Guard was just a chess piece of Great Qin. I was just a puppet leader chosen by Great Qin's Legatee, and everything was provided for by Great Qin. 70% of the Vietnamese Guard's higher-ups are from Great Qin.

"Over the past few years, I've been favoured by Great Qin's Legatee and have been given some power. The justice and kindness that the Vietnamese Guard have held onto as ideals are all fake. The true purpose of the Vietnamese Guard is to destroy Vietnam."

After hearing Ly Qinqian's words, the player City Lords stared at her with wide eyes, feeling that they had been dealt a massive blow to their minds. Some of them were barely able to stay standing.

They had never thought that the Vietnamese Guard they loved and worshipped so much was actually just a chess piece of Great Qin. The leader who they respected so much was just a puppet, and all of the justice they trusted in was false. They had done everything because they loved Vietnam and wanted to build a better future for Vietnam, but they had never thought that the Vietnamese Guard's aim was to destroy Vietnam.

These mental blows almost caused some people to collapse. This was immensely painful - something they believed in so much had crashed just like that, and they had ended up harming their country.

An elder felt a massive pressure in his chest, and he madly coughed up a mouthful of blood. He had never thought that things would turn out like this.

Ly Qinqian's expression darkened as she said, "Before, your only outcome was to be killed, but since you trusted and worshipped me so much, I don't want that to happen to you. It's best for you to submit to Great Qin!"

"I have become one of Great Qin's Legatee's concubines and have some power, so I can guarantee your safety. There has been no hope for Vietnam for quite a while - even without the Vietnamese Guard, Great Qin would be able to destroy Vietnam at any time. It's just that Great Qin does not want to right now.

"All of Vietnam is doomed now and destined to be destroyed by Great Qin. I hope you can all understand, as Great Qin's strength is something that you cannot even imagine."

"Leader, this can't be!" A young man's expression was hazy as he vigorously shook his head. Tears flowed out of his eyes, as the organization he had trusted the most had betrayed him, and the woman he had looked up to so much had long since become someone else's woman.

A person quickly rushed towards the door but was stopped by one of Great Qin's City Lords. That person yelled with an unsightly expression, "Let me out! I'm going to expose the Vietnamese Guard's evil for what it is and expose Great Qin's plot!"

The Great Qin's City Lord's expression became cold, and he waved his hand. That person was blasted by a formless energy and crashed to the ground, coughing up a mouthful of blood. Another City Lord nearby condescending placed his foot on that person's head, preparing to step down and crush his head.

The player City Lords were greatly startled. They had known each other for three years and had fought for Vietnam's future together. Everyone was very familiar with each other, and now that their real bodies had entered the Heaven Awaken World, they would die a true death.

These people were good friends, and seeing that this person was about to be killed, they immediately rushed up. However, after losing their City Lord Seals, their strength was only at Stage 3 or so.

Just as they acted, Great Qin's City Lords nearby immediately moved as well. Great Qin's City Lords punched out, sending the player City Lords flying, and the rest of Great Qin's City Lords also stood up with cold expressions on their faces, looking at the 20 or so player City Lords with a trace of killing intent.

This caused the 20 or so player City Lords' expressions to fall, making them feel as if their hearts had fallen into frozen water. They understood that these people wanted to kill them, and facing so many City Lords, they had no chance at living at all.

"Enough! Great Qin's Legatee has left everything to me to take care of; don't you all forget who I am!" Ly Qinqian sharply said as he coldly looked at everyone.

Hearing this, all of Great Qin's City Lords stopped and respectfully lowered their heads as they retreated.

This caused the 20 or so player City Lords to let out a sigh of relief; they had nearly all died just then. They looked up at Ly Qinqian with a slight trace of gratitude.

They now understood the situation completely. The Vietnamese Guard's higher-ups and Ly Qinqian only followed Great Qin's orders.

Ly Qinqian slightly relaxed. If she was by herself, she would not be able to suppress these people. She looked at the 20 or so player City Lords and said, "I'm sure you understand that Great Qin is not incredibly kind and is often used as a synonym for evil instead. If you don't make a decision, they will kill you all, and I won't be able to do anything about it!"

The 20 or so people understood that Ly Qinqian was protecting them right now, or else they would have died. After slightly hesitating, they decided to submit.

A smile appeared on Ly Qinqian's face; these people had followed her for a long time, and she did not want them to die from the bottom of her heart.


A massive explosion sounded out as a terrifying aura swept out like a massive wave. The ground slightly cracked as the sound of an army charging could be heard in all directions.

Ly Qinqian's expression became cold, and she said, "I never thought they'd arrive so quickly. Hurry and leave!"

Seeing that Ly Qinqian did not seem to care about the Vietnamese Guard's people outside, one of the player City Lords asked, "Leader, what about everyone else?"

Ly Qinqian's expression was cold as she said calmly, "They will all die, because they're an obstacle for Great Qin!"

This reply caused everyone to feel a chill in their hearts.

The rest of the Vietnamese Guard, who had been celebrating, quickly sensed the approaching army as well. They hurriedly went to the City Walls and saw countless system faction soldiers charging over like an ocean. There were countless system City Lords in the air, giving off a massive might.

"Hurry and report to the leader that the system army has attacked!" Some people wanted to report this but found that the higher-ups had all disappeared, causing the countless Vietnamese Guard members' hearts to feel a chill.

Some people seemed to realise something and yelled, "Let's quickly escape! The higher-ups have run off already; this is all a big conspiracy!"

They wanted to run, but the system army had already surrounded them and had started to ferociously attack.

This system army was made up of the two massive system factions outside the first Great Wall. The members of the Vietnamese Guard were all Vietnamese players, and they would not serve Great Qin. After finding out the truth about the Vietnamese Guard, they would want to leave, so they had to die.

Killing them would be quite easy, but Zhao Fu wanted to use the two large system factions instead by telling them of the Vietnamese Guard's position and that the Vietnamese Guard was preparing to destroy them.

The two system factions naturally knew of the Vietnamese Guard, as it was the largest faction in Vietnam. They understood that it did indeed have the power to destroy them, so after learning where it was, they immediately brought an army of 35 million as well as countless City Lords.

Even though the Vietnamese Guard still had 25 million soldiers, they were at a great disadvantage. The players were generally all weaker than system main city soldiers, and the system army had 300 or so City Lords. With their help, the system army quickly broke through this city.

At the same time, Great Qin started to move!