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 Hearing the things that the enemy were yelling, the members of the Vietnamese Guard started to doubt the Vietnamese Guard's aim. Were they really wolf in sheep's clothing like the enemy said?

At that point, even the older members of the Vietnamese Guard fell deep into thought. They had been in the Vietnamese Guard for three years and felt deeply towards the Vietnamese Guard. They had joined the Vietnamese Guard for justice and for their country, and if the Vietnamese Guard was truly evil, could they continue to work for it?

Those who had joined later on had done so for benefits. They did not care much about whether it was good or evil. They waited for orders to attack and took everything from the enemy.

The Vietnamese Guard's morale was slightly shaken, but at that moment, a loud and bright voice sounded out, "Are you really going to trust the enemy's word over the Vietnamese Guard's word? Think about the things the Vietnamese Guard has done over the past three years and how much it has helped you all. What does that all mean to you? Charge! Kill those people and take as many goods for yourself!"

This caused the Vietnamese Guard's shaken morale to stabilize. Even though some people still had doubts, there was no time for too much thinking.

The Vietnamese Guard's army started to charge and flooded forwards like an ocean. They used all sorts of methods to scale the City Walls, while the Archers behind covered them.

The enemy side also vigorously retaliated, throwing down large rocks, logs, and burning oil towards those who were climbing up. At the same time, their own Archers also attacked.

However, no matter how intensely the enemy side retaliated, the Vietnamese Guard simply had too many people. As waves of arrow rain landed and the Vietnamese Guard's soldiers scaled the walls, the defending side suffered countless casualties.

By now, there was a lot of fighting on top of the City Walls, and more and more people reached the top and started to attack.

The battle in the sky had also begun - Ly Qinqian personally acted, her sword giving off a sharp sword light as she attacked the City Lord of a Basic City. The City Lord defended with his full strength, but he was still sent flying backward and coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

Explosions continuously sounded out, and the defending side's situation became worse and worse. An elderly man cursed, "You people from the Vietnamese Guard won't have a good ending! You hypocritical demons!"


A sharp saber light chopped this elderly man in half, causing blood to fall everywhere, and his corpse crashed to the ground. A City Lord Seal floated in the air, giving off a faint light.

"Arghh!" Another howl sounded out as a chubby young man's hand was cut off by a sword strike. He was powerless to face the Vietnamese Guard's City Lords, and seeing that there was no more hope of victory, he could only surrender.

The battle quickly stabilized. The Vietnamese Guard had lost two million people while the other side had lost four million people, and many of them had been captured.

The other two teams also destroyed the remainder of the factions, and they once again regathered. They had started out with 30 million soldiers, with only 25 million remaining, but they had gained 260 Cities from clearing the 35 regions.

Because most of them were player factions, most of these Cities were only Basic Cities. To be able to obtain 260 Cities, Zhao Fu was already quite satisfied.

However, after the battles, many people's doubts about the Vietnamese Guard started to surface. Many people wondered if the Vietnamese Guard was really a wolf in sheep's clothing and if everything it had done was a farce. Could it be that it had lied when determining some factions were evil, its true to conquer regions? Did the Vietnamese Guard really have such ambition? Wasn't everything done for Vietnam? Was it truly righteous?

Many people went to the higher-ups and asked these countless questions, and some people even yelled out, "If the Vietnamese Guard is really like this, I want to leave the Vietnamese Guard! I don't want to fight for those with wild ambition; I only want to fight for justice and Vietnam!"

As people started to yell these things, more and more people rallied to them and expressed the same sentiments. They had only joined the Vietnamese Guard because of their patriotism and love of justice. In fact, there were many soldiers from the army in the real world who had joined because of their patriotism.

If all of this was false and just an act put up by the Vietnamese Guard, then what they believed in had all been a lie. They were unable to accept this, so they all felt incredibly pained.

20 or so City Lords of the Vietnamese Guard also wanted the leader to explain these things and restore the Vietnamese Guard's name.

It was already dark, and Ly Qinqian smiled as she came before everyone, saying amicably, "Now that the battles have ended, we should celebrate. As for your questions, I will give you satisfactory answers; please believe me and the Vietnamese Guard."

Seeing that Ly Qinqian was personally going to give them an explanation, everyone slightly relaxed and did not feel as emotional, waiting for Ly Qinqian to give her explanation.

At the same time, pots of wine and plates of food were brought up, and everyone started to celebrate, temporarily forgetting about their questions and dissatisfaction. They all trusted Ly Qinqian quite a lot.

Ly Qinqian then gathered all of the Vietnamese Guard's higher-ups at the location of the previous faction they had taken down, and they met within a building.

Of these people, 70% were from Great Qin, and only 30% of them were player City Lords. The player City Lords could guess why Ly Qinqian had asked to meet them here; it was most likely about the operation that had just taken place.

All eyes fell on Ly Qinqian. They all felt quite respectful towards Ly Qinqian, as she had developed a faction into the biggest faction in Vietnam. No ordinary person could do such a thing.

"What is it, leader?" a young man asked.

Ly Qinqian slightly smiled and ordered people to bring up cups of tea as she said, "It's nothing much. You've all worked hard for the Vietnamese Guard's victory this time. I've prepared some medicinal tea for you - have some first and we'll talk more."

Seeing all the other City Lords start drinking, the player City Lords also drank some. However, their expressions immediately changed, and a look of shock appeared on their faces. They looked at Ly Qinqian and cried out, "Leader, why?"

Their bodies had entered the Heaven Awaken World, as the tea they had just drunk was mixed with the juice from Reality Fruits. At the same time, they had all been stripped of their titles as City Lords.

This was why they were so startled, and they looked at Ly Qinqian in disbelief. They never expected Ly Qinqian, who they expected so much from, to do such a thing to them. They could not help but think of the things from the operation.

Looking at the people below, Ly Qinqian waved her hand, and City Lord Seals floated out of the player City Lords' bodies and into her hands. Ly Qinqian's smile died down as she said, "Now, I will tell you the reason for all of this."